ASCLAC part 3

  • Today is the Dalai Lama's birthday-July 6th. So there are enlightened crabs in this world. If you believe in re-incarnation, he chose to incarnate as a crab this time! So when he goes nto his "shell" he meditates for 14 hours straight


    Have fun at the beach!!


    That's nice that you saw Cap. It's nice to catch up and just have a nice time with old friends.

    As for what Kel said about crab pinchiing you, yes, I can totoally see it as him pinching you. Especially if he has that Scorpio moon. I have a Scorp moon too. But I only "sting" people when I am very very hurt. That is mean about making fun of people who treats cats nice. I have 2 cats are they are my babies. If I were you I would just delete all his group emails. My crab sends me so many I don't even look at most of them. But the ones he sends are funny.

    Are you still going to wish him Happy Birthday?

  • Hey Moon,

    Too funny, that you referred to water (two ships passing in the night). Because I called him I was crossing a bridge and then an underwater tunnel. LOL.

    OMG! But you two really are! It's like I am watching a movie and the two of you can't seem to get together but I am dying to know what will finally happen when you do!

    I keep hoping that things go well for your bro and his wife. Fingers crossed.

    Aww thanks. Me too.


    Moon, darling you’re not going to trigger me into responding about your Scorp. I gave my comment in the previous post and I am sticking to that. Just remember he does have to do work for you.

    No, I was not. I have a lot of feelings I need to work through. That was all. No comments needed. I know what I've got I just have to figure out a way to accept it and... I dunno. But no Flow, no comments needed at this point.

    Oh, but I did meet a guy today... no let me re-phrase... I did recycle a guy today... lol.. not ready to post yet, but that is what we Cancers are known for... before we move forward we dip into our heart shaped box and see what's swimming around.... gal always needs an ego boost.

    Hmm.... did I just go to H^LL for that???

    Re Libra and I. I agree in full with you that our timing is off. It has been for a while tho.

    But you aint kidding!

    Only thing we can get in sync are phone That’s why I don’t drive myself mad anymore with just about anything coming from his side.

    I know but sheesh!

    I go out enjoy myself, work on me and think what I want for my future. I must admit I enjoyed the footballers very was this guy walking up and down the tribune with his little daughter but I must say he caught my eyes but still couldn’t beat

    I like that you're still looking. Not that you ever said you

    Thanks for the supportive comments about my singing. I just have to find my inspiration again. I hate when things drags on too long.

    Yes, I do agree. I get that way too. Like with... everything

  • Ok I'm looking for the post from Adventure I have been trying to comment on for days now but I keep getting side tracked... and here I go again BUT....

    Katie to Flow-

    Flow! ok, this line of yours made me think a lot now:

    "Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that. "

    do you really think so? wow, that puts a new light to my latest 'relationship'...

    that is when crab told me that he is a 'professional a-sshole' and that i don't know how lucky he is with me and that i deserve much better...

    thinking back, it all came true...

    Yep! So TRUE! SO TRUE!

    OMG! Did I say SO TRUE YET?????

    ok, back to looking. I just had to say that "so true" at least one more time

  • Adventure to Katie and Flow-

    "one of the things my scorp said to me when i first met him..." i might get left on the shelf.. a rusty can of baked beans" ( this was when we were sitting in his campervan and the first conversations i think we had.)

    then other things such as.. "im useless" " i dont like to talk much" " i dont like to go out much"

    " with me its all or nothing"

    So do you think it's true too????

  • Katie- that cat email artical... pinch, pinch, pich, ouch, ouch, ouch....

    somebody's nose is still out of joint...

  • what I mean to say is that he liked you a lot more than you think... may have been really wierd showing it and has some MAJOR issues.... but look out as think the little "hits" may still keep coming for a while....

  • Adventure I feel like you may think I'm ignoring you... I swear I'm not just keep getting side tracked

  • Lua,

    LOL@ you sending Crab the u tube video.’re evil....LOL

    The story wasn’t that the Dutch guy set his own foot on fire. It was Brazilians that fired the firework to the roof he was on and the firework set his foot afire. He didn’t press charges at the police station.

