ASCLAC part 3

  • Hi Moon, Hi OL

    Where is everyone else?

    Geez I think mercury retro is in full swing, that and the moon getting more full..I went to try to buy some whole bean coffee at this coffee shop, asked the lady there a simple question about the flavor and she was all rude and argued with me and kept arguing with me! I told her she shouldn;t be so rude to customers and she jumped all over me saying I don't pay her salary so she doesn't have to be nice to me. WTF?

    I have never had anyone in a shop or store ever be so rude to me. What is wrong with these people?

  • I love you Moon....I love the way you write. Signs aside, K is a Sag and Sag and Libra are a match. K said that he finds G Cancer boring. I read compatibility site and it said that Sag will find Cancer boring.

    K said to me that G is like a kid and K didn't want to be a parent to G. K also said that he is comfortable with his body and likes to walk around his apartment in boxers. When G was over his house, K didn't feel comfortable being naked around G?

    So. I am going to follow your advice.

    I want to add though. K has told me that he met a guy who he loves but because they live in another country its hard. They dated but have broken up. Im not sure if that was before or after G?

    K is looking for love. He doesn't want one night stands. K also joined another dating site that me and G met on. K has been popular getting many hits on his guest book. K said he likes the site because people are more genuine.

    My gut feeling is if there is anything bewteen K and G, its K may be using G just until he finds something more secure. This is a posibility. I know that K doesn't feel the same way about G as I do.

    From what K has told me and others who know G is that G has a fight with them only to get back in touch with them over a period of time. I was nothing but nice to G. The fight we had, I did let it be known that I think G is a player and loves the attention but I have never personally insulted G. Maybe K and G will fall out again and G could come back to me?

    I am not looking for another relationship right now. I'm dating and putting myself out there. At the same time, I not fully waiting for G to come around.

    If K was so into G, K wouldn't be searching for other guys online. K certainly wouldnt be making an effort to stay in touch with me.

    I wanna share a text from K to me after our first date:

    I just walked in. Than you for a really nice evening. I was pleasntly surpirsed. You are very sweet.

    A text from the second date.

    My door is always open for you. Just say the word (He asked me a few times that night to stay over but I insisted on going home. He also asked me to text him when I got in)

    Moon, I'm gonna take your advice. I have learnt that keeping my mouh shut and being patient is virtue. Right now, I'm just sitting back and observing and taking things day by day.

    Oh, oh and one of G best friends who I met thought G added me as a friend on FB a day before G and I broke up. I said to her that G and I are not talking and maybe she shouldnt add me as a friend. She said she wants to and that maybe G and I will forgive each other. I have not spoken anymore to her about G. I have gone out of my way to help her follow her dream of becoming a singer. She is moving to Berlin next month and I gave her my cousins contact as he will help her out in any way. I also found a list a music sites she can use to find music gig and get in touch with the music scene in Berlin. She appreciates it as well. I think I can only benefit from her liking me being one of G close friends.

    Moon, thank you.

  • I made a comment to K if K has told G about us. K said 'no no. I don't know how to take that? It will eventually get back to G that K and I went on dates. Hummmmmmmmmmm.

    It would be interesting to somehow get K to mention to G that we know each other?

    If G was to contact me now, I would play it calm, sound happy and positive that I'm keeping busy but not give away any information. Cut the conersation short but saying. thanks for the call, sory I'm busy right now, maybe we can speak another time. Good bye

  • Bom Dia Luazinha. Another full moon.

    Are Cancers crazier then ever during a full moon? Cancers are ruled by the Moon.

  • I just remembered something. I was curious to find out who this guy was that G liked. I somehow wanted to find out who they were. I had no information on them. Maybe me thinking about it brought K into my life. Im just finding it a little hard to understand how this could of happened. What are the odds of this random stranger contacting me, only to be the last guy G dated before me? The one guy G is still hung up on????????????

  • OL-Olá Bom Dia, (boa noite here) You know Portuguese?

    I just read your posts and you said:

    Im just finding it a little hard to understand how this could of happened. What are the odds of this random stranger contacting me, only to be the last guy G dated before me? The one guy G is still hung up on????????????

    That is nuts, so you by chance meet a guy online and it's the guy that the guy you are trying to get over is trying to get over? I mean, it's a big place right? I mean, if it were my tiny island, it's very possible because there's like 26,000 people in the whole place and how many out of that are ga*y young men between 25-40...probably not many..

    OL>>Maybe me thinking about it brought K into my life.

    Lua>.I can see that happening..don't believe in coincidence..I believe you attract what you think...I mean, you were curious about this guy that that G dated before right? Maybe you putting that thought out there brought him into your life...sometimes you have to be careful what you think, the Universe will bring it to you, sometimes in the most strangest ways...

    I think there's a potential for big drama here, I would keep K only as a friend and let him know that, if he's pursuing you. What if G found out, he's still not over K and he gets upset at you for going out with K? Just sit back and relax, date other guys just for fun and as a way to take your mind off G.

    I don't know f the full moon makes cancers need to ask Kel and Moon about that. Around here it seems to make everyone crazy...I think it makes them cancer seems to withdraw more when the moon is full...he stays quiet about where he is and what he's doing too..

    there's a mercury retro going on until Sept 12, this messes up communication and misunderstandings occur.

    need to sleep, Boa noite!! (good night)

  • I posted my responses in part 4.

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