ASCLAC part 3

  • "(convo would really sound insane LOL)"

    LOL!!!!!!! I just picture you sitting in your appt talking to yourself in two voices

    I never tried that Katie, talking out loud about the situations...hmm another tool for the tool box 🙂 thanks!

    How I Met Your Mother is so funny!

  • Katie -

    Unfortunately, I think crabs have the market cornered for sweet guys that send flowers lol You just have to find one that knows how to control his emotions

    But keep sending the energy out there that you find one! 🙂

    Universe do your magic lol

  • LOL who'd a thunk Doogie Howser would come back on a hit TV show?? funny show too! have fun Katie...thank you for the too Kel...:)

    I'm not relying on what either theCaptain or the tarot reader just found it funny that they contradicted themselves in their readings...

    I'm gonna do me...that's all I'll be working on...def a good mantra to start saying on my way to work too! thanks for the advice kel!

    I'm not necessarily looking for someone to come into my life and make my thoughts of crab go away...I'm just TIRED of being single...I've been single for a long time(almost 5 years is a long time for me)!! I've done the "living single" part....I'm ready for a relationship or even DATING...I've been ready...that's waht the most frustrating part is...I was single for so long and then crab came out of nowhere and it wasn't even GOOD! it was worse than being single for so long! how is that possible? LOL

    I'm just a little frustrated, but I'm taking it in good stride. I'll just have to keep positive...positive inside and out brings positive energy, right? 🙂

  • SV -

    ahh ok I understand where the frustration is coming from. Not sure why I didn't pick up on that earlier lol

    positive inside bring positive outside 🙂

    have you tried any dating websites? my friend virgo-guy went on one of those and actually met a girl and he's still dating her and lives with her now. virgo-guy is super super shy but it worked for him 🙂

  • Hi all,

    hope you are all ok. Still having major issues with computer, but with you all in Been struggling with hayfever and anti-histamines are making me drowsy too, coming home from work having dinner and falling asleep. I feel OLD - thats wahat old people do!!!!!!

    Taking next cpla days off work so can catch up properly then. Youngest finishes school for the holidays on Friday so looking forward to having some girlie time with her.

    Catch up with everyone soon. Much love to all.xxxxx

    PS: Moon - Hada giggle about the stalker in the car. SO

  • Moon~

    I'm sorry but I got a good chuckle out of your story about the mystery car. That totally sounds like something I would do so don't feel bad!! And I say you go to the reunion and show off your sexy self;) and congrats on deleting scorps mail. I bet that was HARD!! I think the teeth whitening as a reward is a good idea. Gives you something to work towards!


    Love the new running shoes! I was just thinking that I was going to make my goal this next week to get some new tennis shoes so that I can be motivated to start working out. Did you order them from Nike's website? Or do you have any suggestions as to where I could find some good deals? I know exactly what you mean about losing self confidence and feeling bad about life when you're down on yourself. I get the same way. I am untouchable when I am in tune with myself and my emotions and have confidence in my abilities. If someone or something unexpectedly knocks me down, I suddenly feel lost. And it takes me a while to get back to that place. I'm going through that right now. I don't know if it's just a crab thing, I've been through the same thing... but the funny thing is, I had that epiphany last eciplse (in January) that's kind of crazy!! I've been trying to teach my loved ones the importance of self love, but I think it's something we all have to learn on our own. Unfortunately, it seems to be a lesson I'm going to have to learn more than once haha. I'm so happy for you though. Doesn't the world seem to hold so many more possibilities?!

    BEAUTIFUL flowers by the way!!

    OH and about the positive affirmations... I LOVE those! In fact I get this email every morning from and it seriously helps me start my day on a positive note. A lot of the times they have to do with what I'm going through at the moment also, which really helps. You all should check it out (or follow them on Twitter) they are so helpful! Kel I have a strong belief in the law of attraction. I haven't seen the Secret or read the book, but I've always had that outlook. You don't sound ridiculous at all to me 🙂


    I'm having a lonely day also. I'm sorry 😞 just know you aren't alone!! try some affirmations to bring positive energy. I believe they help!