    Holland is totally Orange today. It’s a good thing that the game is going to be in the evening hours here. Last a radio station put a huuuuuggggggee tv screen on a square in Amsterdam and about 40.000 people watched the game there...and it was hot that day around 30C. Today they are doing the same but the weather is much cooler.

    I don’t want Ned vs Germany because if we win or lose the Germans are just terrible when they come over here on vacay. Just plain nasty in their attitude. It’s been like this with all EC or WC.

    Yet as you everyone is talking about a final between Ned and Germany.


    “"Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that. "

    Wow.... so I missed where this was from but it caught my eye again... this is a TRUE statement if I have ever read one! I agree 100%“

    I wrote this sentence to Adventure and Katie pluck it out and responded to it. As I responded this also apply to business.

    “You can tell if they're insecure, a liar, caring, honest, happy, attention seeking, whatever “

    Soooooo true. That’s why when I run into people in the beginning I am always quiet and observe. Or I might be super busy but still checking you out. LOL.

    In my case Libra was honest from moment GO ...I didn’t like all that I heard yet I couldn’t ignore the honesty.

  • Last reply to Moon and then I am off.

    Uh oh recycling huh? Would it be Sagg? Good luck. If it was boat boy you would have said.... I think.

    “I like that you're still looking. Not that you ever said you“

    LMAO!!! This is true...especially now that the sun is out you can check out the merchandise better. But I won’t engage. Takes a great deal to get me in the position that Libra luckily for him got me. I don’t play around not even for an itch. And I know how guys get around me when I give them a minute of my time. Yuk. I always wanted substance in a man and a great deal of them can’t hit mark that I have mapped out on my list. LOL... I sound like my brother...LOL.

  • Ok, Adventure I've found it!!!

    Alright so it's from a few days ago and I don't know if it still applies BUT if it does...

    i am tired lately, emotional, and cocooning more.

    Adventure could it be that you're depressed? I dont mean sad.... I mean like could you need medication? My Libra BFF was like this a few years ago with constant ups and downs... all her moods wrapped up in this guy. Anyway, she was given a medication and wow, it took a month but her mood and outlook really improved.

    When my son was born and he was so sick and we didn't know what was wrong, at one point they sent me home with a tube to feed him that stayed in his nose, they told us he may have brain tumor, he was going to be severly retarded, so many things.... OMG I can't tell you what it was like. I was all emotional from having him, I had a cholic baby at home (my daughter was only 1 when he was born) and working full time in such a streeful job, then going through all of this... well, it was hard.

    I took about 6 months off of work to get my head on straight.

    My point is that everybody needs a break sometimes and we all have different kinds of breaks. Hers was a medication, mine was time away. A break to re-charge, re-set, whatever. Girl, you seem to put your heart through a whole lot of pain with this man.

    Ouch. I wish you could find out what would work for you to give yourself that break. Babygirl, you need it.

    You only have one heart and you need to treat it much more gently and kindly then you do.

    Oh, but please, don't be mad as I know I am the pot calling the kettle black, but you just seem to be in pain so much sometimes.

    I didnt surf today or see scorp. yes he is still in the tent. doesnt look like he is working at the moment. maybe hasnt for a while. could be partly why he moved to tent. i miss him. its getting worse. craving cuddling him and sharing my life.doing ALOT of inner processing. to do with being a woman, releasing fears etc. but alot of this healing and growth can only be done with a man. we both need to surrender. whether or not that will happen i dont know.

    To me this man... well, it seems to me holding him is like holding sand. With an open hand you hold much more than if you make a fist.... the problem with that is when you hold your hand open... in the wind the sand will blow away.

