ASCLAC part 3

  • OMG!!!! SV!!!!

    My scorp's bday is Nov 2 too!!!

    My scorp brother is Nov 1


    Not feeling much better today, Aries did come over last night and brought me soup πŸ™‚

    I dragged my a*ss into work today 😞 I'll probably leave early

  • Kind of a sad story about Aries that I wanted to share...sorta shows the commonality amongst Scorp dudes...

    So my Aries was in a relationship with a Scorpio a few years ago, they were together for a total of a year. Throughout the whole time, Scorp made it seem like he was going ot be with Aries forever...and then Scorp just up and moved out of the country with no warning!!! He said it was because a job opportunity came up...Aries was crushed. Aries thinks it was because Scorp didn't have the b*alls to break up with him so he took the easy way out...

    But how cruel is that?

  • hi Kel>> sorry you had to go to work. :-(:-( i hope you can sneak away earlier and get back to bed.

    i knew that Aries will go over and care about you a bit. Glad he did so. πŸ™‚

    the story about him and his ex scorp is sad... though i honestly think that a lot of times any person from any sign can behave like that. still it is sad, but you see? now he has you.

  • kel - I promise you...with everything that I know...that all scorps aren't bad....I promise...

  • Well from what I've seen with the Scorp MEN is that when you interact with one, you are forced to learn what you DON'T want out of a relationship lol

    But you Scorp chicks are ok in my book πŸ˜‰ I tend to click pretty easily with Scorp chicks

    And yes Aries does have me now πŸ˜‰ and it may not have been that way if his wimp-ex-scorp didn't run away lol

  • I am soooo getting Flowsco to dance on the beach with us in Bora Bora lol

  • SV

    I read that thecaptain said there is a new woman in your crab's life...

    what do you think? what are your spidey senses telling you?

  • Hey guys... Katie found me on another thread and told me to get in touch with you guys... here goes... its long and I can fill in on any details I you might have missed...MIA. Help!Save This Topic Create a New Topic

    Thursday, June 3, 2010 15:11 PDT


    I'm an Aquarius. Met this most wonderful specimen of a man by chance and fate while I was going through a divorce. He was my lifeboat and I thought... my soulmate. I had never felt this way about anyone. We had so much in common it was scary. I was not interested at first because of the divorce and then all a sudden I was crazy about him. It got physical fast... didn't mean for it to because Im not that kinda girl. By the way... this was long distance. At first he was more interested than I was. Becuase of the divorce, we only saw each other once or twice every six weeks. I never called him and gave him a lot of space. He is a farmer and his job is very demanding. We talked once or twice a week. Everything was going great. The **** was incredible. I never said I loved him or anything like that. he said I made him very happy. He also told me I was the longest relationship he had since he was 25. I met his family and that was great. He wanted to meet my boys and that went great. My parents and I went on a weekend in the town where he lives and he set everything up for them as far as entertainment. We spent the holidays together. He got me jewelry for Christmas and a watch for my birthday. Then... something went a stray. I got snowed in at his house one weekend with my was an awkard night. The next weekend I saw him... I made the mistake of talking to him about the relationship... I just wanted to know where we were with each other... he didnt respond and in that same weekend he said that I cut into his work week when I stay later than the weekend... not finished but im getting cut off... finish in a minute.

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    Thursday, June 3, 2010 15:27 PDT


    Im finishing the story... So I left abruptly. He told me not to leave. I did anyway. He called that next week and apologized profusely... I acted like a hard ****. That next weekend... he did notknow I was coming and coincidentally called me. He asked where I was staying. I told him a friends house... he acted like his feelings were actuality... I was trying to play hard to get because of what had happened the weekend before. he explained that some people had quit at work which made his job triple of what it was. He was stressed. I did see him for about an hour on that Sunday before I left. I went on vacation. He called me and told me he missed me. I acted aloof. I got home and we could never coordinate to see each other. When we did... he had clients in from outta town...we saw each other at a social gathering and he came over kissed me on both my cheeks... acknowleged me at least and then I acted like he wasnt there... left without saying goodbye....didnt talk to him for the rest of the weekend until Sunday night. Again... no plans... hang up. Then I called him back and said I needed to talk to him... So I drove out and we sat down and talked...I asked him what was going on. He said he was having a hard time balancing me with work and that he needed "time and space" I asked him if this was the end. he said "no" I asked him about exclusivity... he said he was not seeing anyone else but that if I needed to it would break his heart but hed get over it. He also threw in that he wished that I would pick up the phone and call himm everyonce in awhile... what? We talked on the phone after that... him calling me of course... because of the time and space comment. We had plans at the end of the month to go to a social event. He called me five days before and let me let him off the hook. from going... he told me it wasnt like werent going to see each other anymore.... SO.... I took one of my guy friends... that was 5 wks ago and I havent heard from him. I sent him 1 email to let him know I was thinking about him and that I hoped he was doing well... nothing... nada... gone... vanished... What the **** is going on with this guy. Ive probably left alot of info out to keep this from being a book... we dated for 10 months... he's older. Never been married... works all the time...always treated me with respect... Will he come back around?