  • As for me, I'm doing okay. I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed yesterday so I'm in a lot of pain. Pretty much just slept and got sick all day yesterday. I'm recovering at my mom's house because I live out of town. I'm ready to be back at my own house! Feeling much better today, but really lonely for some reason. Just one of those days I guess!! And my mom's internet is about dial-up speed and she doesn't have wireless access so I didn't get to catch up as much as I wanted to. But I'm still here!!

    I'll be back at my house tomorrow night and don't have to work again until Saturday so I'm excited about that! just bummed that my break from work had to be to get my wisdom teeth out and not to do something exciting, but maybe next time haha.

  • kel - dating websites scare've heard horror stories... 😛

    raexo - ack! feel better! I got my lower wisdom teeth pulled out aboue 4 years ago and I ended up getting a dry socket on my right side...most painful thing EVER!!! be careful and take care of yourself! 🙂

  • Hi all....

    Raexo- Can I tell you that OUCH! is probably not even close to cutting it... BUT.... Hmmm.... I wonder if I had 4 teeth pulled would I not eat chocolate for a couple of days??? Might be worth it to try! (just

    Feel better hunni

    Katie- Anytime... invite always open. I'm glad for you with your friend... at least you'll have extra saving up time.

    I do deserve a good scorp laugh don't I?

    Hmmm.... how was it with your ex? wierd? I can imagine.

    Now that your not with crab, are you less in the clique?

    what's the decision for his b-day greeting?

    Kel- OMG! The flowers??? To his job???? Awwwwww.... That is SO sweet... I'd have $e% with you! SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet!

    My dead Aries ex LOVED attention. LOVED it. I hope he's happy up in heaven. Knowing him he's surrounded by 1000 fawning

    So you're meeting the parents next weekend... I'm certain they'll LOVE you to death and the baby crab thing had me rolling! Very funny.

    As for the sneakers I have this pair from sketchers that are supposed to firm your butt. They are like all the rage now. I dunno, my butt is still not firm. I'm going to try the walking lunges like lua said.

    Your soap box rant... I do agree but honestly, I am scared of just letting go. I HATE getting hurt. I mean I'll do it from time to time-- let go that is--- be honest with what I am feeling---, but every time I do it's like... just pointing down range in the direction of the target and bearly looking with one eye open & one eye closed hoping I hit center mass. I'll do it... but I get worried every time.

    Lua- I am going to try that starting tomorrow... how much/many times a week!

    I bet those judges LOVE

    How does one "shread" Can we join you in this shred? Can your shred be my shed?

    Ok, I have a question... at weight watchers they told us if we do not get 8-10 hours of sleep a night it will be very hard for us to lose weight. The speaker said that when we don't get enough sleep our bodies hold on to fat as the body thinks it will be needed for future engery, when we get enough sleep-- the body lets fat go faster?

    Is this true??? I only sleep about 4-5 hours a night max. Between work, kids, cleaning, life who has time to sleep???

    Oh, and BTW.... 12 emails and a twitter thing? Ummmm.... whats up with that???

    Hi lolpet! Whats up girl???

    SV & Adventure, give me til tomorrow. You both wrote stuff that I'll need a little bit extra time to post on and I am a little tired tonight.

    Quick update on me... took the kids to an amusment park with my ex. It's too hard to go alone as there is 3 of them and only one of me I'm out numbered.

    My ex out of the clear blue sky says to me... "You know moon, I know you better than you think. He's a fool"

    And I looked at my ex and said "who's a fool?"

    He said "(scorp's name) is a fool. He's making the same mistake I did"

    And I said "First off you have no idea what you're talking about and second what mistake did you make?"

