ASCLAC part 3

  • Busy...

    Have to go out tonight to help my good friend shop for a wedding dress

    Tomorrow going to Aries' place to help him clean

    Then friday night have a mini celebration for my birthday at Aries' place

    Busy busy busy...

    Lilshorty - Grats on the new place 🙂

  • Morning all,

    Yet another pitstop...busy.

    LUA.....I am so pleased that Germany is going for 3rd or 4th place. And I am totally rooting to win from your Spain. I say goodluck to us both. 😉 Oh ..on that square there was 80.000 people this time around. Ned vs Uru

    Take care all...bye

  • Flow- that game this morning was AMAZING!! I was cheering for Spain of course but I thought Germany would win after taking Argentina out on "all fours" to speak, hahaha. Did you hear about the psychic Octopus Paul? There's an octopus that has been predicting the match and he predicted that Spain will win and he was right! Some Brazilian messaged that it's sad when a mollusk knows more about football than Coach Dunga, and maybe it should pick Brazil's next coach.

    I hope they take 4th!! It's going to be RED against ORANGE now. I was going to cheer for Holland against Germany but I will be cheering for Spain and that yummy goalie Iker Casillas.

    This will be good either way, neither team has won the WC yet although Holland got close before (1974 against Germany). I assume it will be crazy during the finals in Holland? I wuld love to be in Spain for the finals. My bff was just there 2 months ago. She went at the wrong time!

    There's so many jokes going around about Maradona, I even dreamed about him last night. Thank God he wasn't naked.

    Katie-if you are around, Spain is going to the FINALS!!

    Crab has been silent for 4 days again. His birthday is coming up.

  • hey all!

    first of all YAYAYAYAY my beloved Spanish team made it to the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey Lua!!! i thought of you. i watched last night's game!!! and im going with a friend and her friends to watch on saturday and then with her alone on sunday.

    oh and Lua... it starts to be freaky... your crab and mine. crab is also silent for like 4 days... and his birhtday is im pretty sure this week. either yesterday or today...

  • feel like crap today... 😞

    I'm wondering if I should text him for his bday...probably not...

  • oh btw...happy belated bday Moon! happy early bday kel!!

  • Hey, ALL... sorry Ive been outta touch... work has gotten me so overwhelmed and now Im sick with this stomach virus.

    I have decided to send Cancer a letter. Im sick of wondering and I need closure. Im sending it along with a birthday card on his birthday. I miss him so much even after 2 1/2 months. I have never done this before but I have to know for sure. If I get no response from this then Im moving on.

    Has anyones' crab come back after months?

  • Hi everyone!! I'm really behind too. The sun finally came out!! I would love a days of our lives update too 🙂 Here's a few random thoughts from the last few pages-

    Moon~ I'm also really great at "falling on the seat of my pants" if my shoes are too high. I'm always afraid of that!! Haha

    Katie~ I loved your list of the things you've learned. All very impressive lessons... ones I'm slowllyyy learning myself 🙂 And I'm also having a hard time with my summer reading. I've started about 4 books already! I want to read them all, then I don't end up finishing them!!

  • scorpvirgo,


    yeh i think you should as it was your first thought, sorry i mean feeling.

  • Hey SV, I'm sorry I didn't get to the "Days Of Our Lives" update but I have been running around with the kids... it's been nuts!

    I'm sorry that you're feeling blue... what's up? Is it thoughts over crab?

    Raexo, Can I tell you I am always afraid that the skinny heel will catch on something and send me flying! ALWAYS! Sh*t! I hope I dont attract that!

    Birde- hey girl good luck with the letter... as for coming back after months, well, I've been silent with Scorp for months and all the while I was plotting--on this thread no less on how to get his attention, if that matters any...

    Kel- have fun shopping... and with Aries...

    Stranger- hey girls whats up with you lately?

    Lua- silent crab... hmmm... I get like that when I've been thinking a lot about things... I dunno.

    Katie- I have to ctach up with your posts last I read you got a swim suit and books and were gearing up to go away...

    Flow- Hey girl! what's been going on with you? My little brother and his wife had to go for yet ANOTHER test. results on Wednesday if she is advised to end things or not. Fingers still crossed.

    lolpet- how's your shopping with your daughter? have you heard from scorp?