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  • SV>> if i might speak for a moment... i dont say dont trust thecaptain, but you cant seriously consider that your crab surely has someone else in his life just because thecaptain senses so. it is not that sure...

    Kel>> you little ill puppy. LOL listen, i went through more or less the cancer june forecast too on the site that Flow mentions. and read it if you have time cause there is stuff about work too. πŸ™‚ it might interest you πŸ˜‰

    oh and isnt it strange/fitting what i pasted from there considering crabs' lovelife? what do you think?

    oh Kel, and do you agree with moon that i should be still the one making steps and making effort? just simply interested. πŸ™‚

  • birdiebee>> welcome and happy you took up on the offer. it might take a bit of time as everyone is really busy here and poor Kel is ill now and still working, but they will get back to you.

  • In addition to everything Ive said... after reading everything on here... he is a true crab. His home is his retreat. he fears I would get bored with him. He's insecure about his being the rebound guy... he was scared that I would get back with my ex husband if he made more money. He also brought light to the situation that he didnt know if he could suppport me and boys... DUH! Im an Aquarius...independent... pay my own bills, do my own thing... Im soooo a female version of a man...and Im confident. He said he liked that about me plus my resilience...weird thing though... he said that he noticed how men looked at me when we were in a crowd. ALSO...I won't go into his work in detail but lets just say... I ve seen with my own two eyes how much he works and he had people up and quit on him during this whole charade. Side note... we were both brought up in Southern homes with good ole Southern values... I look at this man and he looks like he has it all together...why is he so insecure.?

  • katie

    I read the horoscope for June...and YAY!!! so pumped for htis month πŸ™‚ Cancers seem to be hitting a good spot for the next few months πŸ™‚

    about your crab...i don't really know what you can do anymore...i mean what do you want? i was under the impression that you decided you didn't want to deal with his hot/cold attitude anymore. but it seems like you've changed your mind?

    if you really want him back, you're going to have to let everything slide for hte time being, you're going to have pretend like nothing bad has happened and start having normal conversations again. if you throw anymore emotional hand grenades at him, he's going to run away


    sorry i'm sick today, my head's not really on straight, i'll have to dig inot your story some time soon

  • Ok, I can't sleep. It a beautiful day, I'm off, my kids are in school it's my time to "rest" and I can't.

    All I keep thinking is how beautiful it is out, how Scorp does not have his kids this weekend & how I know he's not sitting home... alone.

    I can't put myself through this.

    I can't be friends.

    Flow, I added your cute giggle line as I thought it was just so me (I don't know if that's why you wrote it that way πŸ™‚ & I made it the "PS".

    And I've slep on it.... and now, I am sending it off. I need to keep my head clear.

    It's not about what's good for Scorp it's about what keeps me happy, on my diet, lets me sleep.... you get the idea.

    Wish me luck peeps!!!!!

  • kel - I honestly don't know...I'm feeling extremely defeated heart hurts...wish I could just get over it... πŸ˜•

    Katie - I know I should probably take what she says with a grain of salt, but she's been pretty accurate before...I'm not sure what to do at this point...

    I know communication would be nice...but at the same time I'm unbelievably scared...

    Moon's suggestion sounds perfect(about the text)...but at the same time...I'm almost positive he won't respond...I know that much...especially if he's dating another girl...

    although I do have to say this...he has a habit of doing this...I mean look at his history(the two girls he dated after me)...I'm kinda thinking that he won't find "love" with this girl he's dating...but it makes me chancing of getting back in touch with him FAR less...BUT...if he does have deep feelings for whoever he meets, well then good for him...I have to become stronger...