    He said "Moon, HELLO? I am a (our profession) I'm not an idiot. He's not going to show you he loves you until it's too late. That's what I did. I treated you badly and then when you didn't want me anymore I realized my mistake and it was too late to say sorry"

    So I told him he was crazy that I was not acting all "blue"....and then he said that I am wearing it all over my face.

    He can tell I'm hurt and get this HE SAID:

    "I'm so sorry I ruined our marriage and hurt you, and now this @$$hole is hurting you, I just wish I could find a way to make you happy. It's my fault your hurt again. If I was a better husband to you then you'd never had been hurt to begin with and you would never met this guy and he wouldnt have hurt you also. Moon it's not you... it's us-- the guys you pick. You always do that... in everything you do. You always find the worst situation, dive in head first without looking and then wonder why you get hurt"

    I just walked away and took my daughter to the roller coaster rides.

    Gave me some food for thought.... or he's playing head games with me. I dunno.

    Ok, night all. Flow & lilshorty... xtine, hope all is well.



  • Moon- OMG when I was going threw my breakup with scorp my ex who is a virgo said pretty much the SAME EXACT THING! He apologized for all the hurt and pain he put me threw. How it was to late for him to get me back and say sorry when I finally pulled myself out of the relationship for good. He told me I grew up with a bad childhood regarding men and instead of treating me like a queen he choose to treat me like I was raised.

    He said the same thing.. about scorp hurting me and how I wear it all over my face. How he had wished he could just make me happy again and forget about it. I def don't think he is playing with you. I think he really means it. He knows his chances with you are over and it prob. hurts him deep down how bad he F up. Countinue how you are with him but trust me he means it.

    My ex told me how much it killed him to see me hurt and how he knew I was way more in love with scorp than him and that killed him even more.

    Not much of an update for me... scorp is actually calling me more.. suprise suprise.. seriously lol. He wants to hang out all weekend but I maybe busy with work : / hope not!

    SV- I had a reading by capitan and she told me scorp and I will never work out. That he's not coming back and to move on. Than I had a tarot card reading who said scorp is coming back but he's going to take things slow... thats exactly what happened. But she said he wasnt going to contact me till the end of august september and we've been talking daily for almost 3 weeks now. He even told me were daiting just taking things slow. So I don't know. Go with your intuition. Do you all the way.. when your positive you will attract better things in your life.

    Kel- Pretty flowers!

    I'm going to write more tomorrow im so tired. I just ran 6 miles tonight. Hi to everyone else!

  • SV- Oh ya what Kel was telling you about the law of attraction is so true.. I had to do what he was telling you to do. I hate telling this story but I never believed in the "law of attraction" or what you put out is what you get stuff till after this....

    well one day I was crying and having a very very depressing bad horrible night. The pain I was going threw was just too much. I wanted it to stop or have something to distract me from all the pain my heart was going threw. So what do I do. In a very mad voice I look at my mom and say I wish something bad would happen to me. (Like physical pain) My mom looked at me crazy and told me to stop. Like a dumb child I countinued to say "no really I wish I could hurt somewhere else and forget about what im going threw now". Not even an hour later. I was in the bathroom throwing up everything I had that day. and I mean it was baaadddd. I was dry heaving. Crying. Stomach hurt sooooooo bad. NOBODY else in the house was sick.. just me. NOBODY in the house was sick days before.... Just me. At first I thought dinner must of been bad but again I was the only one sick. I was so sick that at 4 am I had to go to the hospital for almost passing out because I was so dehydrated. My body wouldnt even take a drop from an ice cube without me gagging. So yea I forgot about my heart ache but DAMN I was so freaked out that what I wished for came true.. let me add I HATE THE STOMACH FLU. Hate it with a passion and havent had it since 4th grade. Really weird out of all the flus I could get I got that one... every since than I've watched what I say.. even negative ccomments because you really can ask for something even when you don't mean it. That has never happen to me before and I pray it never does again. Atleast not from me wishing something bad upon myslef.

    Not saying this will happen to you lol just my expierence but even if you don't feel it just keep telling yourself positive things about moving on. Sooner or later your heart will catch up to your mind.