    Adventure, please run this by Flow as she is a Scorp but you may need to have a back-up plan, or a good plan B in place.

    i have made plans to do some volunteer work, and doing some more studies in a few weeks.

    also looking at flights around different places in the world.. housing.. the lot.. and realising that no matter where i am in the world it will be the same. meaning me and my inner grapples with life, and trying to find meaning. you take your s.hit no matter where you go in the world. i just dont feel mobile at the moment either. if i didnt love him and could shut down my heart it might be a different matter.

    Girl, I've said it before, you got it bad for this man.

    I don't know... he wont go to counseling.... you are scared if he moves in you may wind up supporting him....

    Did you ever try a pro and con list? OR a What if list? what if you wrote one down... in black and white and say.... well, wait,

    where are you two now??? What's the status... the 100% status? where do you two stand with each other?

  • Real quick back to Flow then I'm off to SV, Lua and Raexo...

    Uh oh recycling huh? Would it be Sagg? Good luck. If it was boat boy you would have said.... I think.

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you know??????????? I know, I am going STRAIGHT to H^LL but there is no $e% only flirty talking/texting/emailing and playing games is all.

    That is SO funny you knew that! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!

    And I know what to expect.... you will have "No Comment" as usual

    And everybody will tell me I'm an evil witch! or maybe a total B itch! but oh well, I need to scratch this itch (for some attention!)

    Yup, it's official! I'm in H^LL. I'll look for lilshorty as she said she's got her own room down here! ..lmao!...

    “I like that you're still looking. Not that you ever said you“

    LMAO!!! This is true...especially now that the sun is out you can check out the merchandise better.

    OMG! SO funny! (and true)

    But I won’t engage. Takes a great deal to get me in the position that Libra luckily for him got me. I don’t play around not even for an itch.

    I'm the same way... well, no I will play, just not "play" I have issues....

    And I know how guys get around me when I give them a minute of my time.

    That's cause you're all $e%y darlin!

    Yuk. I always wanted substance in a man and a great deal of them can’t hit mark that I have mapped out on my list. LOL...

    Girl, I feel your

    I sound like my brother...LOL. what sign is he? Scorp too?

  • OMG! I can't believe I forot to type this.... Forgive me all!

    Thanks all for the Birthday Cheer!


  • Lopet- How are you feeling?

    Last weekend I didn't hear from him on Saturday, bit strange because that is when we normally meet, and hadn't seen him last week because he was away being "midge fodder"lol.

    I wouldnt worry too much..

    So approx 6pm I texted him to ask what he was up to, and if he was going out with his friends - normally he goes quiet when he is planning a night out(so juvenile, but I think he thinks I will be upset, I am more upset that he thinks I will be upset!lol).

    Men, a lot of them are like this. I hate that they think we're jealous crazy women when... I? 100% am

    Anyway, he comes back with "just been asked and thinking about it. Are you going out tonight?"

    My bgf had asked me earlier to go to hers, so I just replied that I hadn't been planning to go out but I would go to hers if he was heading out with friends. He came back with "Is that ok? i haven't been out for ages" - He has never asked if it was ok with me if he went out. Weird!

    No, I think it's thoughtful.


    So anyway, he texted on Sunday, but has gone a bit quiet this week, so don't know what to expect. Nothing on Tuesday, was annoyed on Wednesday, then he got in touch, and nothing yesterday.

    I would just think he's got stuff on his mind is all.

    Maybe over-analysing but it is bugging me. Have I been sucked back in again? Maybe he is just busy, but it is so frustrating!!!!!!

    Scorp? Frustrating? Nooooo what would ever give you that idea of a Scorp guy you're involoved with

    I will not give in and chase!

    I don't think he expects you to... I dunno.

    Maybe it is just because everything else is going badly that I expect us to as well. Don't know. AAAARGHHHH!!!!! I hate these mind games.

    I don't think it's a mind game... that's what scorps do.... they like to go off and think about things or do things alone... I believe from seeing my brother... they always return to thier comfort zone though, I wouldnt sweat it too much.

    Day off today so I am going shopping with youngest for a fancy dress costume for a party tomorrow. She still hasn't decided what she is going

    YAY! I bet you're having a total ball with her!

