ASCLAC part 3

  • flow,

    why do i think you and libra have established connection? i dont know i just do. even though i am only speaking with you and not him.. so i guess i dont really know. and no i dont REALLY know. from my point of view. from the outside.. it seems like that to me. you have been conversing with him and it seems as though you have rapport with him and he you. alot of it may be mental. so be it.

    how do YOU feel?

    i dont know if i will be seeing friend as much... he said he wants me to teach HIM what I learn! as far as surfing i wont have time in the mornings cos i will have to leave early and its a fair drive from where i live. so not much i can do about that. except not go. hehe.

    i feel at a crossroads in more ways than one. dont get me wrong i want to do the course i like music but i am starting to question alot of my decisions in life and where it has got me.. like i have always put lifestyle over money. but maybe i do want to earn more now. might need a complete change. i have always followed creative paths but they havent always been fruitful so i dont know.

    the course is six months fulltime. how long is your singing class?

    yes my guitar is a bit old.. getting repairs. i think when it had some done before the neck was pulled and it went out of line.

    had a good weekend. surfed sat nice waves then party gfs 50th( yes another one) was really fun. she has been a close friend for a long time. lots of nice people there, really good vibe all round.old style surf band played. im bit hungover tonight!!! so please excuse my flatsludgy brain.

    yes you may have met your match with libra. . what did actually say re your son??

  • hi everone! hope you all have a nice weekend!

    Kel, if you are back and feel like helping, if the person did not write 'he' wrong, then we are talking about a male libra having trouble with a male cancer. so here is the link:

  • Hi all! I have quite a few pages to catch up on! I've been running around with the kids all weekend long.

    B-day was VERY quite. My mom took the kids so I had a quiet night alone which believe it or not... is a GREAT gift.

    Scorp emailed on 7/1 and asked me to come out... to which I told him I would come out when he could explain all his cr^p that he's pulled on me this past year... and I listed each incident that hurt me one by one... his answer? "I didn't do anything to "you" I'm just an insenstive person"

    So on 7/2 I emailed him back and said

    "Ok, scorp how about this... I'll be VERY blunt... I'll F _ _ K you when you start to give a F _ _ K about me...

    so he tried to schmooze again in another email to which I replied

    "Hmmm.... it would seem that July is a bust as you can ask me to come out and play but not wish me a Happy Birthday... wanna shoot for August Scorp? Again, I'll F_ _ K you when you start to treat me like you give a F _ _ K... now run along daaa-ling and have a happy 4th of July-- we'll chit chat in a few, ta-ta for now love!

    So far..... "All is quiet on the Western Front"

    other than that? not too much,

    Ok, let me catch up and see how ya'll have been, I wont post back till late tonight or tomorrow though as I'm taking the kids out to dinner then a fireworks show.

    be back later!

  • oh, but real quick.... I don't plan on playing with my scorp again as it would take a MIRACLE to make him open his eyes up and become a man that I want...

    but him chasing me is fun...


  • Morning pumpkins!

    I hope you all had a great weekend. I was out watching some gorgeous male American Football...yum!