    "Your mind always understands but your heart stays confused"

  • Gotta run to the gym in a bit but just wanted to answer moon for now:

    Moon>>How does one "shread" Can we join you in this shred? Can your shred be my shed?

    Ok, I have a question... at weight watchers they told us if we do not get 8-10 hours of sleep a night it will be very hard for us to lose weight. The speaker said that when we don't get enough sleep our bodies hold on to fat as the body thinks it will be needed for future engery, when we get enough sleep-- the body lets fat go faster?

    Is this true??? I only sleep about 4-5 hours a night max. Between work, kids, cleaning, life who has time to sleep???

    Lua>>do the exercises I wrote earlier 3 days a week, at least one day of rest between days.

    As for shredding with me, what i am doing is a very specific program designed for fitness competitors and it is highly individualized, my calories and food are measured and calculated fo my weight and stats. Besides, you don't like to eat, and my program consists of eating 6 to 8 times a day, heavy weight lifting and cardio twice a day (eventually). All my food has to be measured and weighed, calories calculated, I have to eat the same things every day, only an increase in carbs and calories every 4th day, I have to eliminate all bread, dairy, sugar and processed food. From here on it's going to be only brown rice, sweet potato and oats as complex carbs, no salt, no condiments, no sugar, chicken breast, white fish and eggwhite and a variety of fruit and veggies, and that is it! Most people can't handle more than a few weeks of this.

    Workouts will be heavy weight lifting to preserve muscle. Everyone needs to do their own shred, and my shred can't be anyone elses.

    As for sleep, yes it is true! That's why I am not doing as well now. It also is true about needing sleep to grow muscle. I've been sleeping 3-4 hours a day, staying up all night for World cup but last year when I was doing really well i was sleeping 9 to 10 hours a day. But with work and kids I can understand, moon, it isn't easy.

  • just one more thing, and ths is for Flow:



  • hey kel,

    nah i dont run much at all.. although.. i did acually have a quick run on the beach tonight. in my uggies! ha. its been the coldest winter we have had for ages..( scorp must be freezing- i just hope his dogs arent too cold and they are all snuggled up together, its amazing how he is doing it really) the night temps have dropped down to 2 degrees here in southern australia and the day is maxing at around 12. so yeah pretty cold. snow in the mountains of victoria. but i like it . hot baths. fresh crisp air. solitary walks on beach. i went for surf the other day and it was just me and two whales and a big huge cold ocean. lots of beautiful cloud formations and sunsets lately too.

    there is alot to be learnt from buddhism i reckon. dalai lamas books are good to read. recomend some of tich nat han's writing too in the past( zen buddhist) i like the simplicity. nature for me is a great teacher, so i dont really follow religions anymore. huey god of surf!!! i am trying to find my own truth and what it means to be here , etc etc ....i will be doing some voluntary work soon if things transpire, which i am looking forward to. i need to connect more.

    and i got into my music course . found out today. bit excited bit nervous bit everything. hoping it will be fun. when i dont let fear get the better of me things are ok. as long as i have some meaning in my life. i know i am not meant to be alone though. it just feels wrong as a woman. keep working on me and facing fears and etcetcetcetcteccetc lol.

  • Hey Lua!

    hope gym was great. gosh i NEED to urgently start to move my ass. every day i decide i will, but then i rather watch How I Met Your Mother. hahaha I miss my bicycle (i mean the static one). i must fit it into my new apartment somehow. then i would bike for hours while watching series on tv. LOL

    ohhhh i woke up laughing and thinking of you btw. Cala Boca arrived finally to the Hungarian press too. LOL

    i did not find out his birthday and i wont guess. though lately i was thinking and i COMPLETELY close out Capricorn moon… he has nooo motivation whatsoever. sure, he takes care of his money, but he is not like Kel… he has no ambitions i think in work… actually i think he has no real ambition in life at all, he must be really s*crewed up, the more i think about it the more i feel sorry for him. strange…

    so no, i dont know his exact birthday, but i’m pretty sure it is after the 7th or 8th of July (i mean after Mars passes from Leo to Virgo), so i guess i send him a mail on the 7th or so and tell him „whichever day it is, happy birthday”, something like that.

    i do think you should wish your crab happy bd too. i mean not some huge thing, just simply wishing. we are after all intelligent human beings… and WE do not play with others feelings.. so just do it, Kel is right.


    ok, i answered yesterday shortly, but today i have more time.

