ASCLAC part 3

  • Okay morning everyone,

    Moon, Xtine and everyone...I will read up what you wrote but won't be responding today or tomorrow.

    These days I am doing a bit of internal work and reflecting myself and also remembering my mother that passed on 5 years ago tomorrow.

    So I am sorry that I can't be my analytic and supportive self. I hope that you guys understand and I will get back to you all on Monday.

    It's sunny so I will be out visiting with some family and spending time with my son.

    Take care and have a good weekend.


  • hey everyone,

    just got my computer back from repairs , and been reading to catch up... alot of pages and now i am very tired. i just want to say before i go to sleep,

    flow- thinking of you. hope you have a nice weekend, hugx

    i will respond more to everyone tomorrow. nite

  • Flow- Ok have a good weekend : )

    ScorpVirgo- If you have any input that would help also...?

    Katie- Yes when I breakup with someone I use that line.. lol sad but its because I dont want to feel them hurting because of me... it took me awhile after I left my last ex to really come out and say why I really left.. I just hate when it happens to me!

    I compltley understood why you asked for those pictures back. I probablly would have done the same thing.. its kinda like we let them know what they did and how bad were hurting and if there is no positive response in our favor than we say ok and walk out of the picture.. no matter how bad were dying inside. Than we heal from within.. come back stronger.. and than they notice and so starts another story lol

  • xtine>> oh god, so great to hear that someone thinks the same way as i am and tells me she would have done the same. so great. im happy for that.

    cause i've already thought i made something wrong. but no, i just did what i would normally do in a situation like that. πŸ™‚

    hang in there girl, cause if it is meant to happen, he will come back eventually. and you'll see then whether you still want it or you moved on already.

    btw. to the first topic still... how we handle things.. you see, i still love him... but i felt i had to get out of the limbo, cause it made me nuts and suffer a lot. i had to get away. this does not mean im over him, not at all, i still love him the same way and i dont want another guy, i want him, but i have my terms (as everyone has) and finally im strong enough to stick to them. πŸ™‚

  • Having a moment where I want to write scorp but my heart keeps pulling me back.. I think i'll get out the house and think on it.. 2 weeks 2 day of no contact... not sure if I want to press the restart button...

    Oh and Im back on my diet and working out plan.. gained some weight : /

  • xtine>> yes, do that. get out of the house. i mean listen to your gut feeling. he is not in a right place now, i mean obviously not ready to be with you. so what sense would it make to write him... since you cant make friendship... at least you feel that way now... so if you need that, get out, make yourself busy. that works for me most of the times.

    have fun and talk to you soon.

  • Flow>> i hope you are having a nice weekend. πŸ™‚ talk to you on monday.

    Adventure>> glad you are back. i hope you feel better. anything new?

  • Hi katie

    How is everything? I was supposed to go out with my fiend and she stood me up again..I didn't feel like going out alone..hurting tonight for some reason..I still can't get over crab and I am finally starting to feel the pain.

  • Lua>> hi, im okay. weekend is always worse than weekdays, but making myself busy. cleaning and washing right now. πŸ™‚

    sorry your friend stood you up. 😞 it is understandable that you still cant get over your crab. that is totally normal. still no contact from him?

  • Hi katie-I was okay during the day, I went to the gym with my friend and I trained her hard. Then we were going out tonight and she said she was going back to her aunt's house to change and we were going to go out, and I really wanted to distract my mind from crab, not that I wanted to go meet other men or anything, but even just to go out with my friend to talk...she said she would text me back and I called and texted her and waited all night but there's no answer from her. We are supposed to go to the gym early tomorrow morning and then go to the beach.

    As for crab he just came on skype again, my heart just feels like it gets stabbed every time I see him online..I should just turn off least I don't have him in my "real" facebook. After 9 days of nothing, today he sent me a picture of some yummy looking chocolate cake type dessert and the only thing he wrote was "cheers" He must have read my twitter updates about getting seriously back into my diet. he used to send me pictures of cakes and food just as a joke when I was dieting before.

  • Lua>> sorry about the friend thing... are you sure she is okay? i mean this thing sounds strange...

    so crab cant 'shut up' after all... why dont you delete him from your skype contacts?

    well i was washing all day long... clothes and bed sheets and all. and cleaned the whole flat... and trying not to eat to much. LOL

    what did you say to moon more times? what makes you crave chocolates? cause im craving chocolates for 2 days... is it because i dont eat enough/ a certain kind of food?

    anyways, gonna watch a movie now and then hit bed, i realized i like to sleep a lot, at least while i sleep i dont think...

    try to sleep Lua, isnt it very late over there?