    Noooooooo don’t say it!!! No Ned vs Ger in the final. I am dreading that. I hope not...I hope Spain can pull a miracle out of the hat of tricks.
    “He forgot that the Pope was German.“ ROTFLMAO!!!!!
    I heard about the Brazilians taking the lost very hard. I actually read about someone firing fire work at the Dutch Consul while he and his family just watched the game on the rooftop of the Consulate. Set his feet a fire. :-)
    Hmmm...tipsy huh? lol.
    How do I feel? Great! I know where everything stands and some part of the slow progress is my doing so I can’t really complain. The thing is.... if and when this caravan starts’s a heavy load what is going to get in motion and he has to be absolutely sure if I am up for it.
    Dang...even I have those thoughts sometimes. So I am enjoying things as they are now and I go about my business and let my eyes enjoy everything that comes by.
    Uhmm your friends want you to teach HIM what YOU learn?? Are you going to do that? I am not that great in teaching people stuff. Don’t have the long term patient. On the other hand I find that is lazy. But this is how I think about it in general.
    I share the crossroad feeling. I had that very much in the beginning when I picked up singing again. I was wondering how I was going to combine it all with my work/business. I see Libra do it and then I think ...oh I can do it. Look at my niece that sings. In the daytime she is a dental assistant and is building up her career. A great deal of musicians does...I wonder if I am cut out for it. Then other moments I say what the heck and just do what I got to do.
    Don’t forget my rising is Virgo Virgo’s are very creative look at the late MJ and Beyonce. Hard work but it pays off.
    So believe in yourself.
    My singing class doesn’t have a limit. If I want to stop I can. I said I was going to give myself a that’s what I am going to do.
    I can’t remember what he said re my son....he mumbled something (not negative) and asked about school (he thought vacation already started) ...this was when I started joking around about his trip abroad.
    So you had a quite b-day...that’s the kind I like the best. No fuzz or anybody bugging my head. Very nice that your mom for taking the kids. How are your bro and his wife? Any sign from them? I read that you all are waiting for the results. I hope it’s a positive one.
    I’ll skip your Scorp interaction. I only want to say don’t underestimate him yet glad to see you focussed.

  • flow,

    far out i just read the astro report.. FULL ON. that blew me away a bit. yeah you know .. it has been a really challenging 3 years. so saturn the little b.ugger. things have been hard really hard lesson after lesson after lesson. heavy lessons. heavy saturn. but growth.. my god. yes. i tell you tho flow i am really looking forward to some lightness now.happiness and laughter. BRING IT ON!. i will still be emotional and feel my stuff and the darkness but i want to experience some pure JOY now. and love. cant believe it talked about baby. i have been eating more its weird.. well not really it is kind of comfort eating and my stomach is not flat anymore.. i am actually kind of mixture of enjoyment and ugh! when i look down at it ..very strange. you know i dont think i can put into words the feelings i have had lately and what i have been breaking through and experiencing and learning in myself.. and me being my typical self i have just been whacking myself so hard with that stick finding all the faults in myself and not looking at what i HAVE achieved. i bought a house.. i worked my guts out on it for over a year finishing it.inside and all the landscaping outside. alot of hard physical work. i am proud of that. i have kept up with fitness and surfing and travelled. and continued with my art practice.struggled in a relationship but hung in there and kept trying. and in my heart i still am. it will be ok. yay for saturn going elsewhere!!!!! feel a cause for celebration! think i want to say F OFF SATURN!!!!!

    re the teaching.. well not sure if i will have much time anyway.. i have tried it before and i do get impatient, but this person is already a good guitarist- he is better than me so i dont really get it. i think he would have liked to do the course but he doesnt have time. so yeh anyway im not sure.

    the thing is well i am no spring chicken anymore and hardly a beyonce etc i mean people say i dont look my age but its what i feel inside hehe. i am like a nanna these days i love going to bed early and sleeping . love it. so not sure if i can really see myself doing late night gigs..and a whole career? well you know i just dont think i want any one thing to take up all of my for now i see it as being just for fun and learning.. but with an open mind to whatever if that comes my way. i have alot of interests in this life that i would like to pursue.. hence why i am where i am at!

    so have you decided on a song yet?

    i just got my guitar back tonight and its sooo much better. new lighter strings and he adjusted the bridge so much easier to play. this guy fixes cars mainly, and he collects guitars and equip. but doesnt play any of them! awesome collection.

    so sounds like libra really wants to see you. i'd be starting to think about what things you want to put in that basket flow and hmm what dress you might be wearing 😉


    you ok ?


    glad you had a good bday and relaxed with some peace and quiet.

    did you get any nice pressies??

    im off to sleep so tired. nite everyone

  • Hi all. Well, last night was a bust as there was NO view from where I was with the kids to see the fireworks show... luckly for me they were tired and wanted to go home early so it worked out well.