    Lilshorty- whats up girl? how's the new place... and your.... errr... ummm.... toys? LMAO!

    xtine- hope you're wearing at least a SPF 50 on your face so you don't look 50 when you're 50! hahahahah just kidding doll, I hope you're having fun.

    if I missed anybody I am sorry....

    here is my update...

    MY SON WENT POTTY ON THE POTTY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THREE TIMES!!!!!!

    Thank God! I was about to lose it.

    No word from Scorp, although I dont expect any as I told him not to contact me until he gets it together mans up and starts to treat me proper... way too much work for him. He'll just find another woman to kiss his wormy @$$.

    Work- wow, it's off the hook. Everybody's getting crazy with the summer heat.

    Not too much other than that.

    Oh, quick question all--- anybody ever hear of a Brazilian Keratin treatment for your hair? does it work?

    Ok, that's it. I'll do the DOOL update tomorrow peoples!

    -night all

  • oh, katie, did you ever send him the Birthday cheer???

  • oh, and feel better birde. I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with the evil stomach virsus.

  • Katie-I was wondering the same thing as Moon, did you send that birthday greeting to your crab?

    I think I am going to try to find a funny e-card or something to send to my crab and just email him Happy Birthday. His status update on google saids he's still mourning from Brazil's elimination from the World Cup. He's still pretty silent, except he sent me one funny Maradona joke 2 days ago and some link I haven't looked at today. Last time he said anything, he said he was mailing my package "tomorrow" but knowing he's a crab I can't be sure. He's sitting at his computer again. He lives at this fancy condo complex (65 floors) with an indoor and outdoor pool, nice fitness center, tennis courts etc tells me "I need to work out" and just sits on his computer all day on his days off. Sometimes he makes it to the pool. If I lived there I'd be using all the facilities! I guess that's a part of that crab procrastination!

    Moon, my shred is working, I'm down to 96.5 lbs. Don't have a spaz ok, I know that sounds tiny but I'm 4'10 so I'm still stocky. To get down to 10% body fat I need to get to 86 lbs (that's 39 kgs)

    I've only been down to 90 before. I'm aiming for 12%. Seems like all the fat is going from my chest though.. 11 weeks to go!

  • Morning all,

    Yet another pitstop....going through the door in a sec. Just not to fall back too much...:-)


    Shamefully I must admit I didn’t watch that game (GEMvsSP) either. I got a couple of neighbours that makes it just as vivid. But I knew Spain was going to win.

    Oh that stupid Octopus...they should make calamari from it as soon as possible. He predicted most of the games for Germany but last time he had the final wrong so of course I am hoping that he is wrong this time too. Even though I know it’s going to be a tough game.

    The Octopus said Spain will win ..........and the Parakeet (somewhere in Asia) said Holland will win. I think it’s going to be 2-1 for Holland. No penalties this time around.

    “I assume it will be crazy during the finals in Holland? I wuld love to be in Spain for the finals. My bff was just there 2 months ago. She went at the wrong time! “

    Yep! That same square is expecting more people than the last time. World press is already in town. Everybody is already talking about Tuesday celebrations in Amsterdam with the boat canal ride for the team and inauguration on that square. You should look up on u tube EK 1988 Amsterdam. Then you should get the first link and then you will see what madness went on that year after the final. They are trying to avoid it this year. Especially the people who are living in the canals.

    LOL@ you dreaming about Maradona. I don’t know what people have with football but we have a couple of celebrities here also talked about running around naked. EWWW.

    Ladies (Lua,Katie,SV,BB)

    Do what’s right for you and what is in your nature to do. Whatever the result your aiming for. So send away and fear’re doing it from the heart.


    I have been busy with lots of stuff including relaxing a lot from all kind of mundane and negative vibes from people all around me, near or far. School is over for my son so I am spending time with him. And this heat is enough to drive anyone crazy. Libra is in the recording studio’s so no contact for now.

    I hope it’s a good thing that they are getting so many tests your bro and his wife. I am keeping those fingers crossed. I do hope they look at the overall picture and do not get swept away by the emotions of the moment and keep a clear head. Do send my regards.