    I read what Flow and Adventure wrote to you... I think.. I agree 🙂

    Have you heard anything from him yet?

  • moonbeauty,

    thanks for responding.

    first up, as far as those comments he made re the can of baked beans( LOL) he said this to me before we actually got together.. when we were talking about our current status and he had been on his own after a break up for about a year. is it true? well who knows? i havent proposed marriage to him, but i certainly proposed a relationship to him. he wanted me to save him in a way.. and i did in some ways. and him me. he desperately wants someone to love him. thats how i see it .and then at other times maybe he doesnt.

    yes true that he doesnt like going out much and doesnt like talking much. although that can depend on his mood.

    no moon i dont need medication. i just need to be able to express myself. and no i am not always happy. and yes i feel things deeply. i dont want to have to censor that. or numb that.

    i tried pills years ago and they just numbed me, numbed my feelings till i was just a flatline of nothing much and numbed my senses from the waist down. then i tried a different one and ended up really ill. . i just dont believe it is the answer for me anymore. im really not into the bandaid method of healing. i do realise there is a place for them i guess somewhere in peoples lives though, but all too often doctors hand them out willy nilly with hardly a look into whats causing it. same goes for alot of so called " illnesses" . so many people live their lives in complete denial and unawareness of their own self.

    you said i have it for scorpio "bad". .no. i just love the man. and have been missing him. but i also understand the situation. and that i have to take care of me too, which i have been doing. you see moon it is a process for me.

    i liked your sand analogy.. yes to open up is to risk. and yes it has blown away in the past.

    i dont want to control anyone or make them feel like they cannot be themselves.

    if he was to move in no i wouldnt support him, not financially. it would b an equal thing. he would have to pay his way. but yes the fact remains that he doesnt have much money. i think he may have wanted to make money WITH ME. as in work a business together. in this town it seems that happens alot. the wife /gf supports the man with his business- helping him to get it off the ground.

    there was some talk of it early on, but to be honest i was scared of losing my own interests and having the time to pursue them etc. i think having grown up with two fathers who supported my mother, even though she worked they were the main income earners , she did her own thing.. and remember i was born in the 70's when the feminist movement mother got into that, and hence i did not grow up to believe that a woman should support a man. i t has been difficult in my relationships because of that.( one main reason) . the men have had their own issues as well. losing their own sense of what it is to be a man.i mean look at the world today..

    im not going to go too much into it now. but it is definetely somethng that i think about a fair bit.

    i have no doubt that if i went into business with scorp we would do very well from it. we both work hard when we choose to. its funny he wants me to learn his ways.. he said he would employ me if i wanted to . and i have wanted him to learn the drums for me!!! see what happens when you have space from someone .. things become clear.

    in all this though.. is fun. i have a fear of not having fun anymore.! you see to me .. i grew up learning the importance of it and also of personal freedom and choices. i chose in the last few years to work to live not live to work. lifestyle is important to me. and i dont care if i dont have the plasma tv or the latest car. i like trips away here and there though. but generally i am not materialistic. i do think about my future though. and starting to more now.

    scorp doesnt have a home but he would like one. he also doesnt want much. then at other times he does want. we are similar in many ways but our backgrounds were a bit different. what values were taught etc, although i do believe his mother went through the womens lib thing a bt too but not so much as my mum i dont think.

    i like travel more than him. he is a fixed sign, i am mutable.

    we have similar sensitive natures and feel, sense things unseen.

    i am open and expressive, although sometimes not.

    he is more cautious, reserved with expression

    look im not going to go on with all that lol, but where do things stand with him now??

    f.ucked if i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SV- I've read your posts and I actually understand. When I need to be 100% Scorp free I cant go on-line. It's like I keep the two connected even if I'm not posting about him.

    Katie said she was the same so I respect that about her too.

    I missed my party on Thursday so the card reader was nice and said that I can have an appointment with her this Thursday so I'll let you know how it goes. I am very excited. The only thing is--- at the party she was only $25 but now for a private reading she said she charges $35 as she will read a full deck of cards and it takes an hour-- vs only half deck at the party and it takes 15 to 25 minutes...

