ASCLAC part 3

  • Morning a quick run through...leaving a bit.


    Date?? Land or Reunion....I hope you had fun. Uhmm not sure what the intention is of sharing the link here with Scorp. I found that action done by Kel also a bit weird to be quite honest. Might spoil a good thing for you in many ways.

    Libra story?? Bring it BTW I called got voicemail left a short message and that’s it.

    Uh oh...and Gemini ex...realy offered his “services” lol...since my friend and lover is out of the picture...sighs....MEN!. hahahahahahahaha


    He is scared of exactly what he has been repeating to you from the moment you started talking again. Negative spiral down, the arguments, the suffocation. So take it slowly and uhmm stop picking movies that is keeping your “relationship” in the foreground. Till death do us part??? Tsk, tsk. lol.

    In short he is scared of wasted energy that will lead to more negativity and disillusions.


    Changes you do primarily for yourself not for another person. You got to like/be comfortable with yourself first then you can share with others. 😉

    And I am happy you are speeding along with painting etc. You haven’t said if the contractor finished all the work!?!? Any discount due to his delays?

    Regarding your friendship with Scorp ...I understand what you are saying. I also understand where his brain is at. I hope he proves me wrong but I doubt it.

    Regarding Libra (your friend) said you set your pride aside. The thing is it’s easier if you are a friend than when it’s someone you felt safe enough to share you very deepest feelings and concerns with. To me we were friends first and potential anything after...and I don’t do friendship the way he has behaved. Yet I am glad that your Libra listened to you. Oh something else...I am a gal...don’t go licking/kissing...well formed squishy meat.


    Read what you wrote about your crab’s lack of interest in your struggles. Made me a bit sad to read. Reminds me of so many other past events in my life. I hope one day he is able to tell you what motivated him to act like that.

    Regarding finding Moonbeauty on FB is possible because I found a brunette gal with that it’s possible to find peeps. And she did give/sent him a direct link or something... don’t get that at all.

    Have a nice day. I posted a link yesterday but admin took it down. We got an event here called SAIL . Search that word adding my home town and 2010 . See if you can find the english page to the site. It's fun and the weather has been great.

  • Kel to katie>>You crab is very romantic, he's like the idea of a "Romeo and Juliet" relationship, I'm very guilty of this too. We're more in love with conquering obstacles to get to a romance than we are with actually being in a relationship and dealing wiht the "normal stuff

    Lua>>oh my, I had those fantasies when i was in hghschool!! It's the pain and obstacles of that relationship that gives us the "high"..this is great for movies and novels but not for real life...

    Kel (page 196)>>you attract what you feel inside. I have to change my inside if I ever want to be happy, if I want to attract good people into my life, I want to be happy. And the path my life was on was not leading to happiness, I just want to be a good person and stop hurting those closest to me.

    Lua>>good point, I need to do that too. People we attract are mirrors to us. I've been thinking about how my crab can be a mirror to me. I think I posted before, when I went to this Yoga conference in HK , I went to a lecture on relationships and the lecturer said that even your pets reflect back to you parts of yourself. He asked me what I liked the most and didn'r like the most about my cat . I told him that she's very affectionate (like) but she's always making a mess jumping everywhere. He said, "you Lua, are a very affectionate but destructive person" me thinking crab is selfish and confused may mean that I am selfish and confused...

    Flow>>I think you know best but what I was referring to is that your feelings have been hurt tremendously and are now somewhat healing. I make a rule that I let the person know what they caused by me and write everything I want to say. I don’t expect an answer but it gives me peace. I think you have seen Moon is very handy at it and Katie did her thing too. Sometimes it helps the situation but most importantly it helps you.

    Lua>>In my crab's case I don't think there's any point, because he doesn;t seem to care at all that he hurt my feelings, he's too wrapped up in his own. I've told him while I was there, I cried, he didn't want to deal with it...he got silent and went to do somethng on the computer and ignored me, he wouldn't talk to me..i figured he's just not mature enough to talk about this.. My last day there he ignored and avoided me by going to his colleague's apartment to set some computer stuff up for him and nearly stayed there all day. So I'm just leaving him alone. I didn;t expect him to send me emails every day or send me gifts. I don't know what that means, just that he somehow doesn't want me out of his life even though he doesn't want me in it in an intimate way.