  • Katie-craving chocolate is because you are heart broken! You haven't heard of that before? Chocolate has some kind of chemical, I think that sitmulates seratonin or something that is similar to the chemical of being in love! So when we crave chocolate it doesn't necessarily mean we don't eat a certain kind of food, alot of it is induced by heartache..

    I didn't have chocolate for weeks and stupid crab had to send me that pic of that chocolate cake!! I was craving chocolate tonight too!

  • Katie- thanks lol I just got my nails done and getting my hair cut here soon. I'm gonna go out tonight also so let's see how I feel tomorrow about Scorp... I used to sleep a lot to lol my head would get a rest from thinking so much.

    But yes I understand your situation and your motives because I think the same way. I know were 2 different ppl with different guys but your not alone. I don't believe you did anything wrong. Your just respecting you and putting yourself first.. In the long run.. Maybe not now.. But ppl respect that a lot. You got my support!

  • Hi everyone! I just started reading these ASCLAC threads so I'm new around but dealing with a Scorp right now myself (I'm a Pisces). We've never officially dated, but have seen each other on and off, well mostly off;) for almost 2 years now (wow, never realized that! ha) We started as great friends and it moved beyond that point but nothing was ever official. Every once in a while we will start spending time together and then he pulls away- stops returning my calls or texts and just when I forget about him~ he reappears! The last time we hung out was 3 weeks ago and I haven't been able to stop thinking about him. We exchanged texts the next day but after that he never returned my efforts to see him again or even just talk. When we saw each other, he literally said that he NEEDED to see me. like he was desperate for me... but then stopped talking to me. I started reading these threads around the same time and realized that seems to be typical male scorpio behavior.

    All day yesterday I was convinced that I would run into him somewhere, I just had a feeling about it. I went out with some friends and unexpectedly passed him in the bar while I was talking to a guy friend (who he had probably never seen before) we were just talking, it wasn't anything inappropriate...anyway he saw me talking to this guy and I heard him calling me names~"that b***h! unbelievable!" type of thing... anyway I called him right away because I didn't know what to do and he didn't answer. So I texted him, he didn't write back. Could he seriously be mad about that when he didn't return my efforts to contact him for weeks?! Wow!

    Just wanted everyone to know that they aren't alone in this scorp drama... I know I cannot just be friends with him. I don't know if I can even stick around and "prove my commitment" to him (if that's what he's looking for even?!) I was literally having the best day of my life and that was all ruined as soon as I saw how angry he was with me. It was so unexpected!! Any advice? I just need to let it be but it's so hard sometimes!!

    I love this thread and you all seem like amazing people. I know there's already a lot going on, so no pressure to respond πŸ™‚ I hope you all have a great weekend!!

  • Raexo- I'm dealing with a scorp who left me out of the blue 2 months ago but continues to have contact with me... Mixed signals kind of thing... Moon is in a similar situation.. All I can say is I understand ur emotions right now! Flow and Scorpvirgo give great advice tho.. They should b back around soon.. Hang in there...

    Moon- do you think it would be a good idea to message scorp back? I'm feeling a huge urge to but I dk.. Flows not back till monday : (

  • xtine & raexo let me read and catch up, I still have some dishes to do... I'll be hitting the hay but when I wake up I'll ost back.

    For raexo- i dont think she should but I just read the above...

    for you i have to go back and read... I am sorry love.

    Lua and katie- OMG when I have scorp issues ALL I WANT TO DO IS EAT CHOCOLATE!!!!

    Lua- how do I turn this crave off??? Eat... say... I dunno... help! My thighs are becoming the size of small children!!!!

  • Moonbeauty... still want to hear from you on my DRAMA. Hope you are doing okay...want to call him so bad but my hard buttocks tendencies are creating a push pull scenario...

  • welcome to the thread birdie and reaxo, I'll g back to you guys later when i have time to read your posts, I just wanted to post this to katie, kel and the rest that have been following my situation.

    Katie, yes, crab can't shut up!! Kel, you would probably agree that he's wanting attention now. last night I couldn't sleep so i stated chatting on Twitter and as you all know the world cup soccer is coming up this weekend and I was chatting with a Portuguese friend about how this player on the Portuguese team was really gorgeous (Christiano Ronaldo), and we were chatting in portuguese and crab hardly ever replies or comments on my tweets but this time he butt in saying "I'm going to cheer for north Korea". It's like he suddenly wants attention because I'm talking about another man being beautiful? It's not even another guy i met or anything, it's a celebrity! What a brat! This is after 9 days with no contact. I suddenly realized how immature he was and i kinda got turned off.

    I'm just going to ignore him unless he writes me a real email. At least that made me snap out of missing him. He's twelve!