    Congrats on your son’s potty exploration!!! LOL Kids do what they want to do WHEN they want to do it. UGH. LOL

    I haven’t heard of the Brazilian keratin treatment. You can look on u tube...and see it’s your cup of tea.


    Get well soon.

    Everybody else...have a great weekend.

  • Hi all... Lua, did you say 86 pounds??? is that all muscle? Darn... makes my 136 (yes, went up almost a full pound again... d^mn butter cream frosting! look even bigger!

    86? 86????? I will say this though, for your height 86 may work but for my 5'4 1/2 frame... I might be given tube feedings

    I would be happy at a nice 116. I do agree with you though about the measurements. I'd take 150 pounds if I looked like Kim Kardashian! the scale is just a number. You know what though, I have looked on line and I cant seem to find upper arm measuerments or thigh & calf measurements for stars bodies so I can compare and see how many inches mine should be to look good. I can find hips, waist, bust, but no upper arms or calfs or thighs. I'm going to expand my search on GOOGLE today when I have time.

    But still, in any event... 86??? sheesh!

    (I'm a slight shade of and it's not birde's stomach virus)

    I think the e-card will bring the crab out of his funk I bet. Maybe even get him to post some pics of cake and candy vs clouds...

    We'll see. Also, it will lift the tention he probably feels with you. I think he may be feeling some after the last time you two saw each other. He's still keeping contact so I bet he'll be happy with it.



    Glad you're having fun with your son. It's been super hot here too!

    You're right about my son and going potty... NOBODY or ANYTHING was going to work. Not until HE was ready... and thank God he FINALLY He still has to do #2, but we've got #1 down and that's half the battle

    I understand what you're saying about emotions getting in the way in regards to my brother and his new wife. I love my son more than anything and I would never trade him in or give him back, BUT if the wish fairy came down from heaven and said "Ok, Moon, you've got one wish... it can be world peace or your son's brain functioning like everybody else's" I gotta tell you Flow, it would be a hard sell to make me pick the I'm not even kidding.

    I know they want a baby and I know it's their first time trying but... I dunno. It's a hard way to live sometimes and it's an expensive way to live.... AND my son is VERY high functioning.

    Sometimes our hearts lead us in the wrong direction... or not. I dunno, who am I to say.

    (did I just go to H^LL for thinking like that???)

    As for Libra, is he recording his own stuff or does he still work with other artists?

    As for the Keratin Traetment- I did look it up and everybody has good things to say & it looks like it makes the hair soooo soft it's just that it's very pricey and I dunno if I want to make that or the teeth whitening as my "reward" for reaching my goal weight... although... at the rate I am consuming butter cream frosting and gaining 1/2 pounds at a time... I'd say I have time to think about it ...lmao!

    I am not even kidding one drop when I say I ate ALL the frosting off my b-day cake! ok, well, next cake is on 7/24 my youngest son's b-day... ok, so I have 2

    Ok all be back later,

    Have a great day!


  • in a sex,y voice Happy B-day my dear Sebastian!!!! May you have a great b-day. May all your dreams and back up plans comes true....LOL.

    big hug

  • Ugh...Kel...that had to be s€xy instead of stars....but that has its charm

  • Moon,

    It’s always a tough call when you’re choosing for life. You don’t always know what hand you’re going to be dealt. By chance I saw in the news yesterday about parents consciously making a choice with their unborn child/eggs. Just to guarantee a good and healthy life for them. This is an issue discussed now in politics. I am thankful that I didn’t have to make those choices I heard people talking about yesterday but I applaud them to be very rational in what they are doing. Ironically I have been thinking a great deal about these events of my own life the last couple of days so I understand where you are coming from. If the wish fairy ever stop by and don’t mind travelling again....send her this side...I got a question or two for

    And no you didn’t go anywhere by thinking like you did. It (the heart) does do that often enough.

    To answer your Libra question...I don’t know. Hopefully I will hear about it afterwards whenever that might be.

    I don’t use chemicals in my hair in the way to alter my hair that much. I do press/iron out sometimes but that has damaged my hair I am trying to figure out a way to get the dryness out. I got a picky go with the owner.