  • flow,

    it was a joke that i made up to tell scorp-" till death do us part" thought it was funny..maybe there is such a movie? i dunno. i was just stirring him. lol. we will hopefully be seeing "inception" i really want to see it and so does he. but yes, i am going to take it easy with him with all the future pressure stuff and just try and enjoy his company. i really must do that. and watch my criticism. its that trust thing again. and the desire thing too. i felt it last night and really had to try to contain it.. was hard .and that little kiss he gave me has got me thinking about him..lucky i have a full two day workshop starting tomorrow so i will be bit more distracted.

    so .. flowie you called him?! what did you say? me curious!


    you ok? whats going on with all this fb drama? i agree with flow im not sure why you would want scorp to read it. did you send him a link? i dont like fb either. .

  • Moon-

    Your ex called Scorp? Why would he do that and how does he have his number?

    Also, did you close the FB account because I remember adding you but you aren't showing up in my friend's list.

    Finally reading about your reunion. I'm glad you went, Moon, and funny how it was exactly like I said. And all those people apologizing to you? Wow! People weren't mean to me in HS, I was just one of those nerdy chunky girls no one ever noticed, no one ever asked out. I wish I could have gone this year, I'm sure by 30 years people are even fatter than they were at the 20th, haha. I guess the only thing was that at my 2oth people must have been jealous because they got on my case for the only one there that had never gotten married. Most of them were divorced, and I was the messed up one?


    Your neighbour is such a bully.

    Isn't it so true that we find it hard to believe compliments, but easy to believe criticism. How many times have people told you that you are attractive,beautiful, stunning? Those are the people you should believe, not 2 mean, awful a$$holes who probably need glasses to boot. Yes, the outside is important, but not as much as the inside. You will always be beautiful while those two will continue to fester and rot away.

    Lua>>welcome back, and thanks. It's not like I need men to tell me I am beautiful, it's that these guys were so mean I just couldn't beleive what they said. I think the last time a boy told me I was ugly must have been in the 3rd grade, lol.

    Katie>> please, have you looked into the mirror lately.

    Lua>>I'm going to say exactly that if that guy tells me I'm disgusting, lol, "Have YOU looked in the mirror lately? I'd do something about myself before I start telling other people how they look"

  • Moon>>Ok, katie and lua this is the same advice for the two of you for two different reasons...

    Get personal with your crabs

    Start telling them things about your life

    I think you need to know where your crab is.... if he cares, he'll interact.... i dont think it will scare him away.....

    Lua>>I don't think my crab cares about anything personal from my life. He never asks me anything and when I told him personal things he never responds back. Even when we were together and we were talking, he would change the subject or bring up something else if I talked about something personal, or make a stupid joke. So this means he doesn't care? I think he's just into himself.

    Flow>>Has this guy ever had a crush on you and you never gave him the time of day? What an a-s-s-hole jeezzz. You cry because this caught you off guard and he did like you didn’t matter. That is harsh.

    Lua>>He's my neighbor, I don't know about a crush but I think he was se*xually interested in me. At first when he figured I wasn't interested in him he was really nice and we were friends, he even cat sat for me a few times, we used to talk regulary and he was really nice to me. He got strange when I started competing, a bit stand offish but he wasn't downright mean like that. It caught me off guard because he blurted out something so mean like that after years of being nice to me.

  • SV-

    Geminis are mental. Some are emotional detached but some just take time to get to the emotions. The longest relationship I had was with a Gemini. In fact I dated 2 Geminis in college and my best friend is a Gemini. I kind of like the mental intensity of a Gemini..

    Libra guy-I went out with a Libra guy that had been flrting with me for years but he talked to much, like yours! I don't mind a man talking, but this one would interrupt me when I started talking and never let me talk, and Leos hate that!! It was like what I had to say wasn't important and he had to do all the talking. So that was that and I never went out with him again.

    So which one do you like? What happened to the Aqua? wasn't there an Aqua somewhere in there?

  • Ok, I think I'm finally caught up shows I had nothing better to do on a Friday night, haha. I'm going back to the gym..then back early tomorrow morning to the gym again, I'll be liviing there the next few weeks...