    I LOVE epiphanies! they are the best, be it happy or sad. i had a strange one some days ago, but can’t tell whether it is really true or i am just trying to make myself feel better… well i actually had 2.

    1./ i don’t/didn’t honestly love crab. i could have, because he was loveable, but he did not show/give much from himself to me, so i did not really love him.

    i loved the way how i was with him. i loved that he told me i am beautiful and loved how he looked at me, but those were just tools that he used to tease me, make me stick with him.

    actually his ex (the other girl) told it really good some weeks ago. she said to me: „you know, (crab’s name) is really really professional and great in the whole ’foreplay’ of a relationship (note: not meaning sexual foreplay), but in the actual relationship, he sucks big time.

    and i thought it is true. he creates the PERFECT atmosphere and makes you feel special, but then in the everyday relationship issue, he SUCKS.

    so actually, lately when i start to miss him, i start to remind myself all the negative/disturbing things he had, and convince myself it was only an illusion that i created about us being a great couple and whatever he wanted, it was obviously not the same thing what i wanted.

    so i was simply in love with love and belonging to someone who cares. now i just have to find that for the future. a person who is REALLY like that.

    2./ i am probably not relationship material right now. of course i was used to being in a relationship, i was used to belonging to someone, so now i have tough moments when i feel alone. so that makes me belive that i WANT a relationship, but actually i do not.

    i have right now serious job ahead of me to grab myself together and find my place in life and plus i need time to be able to believe that not all men are pigs and a-ssholes, cause i am afraid of myself sometimes, how i think about men lately.

    so yes, i cant decieve myself with the thought that i wanna belong. i mean sure, everyone wants to belong eventually, but right now… i do not want to.

    well yes, this is MY mumbo-jambo for today. LOL (and i didn’t even go to run for all this hhaaha)

    Kel to SV>> have you tried any dating websites? my friend virgo-guy went on one of those and actually met a girl and he's still dating her and lives with her now. virgo-guy is super super shy but it worked for him 🙂

    Katie>> oh gosh Kel, dating sites are INDEED scary. i mean here in Hungary… exactly yesterday i was bored at work and shortly thought im gonna check what kind of guys are there… i checked dozens and dozens of pages full with profiles… one is a bigger dushbag or loser than the other… where are normal men??? i was never afraid before, but now i start to think… is it really true??? that after 30 it will be almost impossible to find a normal guy? cause all of them are taken???

    SV>> hey girl! i totally understand that you don’t want to talk about him. i am pretty much the same. from time to time i do talk, but i try to avoid it, cause as soon as i decide i am able to talk about him, and i do, i totally get down and freak out.

    i also understand the not wanting to be single anymore stuff. strange, we are exactly on two opposite sites of this. you are single for 5 years, and i was NOT single for 5 years. so i understand there is a big difference between us right now. i just start to enjoy being single.

    Moon>> of course you deserve a good scorp laugh! LOL that is the minimum you deserve girl!

    how was with my ex? you mean the Saturday convo? it was not entirely weird.. it is just that i avoid starting to talk to him, cause then we don’t stop and then we wanna talk again daily… stupid i know.

    i did talk to him yesterday again shortly. he called me for my address, as he got an iPhone or whatever machine (LOL) and he wants to send me his iPod. now laugh loud cause i wanted to buy an mp3 player. and everyone looked weird at me… like why an mp3. but i am pretty basic, i just need some music in my ears while going around in the city, i dont need to upload and carry around i dont know how many gigas of music etc.

    so he told he posts me his iPod. i so much didnt wanna accept it at first, but then i did.