    BTW I got hit on by a 19 year old guy at the beach today who claims he likes older women. he asked me if I ever went out with a 19 year old. Crab was 19 when I first met him, lol. but that was 14 years ago.

  • Hey all,

    Welcome birdie and raexo.

    Those Scorp men cause so much grief, don't they!!! Welcome to the club.

    Had my own drama this weekend. As I have mentioned before, I have been on and off with this Scorp for 6 years. And still standing.

    Since he came back around I have seen him a few times but he has been texting daily, or nightly - always a "goodnite sexy" at bedtime.

    So - on Friday night all I got was a "goodnight". Hmm. I knew something had been bugging him, so having had a couple of glasses of wine and feeling brave I decided to challenge him. "what, no sexy?". Turned into a full scale argument, so by yesterday morning I believed that it was over. Again. I told him he had left me so often, broken my heart so many times that I should hate him. I told him I could have been long gone with someone else, but I had waited for him and still all he did was hurt me. So after his work yesterday when he texted me, I ignored him. I was beyond arguing and just wanted peace. At 7.30pm I received a text saying he NEEDED to see me, wanted to talk to me. So full of dread, I went. I expected the "its over" conversation, and prepared myself for it. I was fully prepared to give it up. I had been ill for days and still had no energy. AND.........

    He took me to show me the new house he intends to buy when he sells the one he is in - the one he "wants us to live in together." He took me for a meal, we went back to his and watched a film. He massaged my neck and shoulders as we sat, was so sweet and attentive. This morning he spoke about us having children together - about how he might have to go away to follow the work to make sure he can provide for me. He feels he is missing out on life, that his previous lifestyle cannot continue, and he wants to knuckle down and be the person I want him to be.

    I am still in shock. I expected the end, and was offered a future.

    I am not being swept away by empty promises, I still intend to take this slowly, but I have seen enough change in him so far to give me some hope.

    There is hope all you gals out there hankering after a Scorp. I have been to hell and back with him. I waited weeks/months for contact. I put up with the drunken threats, abusive behaviour, the sober apologies for so long. The inbetween times drove me insane. I cried, I wallowed, I made myself strong, only for him to break me again.But I could see the person he could be and I hung in there like a rottweiler!!!

    Kel - hope you are feeling better soon sweetie. Just watched Gaga Excellent! Of course Kurt had to have the most extreme outfit. My youngest made me chuckle when she told me she had heard that Susan Boyle had a bit part in an episode - as a dinner lady.

    I think she is one crazy lady!!!

    Stranger - welcome back.

    Flow - thinking about you. I am blessed to have my mother around. Big hugs to you today.xxxxx

    Katie - yes THAT Eddie Cibrian. Isn't he gorgeous. Shame that Leanne Rhimes has got him but hey, I am happy with my Jason lookalike!

    (PS - Irvine Welsh the author who wrote Trainspotting" offered him a bit part as a gangster in a film this weekend. )How cool is that???? - Am glad he turned it down - am sure he could probably act, but I don't want others drooling over him too!! LOL.

    Lua - that Cancer is soooo immature. However, I think it is a good thing that you are finding these things out now - if he is turning you off you will be able to get over him that bit sooner!!!

    19 year olds? Even they are more mature than that crabby little brat!!! That must be an ego boost for you. Make you feel better than chocolate cake ever would.LOL.

    Yes ignore him. Until he starts to act his age.

    Raexo - it is what they do - they don't want you around until they are ready, but they don't want you to see anyone else either. Seeing you with someone else is a blow to his ego (even if it is just a friend) and he will have thrown his toys out of the pram and gone in the huff. Even though he hasn't been in touch he still sees you as "his". I assume that your text explained that the guy he saw you with was just a friend? Then leave him to stew. You told him the truth.

    My S told me a long time ago that if we split and he saw me with someone else, he would be "raging". Even though it was his decision to part!!!!

    xtine - if you feel the urge, just do it. Just be prepared in case you don't get a reply. That used to hurt me so much in the early days when I would pour my hurt out in a text, and then...SILENCE. Thats when I learned to hold back and wait, not to text, not to chase - let him come to me. Worked for me, but might not work for anyone else. It saved my sanity many times. LOL.

    Take care everyone. Off to make dinner..... and ponder my future.LOL.

    Love and light.xxxxxxxxx

  • Somebody PLEASE talk me out of calling my CANCER... Im in a push pull...thanks for the warm welcome...I promise... Im not the typical aquarian when it comes to relationships...I will help in the future...AND if anyone has had a crab come back into their life... how did it happen? DId it happen with you not contacting him at all or what?

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