  • adventure -

    haha, in person, i'm not very social. i'm very very shy and quiet, mostly because i'm very suspicious of people. i like to sit quietly and let them do all the talking so that i can figure them out lol but i'm changing that, that's no way to live and definitely no way to make friends

    awww i love seeing you joking with your scorp again 🙂

    but like flow said, take it slow and steady, don't fall back into that negative spiral of arguments and jealousy and anxiety

    the next time you start to have a jealousy or anxiety flare up, take a step back and figure out what's really going on in your head.

    i made a daily affirmation in order to fight my jealous/arguing tendencies:

    "i trust [aries's] decisions"

    and i say this to myself when i start to get paranoid or jealous, i say "he's doing what he needs to do right now for himself" and then i say "so i should be taking care of myself right now too" and it really helps curb that desire to pick a fight...

    flow -

    "I found that action done by Kel also a bit weird to be quite honest"


    Yea I find that most men are pigs too lol I still get guys offering me their "services"...even after I tell them I'm in a relationship...ugh! When did you leave Libra that voicemail? hehehe

    I think I just realized that I'll never be happy in any relationship until I'm happy with me, so I'm working hard on that 🙂 the contract just did that one day of work lol I'm going to call him today, I'm focusing my efforts now on all the things I can do without needing the contractor, I just want to finish this house and get it out of my life!!! LOL!!

    I think deep down I agree wtih your take on Scorp, and I think that's why I wont allow myself anywhere alone with him. But I always try to find the good in people and I guess I'm hoping that Scorp will show me his good...but I honestly doubt it. So I'll keep him on the outskirts of my life

    You never did explain what your Libra did, right? Or did I miss it. I guess it's easy for me to say "oh put your pride aside" without knowing how deep he cut, so I will refrain from commenting 😛

    What happened with moonbeauty and FB is hard to explain, but it's speculation that he found the thread, he woudl have had to done some real detective work to find this thread though, so I'm thinking it's unlikely that he did. She didn't send him a direct link, if Scorp happened to search in FB by her email addy, he would have found a profile for "moonbeauty" so if he entered that name into google, it's quite possible that he would have found this thread. but he would have had to enter it as "moonbeauty" and not moonbeauty because if you enter it without the quotes, this thread does not come up. Sorry hopefully I didn't confuse you, it's not that she wanted him to read it, it's that she made have made a mistake by signing up for FB and allowing him to search for this thread

    Lua -

    You posted a lot, let me get back to you

    But how are you feeling? I read some pages ago that some a$$holes made some not so nice comments...

  • I know I still have to catch up with everyone, but I wanted to respond to Kel and Lua real quick...I might not be able to do more today(it's super busy at work) or tonight(date night with Pisces)

    Kel - I dont know what I'm anxious's probably cruel memories that are making me this way...because I'm still so wounded by crab, and I still miss him a lot...and it's like when I start talking to someone who's sort of like him, it throws me off...makes me remember the good AND the bad...sigh...I hope it goes away...I hope he goes away...I can't handle it....i'm seriously going to breakdown if these thoughts don't leave me....

    Lua - lol, yes, s*ex is EXTREMELY important!! and I'm...well...let's just say I like things spicy/different/unique! lol!!!

    as far as the men go, I've had two dates with Gemini's gone ok, but it just concerns me that he's so emotionally detached...

    Date with Pisces is tonight...he's a sweet guy...let's see where it takes us...

    Date with Scorp is tomorrow night...again, sweet guy/funny guy...

    Date with Libra is on Monday

    I'll let you know how things go along...

    ok everyone, have a great day! I miss you guys tons!

    Stranger - so, let's go to the Moon huh? sounds good to me! 🙂

  • kel,

    thanks for that. i like your affirmation.think it would help me to do something like that too. you know, it is easier to express here without having to actually talk. i get shy too. i was an extremely shy kid, i had lots of thoughts and feelings just didnt share them much. some of them kind of abstract too so how does one share that? thats probably why i like music and art so much, cos its a nonverbal way of expressing..

    thanks for explaining the fb stuff. internet eh? its mindboggling really. have to admit i sumtimes forget that a billion people can read this. its strange. and feeling a bit weird lately that maybe i am sharing so much. good to be aware of.


    yeh thats what i thought. i guess it would be expensive trip. start saving?? lol. will talk to you soon. you have alot going on i dont want to comment to much on your situ at this stage. tell you what your energy is i can just imagine when you put all that kind of energy into your dance how amazing it would be.

    i am heading out and wont be in for a while. so have a gd wknd everyone .ciao 🙂

  • Hi all.