    Moon to Katie>> Now that your not with crab, are you less in the clique?

    Katie>> yes, i am less with them, but not because i am not with him. i mean they don’t meet either. i believe that he wants to avoid me too and that is good so. i haven’t seen him since that Friday (which was i think like 3 weeks ago already).

    i do meet the other girl (his other ex), she is okay, nice and we have great chats.

    on the other hand i thought, crab is so stupid. he is still including me in his forwarded funny mails he sends daily.

    i was thinking, if i wanted to get away from someone, i would stop including that person.

    let me explain… he has yahoo mailbox and in some way he can create mails where the recepient is only one address like i would do: everyone @

    and he can pack any mail addresses into that, but when i or anyone from the recepients gets the mail, it does not show our mail addresses, it only shows everyone @

    so i never see to whom he sends mails. but i do know, that he does not have the list of recepients saved, he does not send everything to everyone.

    so basically every time he sends out a mail, he goes and selects the recepients one by one… why the f*uck does he include me???

    cause groupmails are different, that i understand, those he addresses directly to us (friends), while the funny mails to a lot of his other friends.

    i know it is stupid to think about stuff like this… but he is nuts… he should just drop my fucking email address for occassions like that and not include me in them…

    im guessing that would make him disappear from my life and so i would not be remembered of him EVERY FREAKING DAY when i open my mailbox.

    sorry guys, needed to vent… 😞

    oh and Moon, yes, i will wish him happy bd as i am a civilized and intelligent human being. 🙂

  • katie, "how I met your mother" is hilarious, i love that show. Watching comedes is a good think, especially when we are feeling yucky. Gym was good, my legs and buns are a bit sore, so I did a good job. I think I am getting leaner, I can see definition on my arms again.

    haha, Cala Boca Galvao finally made the Hungarian press? It's old news now, they are still tweeting it. It gets to #1 whenever Brazil is playing.

    I think I will wish my crab a Happy Birthday. I may either text him or send him a funny e-card or something.Something funny, just keeping it light as I would for any other friend. The World Cup finals are that day (It's July 11 in South Africa but it will be the morning of July 12 here and in HK so if Brazil wins the finals I'll send him a Happy birthday and Happy Brazil is Hexa Champion email.

    Some of the emails I get are forwrded group emails too, I'm sure some of the jokes and soccer ones are, but I know a lot of them are hand picked just for me.

    Kel-yep, a few months ago getting those messages from crab would have driven me mad but I am able to kick back and observe now. I am not analyzing anything, just observing. After 12 emails, two days ago I only got 3, now there's been 2 days of silence. I had posted a ton of soccer hunk pics on twitter while he was in Shanghai, so I'm sure he saw those...might be stewing...I even gave this crab a scientific name, "Crabicus brasiliensis" crab native to Brazil...subspecies "Crabicus brasiliensis volitans" flying crab native to Brazil, hahahaha!!!

    No match tonight, trying to go to sleep at a reasonable time.

  • Lolpet -

    Warehouse 13 is starting up again next week!!! I just a commercial for it, so excited :):):)

    Hope you get over your computer and allergy woes soon

    Raexo -

    I ordered my shoes from zappos dot com

    That website is GREAT! and they have a lot to choose from, check it out 🙂

    I think we water signs have to be very careful, being so sensitive we get knocked down pretty easily. In particular I've noticed that exercise really helps keep me grounded, gives me goals, energy motivation, drive, and helps me reconnect with myself. I definately recommend it. If you need any help/advice working out, Lua is a professional weight trainer and I've been working out for a few years now 🙂

    During the last eclipse I was pushed down the right path, I gave up my selfdestructive life style and started to kick my Scorp to the curb. This eclispe finally made everything clear for me 🙂 so I'm very smitten at the moment lol

    I try to teach the people in my life the power of self love too, they usually don't listen haha so I stopped trying, it's their lesson to learn on their own terms

    I just subscribed to thedailylove 🙂

    Ouch on the wisdom teeth, I had all 4 removed about 10 years ago, i remember being in a d*amn lot of pain. Take care of yourself

    SV -

    Ohhh spill some of the horror stories about dating site lol I wanna hear!!!