    I'm going to do the quick post back as I have been on vacation from work for a few days and wow am I backed up! So bear with me all...


    I want to change whatever I said about my sketcher sneakers as since i have tightened up the laces and started to walk more on the ground and not on the treadmill... WOW I feel it! Not too much in my @$$ but yes in my hips.


    Ok, now I have started the walk lunges BUT, BUT, BUT it's only been a few days and my thighs are bigger by 1/2 an inch... as you can see this is causing me to panic...

    As for my diet... ok, this is my big issue.... I love chocolate... not like it... I LOVE IT. I was having trouble with losing I think because I would fast all day long and then eat chocolate at the end of the night... BUT I did start back with the whole weight watcher(WW) thing this week so I'll have to let you know how it's working. I get weighed in today.

    The thing that sucks about WW is that you only lose like 1/4 pound 1/2 pounds a week. I have to follow the plan 150% AND workout to get a good 1-2 pound loss... BUT I really wanna break out of this 135 pound rut 😞

    You're right though... I'd never eat food..... if I could live off of butter cream frosting and chocolate that is

    I admire your dedication. That "shread" has to be tough. I think it's all about how bad you want something.... hmmm.... Moon, how bad do you want it? Ok, I answered my own question...

    Let me know when you post your photos I'd love to see them.

    As for your crab? Well I think you should wish that confused crazy man happy birthday.

    How's your BFF feeling?

  • Hi Flow,

    Your video shoot sounds like it was fun... but boy oh boy, you and libra are like two ships passing in the night... will one of you please honk the lighthouse please!

    Yeah, little bro's wife finds out her test results begining of next week (fingers crossed) he's still in his quiet mood but he gave me a book to read called "Repo Men" it's about the future and these guys that go around repo-ing body parts he said it was good. I swapped a book with him called "Retribution" which is a World War 2 story. We'll see what happens next week and if his mood changes.

    As for Scorp... yeah, I'm kinda proud of me. I did notice though he did change my name on his cell phone (something I asked him to do months ago & he never did) small pebbles.

    He'll never change flow. I had to let this "thing" this image I had of him go... it's like trying to hold a handful of water... all you get is wet.

    As for you and libra... well, I think it's there. i do. I think your timing is all off but that's why I think the "keeping in the line of sight" is the best thing for you two to do with each other.

    My scorp... he's a worm. Has nothing to do with the line of sight... mine has a serious personality defect. Yuk! I'm so mad at him for it. I'm so mad he's content not to buck up and deal with life. i hate that he's weak.

    as for your singing... I think Girl, we only get one go around in this life... don't waste it. I get all uppity and want more all the time but dont know what exactly or how to get it... I think that just means we're still walking down the road and kicking rocks.


    ok all be back later to post... i have more but i actually have to do some work!

  • Im back, will catch up in a few hours

    Katie - I responded to that Libra guy 🙂

    Aries's grandmother is in the hospital, they think she had a stroke 😞

    I'm terribly worried about him and his grandmother...

  • Hey Kel! glad you're back. sorry for Aries's granny, i hope she gets well. 🙂 my dad got a stroke two years ago and now he is fine again. keep the faith, stay positive, Aries needs your support.

    on another note, thanks for taking the time and try to help octoberlibra. 🙂 it is so strange to read people's stuff who are just starting in a mess with a crab. LOL i am SO GLAD i am out of it! 🙂

    oh i'm wishing him happy bd at the end, i chose the 7th as i kind of have the feeling he is a Scorp Moon. he cant be a Sagg and he is definitely not an Aqua. and i did close out Cappy too, he is nothing like you, he is totally unmotivated in everything, morover in work and career and stuff... and he has traits of Scorp... so yes, the 7th. not that it is a big event. LOL just letting you know. i will report back to you, IF he even says 'thank you'. im pretty curious.

    otherwise im fine and strong. met the Cappy guy i told you about (ex elementary school) and he is single now and we spent almost the whole friday evening together talking and all. i like him, but i have my head there now (not only my naive heart). LOL so i dont act on anything and dont read into things anything. but it was fun. 🙂

  • Hi everyone! I'm on vacay for two weeks! On the beach as we speak lol : ) beautiful!! I am gonna try to go back and read I think I'm 15 pages behind ha!