    Ok, flow.... LOOOOOOng story about scorp.

    I dunno how, think it was the email link... he popped up as "do you know this person" kinda thing. I spoke with kel and katie and a couple of the guys at work...

    My friend from work said it was because he must have been looking me up and a little too often . since I used a fake name... he was obviously using me email.

    They said because he was looking me up via my email... that' most likely how facebook linked us.

    And yes, I used an email that's only linked to two-three people so I figured it was safe... as last time this happened.... he was looking me up by name/location.... i think.

    Also the other two people are on Face book and I was not offered them... so I dont think they looked me up... and no, he has no gmail.

    Either way.... just showed me... that even tough he's been silent toward me... I am on his mind.


    No more scorp talk!

    Flow- Ok Libra story...

    I am going to condense it as I have had a VERY emotionally draining day.

    The "convo" I had the other day with "the person" well, lets just say that it's stressing me out as certain people are starting to get very upset and I think I may have ruined my entire family.

    I know I am behind with everybody but I'll catch up on Sunday.

    I have to be honest, I was going to stop posting but then I thought about it and figured.... this is MY little secret venting place. I like it... and I don't wanna give it up just yet, so........... I'm not.

    As for the Libra's...

    Ok you know my 2 BFF's are Libra's and I have for the longest time thought them to be quite opposite. One happy, one miserable... one normal one crazy but I LOVE them both, but then the other day something dawned on me....

    They both put themself first... in everything they do. I mean everything. Not that it's a bad thing... but I did take to notice... that they will do what makes them happy before they will make anybody else happy... and they dont feel guilty or bad..... nothing.


    They both feel like it is somebody elses job to do things to make them happy. Parents, boyfriends, husband.... they both think, in different ways but the same thing....

    "how/what are you going to do to make me happy"

    so, this just caught my brain as interesting....


    can you comment on this?

  • Oh, and I put my FAKE FACEBOOK back on.... it's the principal of the whole thing.

  • Hi everyone,

    Just passing through..on my way out...AGAIN...LOL


    That about Scorp that I knew..I am just as bad. And oh..I don't have any details of you...but I got one question does your name happen to start with a B and the last with a S? If so ..then I too found you...if got competition on with your nickname. Which... when entered you do get these links here on Tarot...well..from my end it does..

    About Libra....yeah I noticed that too and I personally don't have a problem with that as long the person is genuine and appreciates it and don't take me for granted.

    Yet that is not what got me pis,sed off. And no I am not disclosing. What bugs me still is the total lack of communication for whatever reason. Anyways...not crying over spilled milk.

    As I mentioned before I have called and got voicemail and only said that I expected to hear from him by now. That's all. Life goes on..think about him everyday but life goes on.

    Have a nice day soon.

  • No, myine are not a B and/or S but I did look it up and I see who you mean I think. I HIGHLY suggest if you do make a fake facebook....

    Make EVERYTHING 100% fake.... like not even close to the real you... hmmm... but even then I wonder if it's only a matter of time before they start to connect by URL's It would NOT even shock me one drop.

    Are you really that bad??? must be a scorp thing. I remember when I looked his up that day forever ago... as I have posted about it and I saw all the most beautiful girls... I was so upset.

    It prompted me to swear never to do it again. To me... it's like, getting slapped over and over... no thanks, once is sufficent. I'm good now

    But you all... it's like you love to dig up info about people that you're interested in. The two others that have the email... one sagg... one libra. Still, not a peep/friends offer out of either one... and they have facebooks

    Scorp? it's asked me 3 times.

    That's why I say... I don't care.

    This was my thread before it was his unwanted intrusion.


    I can believe it 100% that he's not gotten back to you. He wants... if he's like my BFF's this is... he wants YOU to chase HIM. I don't think it's a woman thing.... it's a Libra thing.

    My one BFF who is dating the Libra guy.... it took them MONTHS to get together because.... she does not call.... but neither does he!

    It was hysterical.... the two of them would be sitting around until the other one broke... I have NEVER seen anything like it.

    The funny part? They are so alike... I dont know if they are going to make it long term. I think they want it, but just because you want it... does not mean it's workale... case in point.... just look at me.