    Moonbeauty -

    How did you deal with your Aries need to be in the limelight?

    I hate the limelight, I don't like to get attention at least in that respect. I actually really like s*exual attention haha like being hit on and flirted with, that stuff I don't mind.

    It's hard for me to relax sometimes when I see him trying to get the attention of a room, or just get attention in general. He loves the limelight, loves to socialize...I'm not like that, well I mean I am sometimes but I have to be in the mood (mooooody crabbyyyy lol).

    How did you deal? I do get a little jealous. I can usually talk myself down but sometimes I get distant, I pull away and get a little cold when he's trying to get other's attention. I'm trying sooo hard to stay consistant with him, but consistancy isn't in our nature and that's why people love us, that unpredictablity that comes from our moodiness lol

    How long have you had those sketcher shoes? I've heard about those, I was contemplating getting a pair for myself but I dunno, since you say they don't work, I probably won't bother.

    Well make sure you let go for the right guy. It is so scary letting go, but you just have to trust in yourself that you'll be ok no matter what happens 🙂

    What your ex told you: I don't think it was a head game, just take it at face value. He feels bad for not treating you right. Remember you already made the decision to let him go, don't rethink that. My Aqua-ex said something similar to me not too long ago after I met Aries lol

    xtine 21 -

    Oh are you a runner? I've never really been into running until recently, it's great! I'm really loving it

    Wow, that's a crazy story! I totally believe in the law of attraction, you have to be careful what you think and say, it can really come back to you.

    adventure -

    i've never tried running on the beach, i imagine it's much more difficult. prob a good workout for your calves too.

    wow, take a picture of the whales next time and post for us 🙂 i really am jealous how close to nature you are, you should post us some pics, I remember you posted a pic of a kangaroo with his danglies lol!!!

    i'll check out tich nat han too. i'm not really into religion, i consider myself more spiritual than abiding by any one particular religion. i think they all have their own good thigns to teach, i cant see myself settling on just one kind of religion. technically i'm catholic, but ive studied/practiced so many different things throughout my life that i would hardly call myself a catholic. need to explore everything!

    congrats on the music course!

    katie -

    I read your epiphanies 🙂

    I think you're right on the money and I'm happy to see you moving on.

    "now i just have to find that for the future. a person who is REALLY like that."

    Everything happens for a reason chica 🙂 I hope you aren't still in too much pain, I hope that it's starting to fade

    You are feeling sorry for him now, so I can see the pain fading, I can see you detaching from him, looking at him like a regular person; that's great progress

    "where are normal men??? i was never afraid before, but now i start to think… is it really true??? that after 30 it will be almost impossible to find a normal guy? cause all of them are taken???"

    LOL!!!! The normal guys are out there, I had the same fear but I just got happy with myself and everything I want out of life (a nice house, children, my own business) i could give myself. I am more than content buying a house on my own, adopting a child that really needs love and a family and raising him, and building my own business all on my own. I can give myself the life I crave without having a significant other....then Aries fell out of the sky lol

    It's kind of like that song by Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet

    "I might have to wait, I'll never give up

    I guess it's half timing, and the other half luck

    Wherever you are, whenever it's right

    You'll come out of nowhere and into my life"


    Lua -

    ""Crabicus brasiliensis volitans"

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! That made my day 🙂

    12 emails -> 3 emails -> silence...Jedi mind tricks lol

    Bless all of you for putting up with us crabs (at least for the time that you did before you kicked us to the curb haha)

  • Flow and Lilshorty

    Hope you gals are doing well!!!!