    Hope everyone is doing great.. Will be back with update!

    Muahhh and much hugs!

  • Reading astrologyzone:

    " The closer your birthday falls to July 11, the more dramatic the results of the eclipse will be."

    HA! my birthday IS the I'm in store for even more drama than the last eclipse? Oh boy...

    Ok working my way backwards....

    Xtine 21 -

    Have fun!!!! 🙂 So jealous!!

    Katie -

    I'm glad to hear that your dad is doing fine, I got an update from Aries and he said his grandma will be fine too, which is a relief

    Octoberlibra's situation is confusing, I think he's moving too quickly for the crab or the crab is playing him. I can't quite figure it out yet...we'll see I hope he does the right thing

    Yea, let me know what your crab says back lol I'm curious too

    Good good good about the Cappy, I'm glad your head's there 🙂 it can keep you away from trouble hehehe

    "now today he sends a mail with an article that makes fun about people that treat their cat like that, like over protective and too sensitive and worried...

    isn't that ugly??? i mean ok he sends it, cause he found it funny, BUT why doesn't he leave me out of the mailing list this once???"

    I know it's a little late to respond to this but he was pinching you, he's probably hurt that it's over and wants to get in those little jabs. So childish...

    Moonbeauty -

    Hmm so maybe those sneakers are worth looking into then...but i think you have to wear them all the time?

    I have a question for you...why do you keep talking to your Scorp?

    Lua -

    Thanks for the exercise suggestions and the dieting tips. That's pretty intense, I'm really going to have to plan out and nitpick my diet 🙂

    Raexo -

    I'm liking the daily love, it's a nice little pick-me-up 🙂

    If you don't mind me asking, what is your biggest problem with your dad? Like is there a repeating trend in his behavior that really hurts your feelings?

    Flow -

    " because the first part pic we say “pik” in Dutch and that means a males sausage"


    That's awesome about the video shoot! If you find out when the video airs or when it's posted on youtube let us know, I wanna seeeeeeeeeeee. Haha I wonder if you would even tell us if you end up being in the video or not 😉

    Sorry for such short responses, doing a million errands

  • hi xtine! YAY for vacation! hope you enjoy every 'drop' of it!!! 🙂

    Kel>> first of all glad that granny of Aries is doing better! 🙂

    i didn't really mix into the story of octoberlibra, cause i am kind of crippled from crab stories, i am just recovering, so i dont sink too deep into these things. 🙂

    about crab's birthday wish... i don't think that he even says 'thank you'. but i am not wishing for that, so anyways.

    Kel to Katie>> he was pinching you, he's probably hurt that it's over and wants to get in those little jabs. So childish...

    Katie>> well Kel, FUCK HIM! really. he has NO right at all to pinch me or tell anything at all to me. he chose this way for himself. i even tried, two times, i wrote two honest letters to him and he was just sitting silent and ignorant like a stupid fuck. so he should just take the consequences and deal with it. it is his p*oo and not mine. so he should not throw it at me.

    he has no one else to 'thank' for his suffering (if he is at all feeling bad) and sadness, only HIMSELF.

    so he should really just f*uck off with e-mails like that.

    and you know what pissed me off and from where i know that it was directed to me? on this graphic designer's website, there were TONS of other funny/asshole-ish stories... but he had to pick the one with the cat.... such an a-s-s, really big time...

    wtf is he thinking? he threw away his toy, he didn't want it anymore... now toy feels fine alone and is not dying for him... now he wants toy back... now he is angry of toy for leaving him... ridicilous!!!!! i should have just answered him to that e-mail: 'GROW UP!' but i did not want him to see at all that it touched me in any ways...

    well sorry, just needed to vent a bit. and thanks Kel for replying to it. and it was not too late, it had no deadline. LOL

  • X-tine~ Have fun! So jealous you are at the beach! We have hardly gotten any sunshine yet this summer!!