    As for the spilled milk?

    Baby doll.... I think I went and tipped the whole f-ing cow!


    Update on kid....

    I have an apointment for my son on the 27th. I am sooooo stressed about it. It's for his legs. He walks with a limp (he has his whole life he's only 5) but no doctors can figure out why. I'm taking him to this special nuro/muscle/ortho/pedi specialist... I'm not feeling good about it.

    It just feels wrong. Mothers intuition I think.

    You know what I have noticed.... we jump over one hurdle in life just to find another around the bend.... when do we finish jumping over the hurdles?

    My feet hurt from all the jumping

    Update on bro....

    His wife is having a baby shower soon... she has almost everything already. I was thinking of getting her "your baby can read" as I feel education is the best gift next to love & money

    I'm on the fence. Sometimes I get too practical. Like the time I wanted to give her mace for Christmas as she takes the subway to work...

    everybody was like "Moon, you cannot give mace for Christmas!"

    I am still confused about that. It was cute! In a keychain and everything!

    It was not her whole gift just a stocking stuffer. I mean really... What better gift is there than the gift of personal protection? Is there a better way to say "I care"???

    ((sighs and shakes head)).... It must be me.

    As for what happened with Libra guy... ah, when you want to you'll tell us.

    Ok all out for now... Sunday will be catch up day

    Oh, but real quick...

    OMG! SV! Where did you meet all the men??? You went from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds! I have to read and catch up about it... I wonder if it was Golf clubs.... or g^ns.... paint ball g^ns of course 😉

    Or.... Lowes? have fun anyway and I'll catch up soon enough....

  • A major twist in my Cancer saga. Firstly, sorry for not being online, Ive had no laptop and couldnt log in to tarot. I need to catch up. Hope you are all well.


    It's been 3 weeks since G and I had our fight. We havent contacted each other at all. Ive been trying to get my life sorted out and move on from G. Anyhow, I was online and I had this guy message me. We chatted for a few days and he wanted to meet up with me and go on a date. I did. During the date I found out that the new guy K dated G as well but last year. Exactly 1 year to the month. Out of all the millions of people in Israel, K contacts me as he is interested but K is also the guy G is trying to get over.

    K dumped G in October last year and G has been trying to get back with K. In JDecember K and G had a huge fight and didn't speak for a while. G ask K if they could speak but when K got over to G house, g tried to kiss K and he wasn't impressed. K laughed and G got upset and started screaming abuse at K. After a while K lost his phone and sent a message on facebook for everyone to contact him so he can get their number. G was the first to contact him after ages since the fight.

    When G meet me he was also still getting over K and was trying to get back with K. K was the guy who dumped G on facebook. He didnt really dump G on facebook. K didnt was relationship status up and G pressured him. After a month K took it down but hadn't dumped G.

    Anyhow, i figured out what happend. G still likes K but K said he isnt getting back with G. G and K are still in contact and were in touch when G was dating me. G did like me but he has feelings for K thinking they were getting together. I feel that G was keeping me on the side incase K would take him back.

    Anyhow, K is interested in me. We have been on 2 dates and last night he wanted me to sleep over at his place. I went home. He walked me 20 min out of his way to the bus station. I really do not know what is happening. Im confused. How on earth did this happen.

    One side of me is saying drop this guy. I don't feel that K and I will be anymore than friends if most. Its just too weird for me. Plus G has no idea that K and I have dated. G is still contact K to this day.

    When I met with K last night we sat on his lounge and K brought up G. He was surpirsed at how G was torward me. G confessed his love to K within two weeks of meeting. Basically, K said that G is really boring, nice guy but boring. He is also not looking for a son. K is 35 and G is 27. Im 38 this year.

    What are the chances of this happening? Am i I just unlucky?

  • I said to K last night, maybe G is playing us both. K said to me, dont worry, he isnt interested in G. I was thining of asking K why then is he still in touch with G. Maybe K wants to be friends with G? K said that G has been texting him to go to a pool party but K has ignored his messages. K is still replying to G messages but rarely?!

    K and G only dated 3 months.

    K best friend O doesnt like G at all. Find G very annoying.

  • Okay OL let me see if I have this correct...