    I'm honestly in a daze today...I cried earlier this week...ugh...THIS is why I shouldn't watch 3 freaking hours of Greys Anatomy!!! I'm better off watching Dexter...LOL

  • hi all, I see we're up to page 4 so I'm going back to read a

  • SV -

    I've seen some episodes of Dexter...I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! lol I don't have showtime though 😞 I bought the first season and put it on my ipod, blasted through it in a few days, it was amazing

    Listen to your gut...if your Cancer is involved with another girl, I wouldn't send the text, it's only going to make things messier or it's just going to get you hurt or both, probably both.

    Moon -

    I've been away and now I'm sick, I'm not really caught up completely with your story, I know there has been some more email exchanged between you two, but I have to ask...

    Why do you keep torturing yourself?

    Why are you allowing this guy to keep you on the back burner?

    You deserve someone who won't hesitate and will run at you with full speed

    People treat you how you allow them to treat you

    Random side note:

    Lolpet -

    Did you see the Gaga episode yet of glee? Should be airing soon I think, it's pretty outrageous lol

  • I know kel, you are so right. That's why NO friends. I work with30,000 men. I have pleanty of guy friends. I don't need more.

    I need him for work.... which is why I'll be gentle.

    I need to be somebodys #1 like you are to your Aries.

    I need more than scorp can give.

    SV- I'm glad you like the suggestion

    Katie- sorry you didnt (I'm a hopless romantic... or maybe just

    ..lmao!... at my SV & Katie

    Hi birdee- my heads not in the game today... I know I still have people to post to.

    sorry.... I'll play later.... ok all, I need a good cry fest again.... off to my pillow. 😞

  • Kel>> oh gosh, you are completely right. please whenever i ask again what i should do or whatever... just f-ucking kick me in the b-u-t-t real strong. LOL

    the only way i wanted him back would be him coming to me and saying simply sorry (no i dont need flowers and heroic acts) and tell me what is going on.

    i wouldnt even expect him to tell me all his deepest secrets and fears. only telling something like:

    "sorry, i didnt wanna hurt you, i just needed time to think."

    thats all i would need and then a bit more normal behavior. but i know i wont get this, so IT IS OVER. and i can pretty much handle it till now. the weekend is always the hardest though... and it is friday... i will make myself totally busy. LOL

    SV>> i understand you are afraid. but can i ask you something? do you think it can still hurt more than how it is hurting now already? what difference does it make whether he knows what you feel or not? i mean from your point of view? is admitting that you like someone a shame? is it something to feel bad for? liking/loving someone is the most beautiful think in the world (mostly at least), so why not tell him?

    i did tell crab, look at me... do i feel worse? nooooo. actually and really honestly i feel way better, like a huge burden that i carried around for months is off my shoulder... now it is on his shoulder to carry... and i am free... but of course we are different people, i just wanted to tell you my thoughts. you do what's best for you!

    oh and is Grey's Anatomy good? now peeps, dont throw rocks at me... but that is one serie i never watched. but i just might...

    ohhhh and i LOVE DEXTER! and that guy plays so amazing in 6 Feet Under!!!!!!!!! that was an awsome show too.

    guys, anyone wanna suggest me some good serie? i am a serie freak!!! LOL

  • ohhh Moonie! dont worry. i still love your posts, even if i cant take the advice. i know you are a romantic and so am i... butbutbut... please.... for one moment now take yourself out from being a crab and try to put yourself into my story (you being me) and think what you would do in my case?

    would you do still the same you suggested?

    Kisses and Huggies Moon!!! it will get better!!! and dont you dare touching any chocolate!!! LOL

  • katie -

    you have to look at your crab's past actions to determine how he's going to act in the future

    has he EVER apologized to you? it seems like he just runs away at the first sign of conflict...which is NUTS!!!! don't hold out hope that he's going to show up at your door step and pour his heart out to you

    but if you want to try a little should try starting a normal conversation with him and see how long he plays along with it. i bet he'll never bring it up and ask you out again...

    you know, if you REALLY want to be evil, you can use the fact that he won't talk about anything against him. you can be a total b*tch to him and never have to explain yourself, since he won't talk about anything you can walk all over him like a doormat lol but that's if you want to be vengeful πŸ˜‰

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