    Kel~ No I don't mind you asking at all! I'd say my biggest problem with my dad is that he is really flaky and only seems to think about himself... which isn't always a bad thing, but I always put others needs in front of my own. So I have a tendency to expect others to do the same thing, but I don't know if that's reasonable haha. For example, he promised to help me move into the dorms my freshman year of college but then went to Vegas instead and bought me a Tiffanys necklace to make up for it.... but it didn't work ha. Other than that we get along really well. I don't really know any other Aries men. I have a few close female relatives and girl friends that are Aries though. I read somewhere that an Aries never really belongs to you, they belong to the world. I guess that seems to play true in my experiences 🙂 Now that I'm older it's a lot easier for me to see the good in my dad...when I was younger I didn't quite see the whole picture. Have you noticed these things with your aries??

  • Flowsco-

    NED playing Uruguay today..I'm cheering for Uruguay since I am South American at heart and that is the only South American team left. Can't believe Argentina and Brazil are both out and Uruguay is the only SA team left...But I think NED will win. I am also hoping for Spain to pull off a miracle, haha everyone is scared of Germany!! My bff is Spanish too, and she's been rooting for Spain all the way. So the joke now is that Brazilians are saying well, Brazil went out with 2 feet (2-1) but Argentina had to take a sausage on all fours (4-0) makes more sense in Spanish and Portuguese (Brasil salió con dos pies (2-1) pero Argentina tomó una salchicha aleman de cuatro) some crazy Brazilians even made a song parady to this using "Don't cry for me Argentina" on youtube it's called "Que te pasó Argentina?" It was mean, it showed Maradona upset, but the words were funny so i sent it to crab. He responded back "You are so evil".

    That story about the guy setting his foot on fire is NUTS. I sent my crab that video link to try to cheer him up. But I was more crushed in 1998 when the lost the FINAL to France in penalty kicks!!

    If the final is NED vs GER I will cheer for Holland!


    Happy belated b-day and I am glad you had a quiet nice one, I guess when you are a mom not having the kids and having time for yourself is a great gift.

    I'm not sure what I am dong on mine yet, I wanted to go off the island but maybe I will just spend some quiet time, get a massage maybe, go diving for fun or go hiking by myself if there's no rain. I need to save my money to go to Hawaii in October. And since the flight is expensive I may hop over to Maui or Kawaii for a few days..

    Oh moon, it is IMPOSSIBLE for you to gain 1/2 inch on your thighs in a few days!! Most likely you measured in the wrong spot. You have to measure in exactly the same spot. Or it's in your head. Even big male body builders who squat and lunge like 500 lbs would take months to gain 1/2 inch on their thighs!! You can gain a tiny bit of water. When you don't work out for a long time water goes into muscle glycogen and swells your mucsle a bit but not 1/2 inch!! If you actually gained 1/2 inch in a few days, many body builders would love to know your secret, or you a just an absolute freak of nature that gains 1/2 inch by worrying about havng big thighs!!

    Fasting all day and binging on chocolate at night is a really bad way to go, but you already knew that. I am a total chocoholic too. But I've been eating my "chocolate mousse" lately. I take chocolate portein powder, soymilk and avocados and blend it and I get this real creamy mousse-like dessert. So yummy. I have one of those a day and it's takes care of my chocolate craving. But because of the fat in the avocado, it's like 400 calories.

    To get best results you do need to combine working out and diet, Moon. I don't like these weight loss groups like Weight Watchers because they go by how much scale weight you lose instead of actual fat loss. You can be losing scale weight and losing muscle or water, and GAINING fat. Three years ago I weighed 102 lbs and I had a soft tummy and looked all soft and chunky. A year ago I weighed 106 and I looked tight and fit, because I had more muscle and less fat on my body. But if they are teaching you to eat more healthy, that's a good thing, but it's not always about the scale.