    Talk soon 🙂

  • SV~ Thanks! I'm trying to take care of myself but I'm really starting to miss real food haha

    Moon~ I'm craving chocolate so bad right now haha. funny you said that! Maybe I'll have to get a chocolate milkshake?;) Yes sounds like your ex did give you some food for thought. Yikes... but really... don't they ALL wait until it's too late to tell us how they feel? Lol at least thats how it always seems to work for me 🙂 I also tend to be attracted to the impossible situations and the most complicated men. What sign is your ex again? I don't think I know much of his story 🙂


    Something similar happened to me once when I was really young... probably 4th grade. I told my dad I wanted to wake up for school at 5:15AM (no idea why lol) and of course he said no. But somehow I managed to roll off my bunk bed (the top one) and sprain one of my fingers.. right at 5:15AM. So I got what I wanted... in a totally bizarre way haha. I never thought of that as the law of attraction but yeah...otherwise it was a strange coincidence 🙂


    I used to exercise a lot when I was in high school and participated in a lot of sports (love volleyball!!) but lost the interest (and the time!) while I was in college. Now that I've graduated and have more free time I definitely want to start running! I think it will help me stay grounded and I could definitely use the endorphins!

    I'm excited that you signed up for the daily love! let me know what you think! I'm going to check out Zappos now. I have problems shopping online because I get easily distracted lol. But I'm going to give it a shot. Also, my dad is an Aries. I might be able to help you with some of your concerns? I haven't kept up too much lately though so you might have to give me a re-cap. I'd be more than happy to help though!

  • OH before I start....LUA: QUE VENHA BRAZIL!!! We are so totally ready to kick some butts!!

    Hi everyone,

    I see that you guys have been busy chatting up. I have missed you guys but I am very busy with appointments including PT and it’s hottt here every day we are dangling around 30C. Tomorrow some parts of Holland can reach 37C.

    Update of the video shoot. About two hours before the shoot I decided to go. I got there on time and along the way I ran into one of my cousins AGAIN...which I had no idea that she would be going. This one is the mother to the singing cousin. Her daughter wasn’t able to make the shoot because she had a try out herself. A couple of others got there after a while. It was a small venue. The video idea was club scene where the singer was singing to her lover. And we were the crowd. Actually we got there on time around 7pm and the crowd scene was shoot around 10pm within 20 All that time we just sat around and talked, laughed at the goofy band members, ate and drank and basically had a get It was an interesting experience to see the director working and getting everything together for that one take. Too little extra’s came so after a while we went outside and asked a couple of peoples who were having a drink if they were interested to be in an extra in the video shoot...and they came.

    I don’t think I am in the scene. I don’t mind I was sitting to the front but the director decided to move me and a couple of people around so I ended up behind..

    Anyways here is the artist name Shirma Rouse. Have your box on because the first song is what the video is made for. This singer is a colleague of my cousin...I met her at the Chaka Khan concert. Didn’t know she sang that well. I am noooo way that’s going to take me a year or so more. And Adventure it was not a paid thing...I did it more for me to see what’s it’s all about. In short a person has to have a lot of patience to make a video clip.

    On my way home I tried Libra’s phone again and got lucky. He was abroad that’s the reason why I didn’t reach him. He did see my text about the shoot so we talked about that. I was bugged because I just got into the bus back home and he was in the city where I was leaving. Ugh. He enjoyed teasing me because I couldn’t respond how I wanted. I suggested the picnic idea and he was joking around about the word because the first part pic we say “pik” in Dutch and that means a males Well you can imagine which direction this conversation headed in a full bus. Anyways we will be talking soon when he got time before recording sessions. And no idea when we will see each other. I have other appointments as well and he pretty much ran through his schedule with me. And for both of us it’s going to be crazy the coming weeks. Unless a miracle

    I will try my best to catch up tomorrow. I hope.

    Night pumpkins.

    Oh ..I think I saw some flowers....NICE!!!

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