    I am not going to say much about food. I like it and enjoy I will leave you to Lua to discuss frosting and weight. 😉 But my new small annoying enemy now is the cross-trainer.....I just simply hate that thing...I get on it and sweat my butt off....just hate it.

    Everyone have a great day. (SOCCER FINAL TODAY AND SOLAR ECLIPSE)

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a super fun day...

    and night 😉

    Flow, I have long straight (well, it's down to my bra strap not my butt) dark brown hair. I put highlights in it...hmmmm.... I guess back in April for that meeting I had with Scorp and to be truthful until that point it had always been just plain dark brown.

    However I did it because the gal doing my hair reccomened it and it looks GREAT! She was so on the mark. I would never have figured it for me to be honest. Not at my age I like to look young but I don't like to look like I'm TRYING to look young

    It was NEVER dry... BUT since I put in the highlights it's SO dry. That's why I was looking into the treatment. I've tried eggs, mayo, olive oil, all 3 together & not too mention every conditioning treatment you can find.

    I LOVE the highlights especially for the summer but they don't love my

    I'm on the fence now about what to do... I have a hair apointment on Wednesday so I am still trying to figure out... do I keep them in and get the roots done? OR do I take them out and go back to a rich deep brown.

    But the treatment? After you color/highlight.... they section your hair into little sections. They have to brush each section at least 5 to 7 times with a fine tooth comb. Once done then they take the keratin and put it on your hair... then they take a flat hot iron that is at 450 degrees hot and they iron it in small sections to seal in the keratin with the heat. Each section is done at least 7 times. Once it's all sectioned out then they can trim the hair. You can't wash or get the hair wet for 3 days after. Once it's done the keratin stays in for about 4-5 months. So it's a long process... like 3 hours long and I think it would be too hard to do myself to my own hair.

    Hmmmmmmm....... Well, in any event, I have time on that.

    Now the cross trainer... ugh, I hate it. I can never get my arms and legs to move smoothly in a way that I feel like I have a rhythm... I feel awkward on it. I'd rather stick to the Gaselle or the eliptical (both of which I hate too

    Food... yes, I enjoy it way too much.

    I've read about the solar eclips...

    it's supposed to (for my sign) be a time of letting go and starting new. I am hoping it is. I wanna let go of this disapointment and, well, I dunno what this feeling I am walking around with it is but I know I'd like to let go of it.

    I have slowly been accepting the situation these past couple of weeks and everytime I have the urge to call or email... I remind myself that he'll never be what I want, so why waste my time. It'll just make me look weak.

    Plus... I keep telling myself that IF I was the one he wanted... I'd know it. He'd make certain I knew it, in some way shape or form he'd show me that strong side... but alas, he's content to let me fall to the waste side as he takes the easy way.

    It's funny because a couple of times I have wanted to call him up and say "Why do you act like such a Jerk???" Then I catch myself and say what's the point Moon?

    Honestly Flow, I think he knows that to be with me will be work on his part. He'll have to actually act like he cares about somebody other than himself... and I don't think his selfish butt wants to do it and I don't want to be with a self centered, selfish man.

    I have to say though.... that's a gift that Sagg gave me. Who I have let go BTW... He's too into wanting to play I think. I just want to hang out & not play BUT the positive side of Sagg was that he reminded me of what I was missing out on. The smiles, the kisses, the sweetness, the hand holding... Sagg just oozes affection and softenss and cuddles. He's like a big, strong $e%y teddy bear! So for that I am greatful. I needed that reminder. I didn't have that with my ex husband and the Scorp? Well. he's not very affectionate.

    I had it with my dead Aries ex... that's what I want again. At least I know what I want.... now I just have to figure out how to get it.... or where to find it... or will it find me? Hmmmm....

    Ahhhhhh....... all done. No response necessary, just felt good to vent. Let's blame it on the eclips shall we!?!


    Talk later,

    Bye everybody & have a nice day all!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN KEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oh, real quick to Adventure...

    I hope my last post to you didn't hurt your feelings. I know that you and lolpet have been dealing with your scorps for YEARS vs my ONE YEAR and I was just curious on how it all ends. Like do you just walk away? that was all.

    So I hope all is well.


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