    I will wish my crab Happy Birthday, he sent me a 5th email about that package, that he was finally sending it the following day, but he's got 2 packages for me now. It's only been a month snce he's mentioned it the first time.

    I think my BFF is feeling better. We've been watching World Cup "together" We text eachother during the game and I send her a bunch of sexy soccer player pics and we talk about what we would do to these guys, lol We've been helping each other get over our crabs but fanatasing about hot soccer players, haha. She did NOT wish her crab a happy birthday. She said she peeked at this twitter page and he's become a pompous jerk. Jerks are easier to get over. My crab continues to post pictures of clouds and airplanes..poor crab.

  • kel,

    hows aries and grandma doing?

    hope all ok x

  • Flow and Katie:

    "Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that. "

    Wow.... so I missed where this was from but it caught my eye again... this is a TRUE statement if I have ever read one! I agree 100%.

    You can tell if they're insecure, a liar, caring, honest, happy, attention seeking, whatever. I totally can look back at my scorp and see how this is true. I let my guard down with him and wow.... I think back to the first phone call we had when I was just a client, before we ever met... then the first meeting I had with him... it was all there right in front of me.


    First... OMG! Glad Aries Grandma is ok.

    Second.... Yeah, I'm wearing them A LOT and I am noticing the difference. I was doing it wrong, not keeping the shoes firm on my feet and the treadmill... all that jazz.

    Third... Myy Scorp... I dunno, I guess... let me ask you about your scorp. Were you disapointed at the ending?

    I think I still talk to him when he contacts me because I still can't believe this is how it's all going to end. I don't like the end of this chapter in my life. I still have the faith that he will realize his own ego... hmmmm.... OR maybe it's not his ego but mine

    I'm ok with meeting somebody else and moving on, but I'll be honest, I can't get how he could just worm up like that.

    It's like I don't want to believe it. I see it... but I'm just not liking the end to my story. I want so much for a different ending. I don't care that he didnt pick me.... no, well, yes I am but what I am more angry at is that.... Ok, this is what he reminds me of...

    Did you ever see the movie "Saving Private Ryan"? (BTW...GREAT movie) Ok, so if you have.... in the movie there is the one solder that Tom Hanks takes with him. The non-solder type, the "inside guy or non-solder type " to go out and look for Ryan with him. The non-solder type tries to get out of it... but cant so he goes... and cries the whole way.

    So, in middle of the film they take a German solder prisoner after a fire fight. The American solders want to kill him for killing their friends and also as he is the enemy... but not the non-solder. He "bonds" with the guy. Gives him cigrettes, talks with him. The other American solders are yelling at him to stay away... he is the enemy... but the non-solder type having no battle experience does not "get it". He pleads to Tom Hanks to spare this mans life. Talked into sparing his life by this non-solder type, Tom Hanks tired of the fighting and war says to his guys "Look, I'm tired of death and killing I'm going to let him go" and the rest of the American solders are mad at this as they think it was a poor call. on Tom Hanks part.

    Later in the movie, in another fire fight this German solder slowly kills each one of the American solders who held him prisoner with Tom Hanks... one by one... ALL THE WHILE THE NON-SOLDER IS SCARED TO COME OUT AND FIGHT TO SAVE HIS BROTHER SOLDERS!!! The German escapes after killing them all leaving one man. The non-solder who who plead to Tom Hanks to let him live...

    The German looks at him, nods, (I think as its been a few years since I've seen it) and leaves.

    The non-solder type then comes out and realized his error and NOW is ready for battle. He's angry at his own self ignorance of the war.

    Oh, sure he's ready to be a solder now... but what about the men he let die? So his suddenly being ready to be a stand up guy makes that all go away? No, it does not.

    I think of this scene when I think of my scorp and I actually get physically ill just like I did when I first watched it in the movie. I get so angry. I guess I am trying to wrap my brain around my scorps actions... why would a man be so weak as to... like he portrayed himself to be one thing but when faced with adversity or a challange he just... I dunno.