    K and G dated but eventually broke up. You met G and started dating... secretly G still had a thing for K (you think).

    Then you and G broke up

    and G started to pursue K again(?)

    Then on an off the cuff you and K hooked up.

    Now G & K still keep contact here and there but nothing big (so your being told)

    And you like K and you think K likes you...

    how am I doing so far?

    I have to run but if I mixed anything up fill me in and I'll catch up tomorrow....

    However if I got all of this right... and it was me?

    I would proceed.... if at all... with K.... WITH EXTREME EMOTIONAL CAUTION....

    It is possible that YOU could wind up being the catalyst that gets THEM back connected...

    Ok, logging off, BYE!

  • Hello Moon,

    You got most of it right. At this moment K to me is just a nice guy and no more. I have no feelings towards him. K is the one who is making the effort to contact me. I have a gut feeling that K may still like G. K has told me he doesn't like G that way. I kind of don't understand why K is still contacting G?

    Its kind of hard knowing that G is texting K. I really feel like ending all contact with K because it's just too freaky for me. Is g-d or fate playing with me? Of all the other people out there why did this person have to pick me?

    I also feel and maybe Im wrong but G may try to contact me again. Right now, Im taking what you said earlier and IM keeping quiet. Keeping my mouth shut. It has only been 3 weeks of no contact with G. Its still not getting any easier.

    Last week I had friends from London fly in. That night I had 3 signs all related to G. I went to a club that night and they even played a song with G name being the title.

    People say things happen for a reason? Why is this happening to me?

  • Well, OL I don't know much about the "signs" part of things. I don't read too much into it... I'm more of an intuition gal myself.

    As for G & K... if they really like each other and their each other's "guy" then I am sad to say... that's going to be it. You'll be nothing but a "stop" they both made while trying to catch each other on the bus...

    To know that? Impossible as you can't read minds and hearts... and I don't think they sell crystal balls like that yet... (Katie & I are still waiting for ours to come in the mail

    Hmmmm.... as for G... well, this is the thing, to me... if G's your guy... then that's it. You'll go out, go on dates, meet other people... but if he's the one that holds your heart.... then.... nobody will compare.

    See, and it will have nothing to do with looks or money... if G's who you really like... you'll be able to have a bag filled with money and Vin Desiel (I LOVE HIM! waiting... and if G is who you want... you'd be like....

    "Vin who? Money where?.... oh please I don't have time for Vin, G's here! Bye Vin, sorry hun, it's been fun!"

    Poor Vin... He would be sitting in the car with his big bag of money and his head would still be spinning from how fast you ran

    Ok, what I am trying to say is....

    If you like G then... If I were you... I'd only maintain a FRIENDSHIP with K... at a VERY safe distance as to avoid things looking impropper with K (in G's eyes that is).

    Now... If you like K and you're over G and want nothing romantic again... then I would simply date K and leave his texting/communication with G alone for now. If you are what K wants... G will not be able to stop him from pursuing you.

    I'd go by this rule in this situation... If you're what somebody wants... then.... as long as you let them know in some way, shape or form that you're interested... IN THEM.... and not everybody else plus them.... then... they will get you.

    try this.... it sounds like G is "your guy" aka the guy you're most interested in... I'd cut it off with K. Sever all ties... do it in a way to make K comment to G.... I might say something to K like.....

    Ok, I would ignore K.... until K finally got pissed and was like WTF? You dont return my calls, my texts... WTF is up with you???

    then I would respond to K... "Oh, K I am so sorry, I am in the middle of the WORST MESS EVER. I'm sorry I can't discuss it with you... I'm just very overwhelmed with this MESS. I'll call you once I get things sorted out... bye.

    I would give NO info as to what the mess is... and you're not lying as you are in a mess.... a mess of love.... ahhhhh....

    No, but seriously, that's what I'd do.

    By doing this... I have just

    1. left things off with K that I can open that door again if I have to (I know, I just went to H^LL)

    2. Maybe K will be concerned and discuss it with G and G will contact you (Ugh, I know, I know , H^LL again)

    3. It gives you the opportunity to stand back and wait to see if K & G "hook -up" again... If they are going to get back... nothing you can do would stand in their way... and if you tried... it would make for very bad karma.

  • Ok all... I am going to start a new part 4 and do a "days of our lives" update as the post... be back later!

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