    So, how is your treadmill going? I was telling Kel about the crazy sketcher sneakes I have... suck on the treadmill... but wow, I feel it in my hips on the ground.

    Too bad they don't make skinny thigh sneakes. I'd get two pair!

    As for meeting somebody... hmmm... dating web sites? no, not for me.... I'm a Barns & Nobels or Starbucks gal. I wonder if it's a New York thing though... Do you have any "guy" hobbies?

    Girl, I tell my Libra BFF all the time... "You can't meet a zebra in the mall and you can't buy a dress at the zoo!"...

  • hey Flow!

    well what to bring on vacation? wow, im trying. im all excited, only two weeks to go and im off!!! YAY!

    well, i bought a bikini and i bought a swim suit and i immediately recognized im still not slim enough for my own likings, so whatever. but that won’t break my enthusiasm.

    i bring a lot of dresses, comfy for the heat and otherwise some great books to chill and my iPod if it arrives (my iPod… i mean my ex got an iPhone or what now, so he was insisting to send me his iPod and im fine with it).

    there is nothing more i actually need for going. great music, good books and nice clothes. 🙂

    well and sun-protection which leaves me worried/troubled right now. as my skin is very fair and sensitive. BUT i don’t wanna buy a 20-25 factor suncream, cause then i won’t get burnt, but i will come back as white as i am now. LOL so i am debating with myself. 🙂

    Lua>> hi girl!

    well yes, it was mean from crab to send that cat-mail. actually you know it is not that the article laughs about people who treat cats nicely. but the girl in the article was like me. i told my crab once that my cat is like my baby. meaning i take care of her a lot and i love her a lot… that’s all and i don’t see a problem with that…

    and he is an a-s-s also, cause when my cat got lost for 2 days, he was totally preoccupied about me being sad and all… what a phony…

    oh so excited about your crab sending the packages. cant wait to know what is in them. LOL (if he ever sends them hahaha)

    yes, i am still going to wish crab Happy BD. if only for making him wonder and think about my motives. LOL

    Moon>> hey crazy woman! LOL so Sagg is ont he plate again? hahahaha

    well yes, pinch pinch with that cat e-mail, BUT i honestly hope he was very much waiting for a reaction!!! hahahahahhaha as he didnt get any from me and he wont. and oh yeahhhh he has major issues.

  • to continue further,

    i never grew up in the country. moved away from city to a simpler life. but often feel torn between country and not really a country girl and not really a city girl either and def not suburban. love country but miss the culture of city sometimes. but love the peace and quiet and nature of country. .. see this is what happens when you at are born on the cusp. arugh!!! i know.. i cant believe i didnt realise it before- i am an alien!!! everything makes perfect sense now!

  • Hey Adventure, sorry the way I wrote that. No, I didn't mean medication like you need it I meant it more like you might want to try something... BUT seeing as you've tried it already... sorry. Like I said for me... I needed time off of my job. My head would never have been in the game at that time.

    What I am trying to say is that... it would seem that you've got it bad for him (iow) you really love him, and he may love you very much.... but, you're giving up so much for him. So very much and you don't seem to be getting much back in return.

    When I say giving up so much I mean so much of your life. Like as in time. We only get one go around... I'd hate to have anybody (including me) wake up one day and say "Ahhhhhhh, I missed it!" whatever thier "it" may be. Everybody's "it" is different.

    Maybe it's start a business like you said, or a family, or mov to a new place, go to school... they say "it's never too late" well, that may be a nice expression but not 100% accurate.

    I would hate for you to wake up one day and things didnt turn out as planned and now you cant get that time you've lost back.

    I'm not saying give up on him as you do love him very much... I mean more of... what about having a plan B and could you accept that as your "back up plan" for your life....

    Was that better? (I think I missed my mark the first time around

  • what do you mean by a plan b - another bloke?

  • Kel>> wanna share your story? LOL

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