    The movie is obviously a far cry in comparasion from my scorp issues of course but it's the persons character that I am thinking about. I just can't believe he's not a stand up guy.

    My ex- husband may be a bad husband BUT always a stand up guy... My dead Aries ex? As stand up as they come... I've never picked such a.... worm... I dunno.

    Maybe I'm just trying to "fix" something that can't be fixed. He was my bad choice. It's just I had SO MUCH faith in him.... and I feel so let down. Not so much because he didn't pick me... but because he says he's running back home--- to use her, so he can just leave again when he sets himself up better???---- as "oh poor me life is hard how can I make it easier... WAHHH MOMMY!". WTF is up with that???

    If it's going to end... I want a different ending. I want scorp to man up and say "Hey, I dunno what I want but whatever it is... I'll do it on my own". I want him to take the road less traveled. I want him to be somebody I can be proud to know... not embarrased to have been associated with.


  • Adventure,

    I am glad that you read up your horoscope. I got the link from another board member and it has been pretty accurate up to now. Sometimes it scares me how accurate.

    Girly stop whacking yourself with that stick because life is doing its part I wouldn’t be adding extra pain.

    At the sound of it Saturn hasn’t been all that bad for you...reading all you have accomplished even though it has been challenging at times.

    LOL@ spring chicken. I gave those examples as dedicated Virgo’s that put all their creativity out there. I don’t think its age related. I couldn’t think of any other Virgo’s at that moment. LOL

    BTW you can also be a studio artist. Perhaps something you can look into. And I do know what you mean about taking up all your time. I am like that. Today is class again. To be honest I haven’t sung for the last 2 weeks. I will brush up a bit today and then go. See what she will tell me.

    No I haven’t chosen a song and I would prefer not to talk about it anymore until around the actual date. Don’t want to get all stressed out again.

    Hey Moon,

    Too funny, that you referred to water (two ships passing in the night). Because I called him I was crossing a bridge and then an underwater tunnel. LOL.

    I keep hoping that things go well for your bro and his wife. Fingers crossed.

    Moon, darling you’re not going to trigger me into responding about your Scorp. I gave my comment in the previous post and I am sticking to that. Just remember he does have to do work for you.

    Re Libra and I. I agree in full with you that our timing is off. It has been for a while tho. Only thing we can get in sync are phone That’s why I don’t drive myself mad anymore with just about anything coming from his side. I go out enjoy myself, work on me and think what I want for my future. I must admit I enjoyed the footballers very was this guy walking up and down the tribune with his little daughter but I must say he caught my eyes but still couldn’t beat

    Thanks for the supportive comments about my singing. I just have to find my inspiration again. I hate when things drags on too long.


    Sorry to hear about Aries grandma. I hope she bounces back. 😞

    Last eclipse was in a full moon and this one is a new moon. Big difference. So I hope good things for us all.

    Why doesn’t it not surprise me, you picked out the sausage comment? .... shakes head You men are all alike....tsk, tsk. Can you imagine you’re in a full bus and this other person keeps repeating things like this and you can’t respond accordingly? Ugh. And the bugger enjoyed doing that.

    “That's awesome about the video shoot!“ Thanks. The experience on the side was more exciting than when the camera was actually rolling and taping. I have no idea when the finish product will air.

    “Haha I wonder if you would even tell us if you end up being in the video or not ;)“ Bigggggg grin. You’re getting to know me....hmmmm

    That Libra male you answered is refreshing for me to read. A great deal he said and how he acts sooooooo reminds me of my Libra. As I said before they are thinkers.


    Have you already decided what you’re taking on your vacay?


    Enjoy your vacay!!



    To the other pumpkins I hope you all are okay and enjoying life.

  • I think to make this all sit better with me, I need a different ending. Anything, just not this one.

  • xtine- have some fun for me will you and please!!!

    How is the sand? White? Water? Blue? ahhhhhhhh

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