ASCLAC part 3

  • Katie, glad you're deciding not to give his actions too much thought πŸ™‚

    Thinking too much is what causes all that anxiety and all that cr*ap and quite frankly, who needs it? Just unneeded stress

  • Kel>> yes, you are right. it is just sad, very sad... but well, that's life.

  • Lua -

    I found this and thought of your crab to maybe help shed a little light (i found it as a post)

    "Cancers are selfdestructive when they are not sure, they are searching for things, coping with things. They are perfectionists in many ways, and when something doesn't work correctly its like a glitch. Pushing limits really gives a view of what can and can not be done. Sometimes it is to the extremes, sometimes we loose control like many people. Sags are quite destructive I have noticed so are Aquas and Scorps.( The ones I have known personally and observed though out the years..boy o boy)

    You kinda have to be a little destructive if you think about cancers dealing with their butter and everyone else's. Feeling things acutely will treetrunk you up a little. "

  • ok, so KEL!! pisces gives me slight anxiety...because we text eachother back and forth and he types like crab does...everytime I see a text from him, all these weird emotions come out and I cringe...what do I do? he's a sweet guy, and he really is trying, and HE wants to get to know me, and isn't running away...but I feel like I need to run away....I'm shaking and I'm stressed already from work and it's like I can't concentrate and I don't knw how to breathe and now I'm just rambling because I'm so anxious...AHH!!!

  • Hi..just a peek in before hitting the sac.

    Adventure, steps....slowwwwwwwwwly. He is clearly very scared, very very scared. Well both of you are...but very nice what is happening now...keep it like that for a very long time. AND......stop poking. You know!


    Yes he has an angle. Protect your relationship because he is going to pick your brains. And he wants you to smoke...hmmm get you back under his "spell". Perhaps still has that three way thingy on his brains. Careful this one toxic. Remember how empowered you felt that night...hold on tight to that feeling/thought.


    You go girl...buttttt uhmmmmmm LIbra??? sighs and misses her guy ...Do you see how fun they can be?

    Hmm gonna cut this short...chatting with Gemini ex. Can you believe he wants to step in because I am "single" again...tsk, tsk.

    Night all.

  • I think I'm going to have a nervous breakdown someday....and I'll need to be put in the mental assylum....:(

  • SV -

    Pisces is NOT your crab, remember that, take it slow, but if it's making you uncomfortable, back out...Pisces are like us crabs and scorpions, but they are a bit gentler...he might be what you've been asking the universe for...someone like your crab who wont run away...just maybe, but again trust your gut

    sh*t i have to leave work now, i'm meeting Aries's extended family tonight, i'm so nervous lol

    I'll post some more tongiht

  • kel,

    it feels a mixture of things. i think i just have to not think about anything too much with him, dont make any huge plans or scenarios in my head. which is hard for me because i am naturally very creative and energetic and i like lots of things to happen! and i get glad i asked him to the movies we are going to see inception. he said he was going to ask me. im just too quick! im just the way i am and am realising i have to just be that. i am glad i have other things going on in my life apart from him. i am very passionate.feels like i am starting to be aware of the need to take responsibility for that. and this is also our dynamic. he is not he kind of man who is going come tearing down my door declaring his undying love and writing me letters and sending me flowers.( wouldnt mind that occaisionally hehe) i like romance. but only small amounts, i like the real stuff better.

    he asked me before he left if i would like a kiss. (course i i did). hopefully in time we can get to a point together where he doesnt have to ask. he just knows and trusts. and i do too.

    hope you had a good time with aries family..

  • flow,

    what do you think he is very very scared of?

  • katie,

    you are a natural days of liveser. entertaining read thanks.

  • Hi all. I wanted to post so I am going to post.

    It would seem that I have did a facebook error. I think.

    I don't know if Scorp has found this thread... and frankly, I don't care.

    If he has found it.... it's because HE has been looking ME up on facebook NOT the other way around.


    If he was looking me up.... then, it's a compliment. I'll take it and say "thank you very much Scorp it's nice to be thought of"

    I started reading through all my old posts today I after I was finished I said to myself "what am I so afraid/embarassed/ashamed of????

    I have done NOTHING wrong. All I have done it write posts to a bunch of strangers (all of whom I really enjoy... each unique in their own way) about a guy I like.

    I have not said/done/tried to hurt Scorp ever, and never would... it's not my style.

    And scorp if you ARE reading this...

    I do regret not seeing you. All this time.... for months and months.... I have been so scared to see you.... so scared you would hurt me again like you had in the past....

    Why? It was all because I didn't think I was good enough/pretty enough/thin enough to interest you in anything more than $e%. For the longest time I really did believe this foolishness.

    And that is why I have turned you down over and over...


    I have changed and grown a lot... (mostly in the past week and to be honest... a lot has to do with "strangers" and their different points of view on life... right on this thread... oh let's not forget a reunion, OMG and a most interesting converation....

    Scorp, even if YOU don't think I'm worth a proper invite to a movie or something similiar... I do.

    One day, you will see it too... or you wont... but I can't control it... and I'm tired of waiting around...

    You have my number.

    (and my address... and my email ... oh yes, and my fake face book... let's not forget that one shall we??? ..lmao!)

    Flow, I'll post to you tomorrow as it is getting close to 2100 hrs... and I have a date tonight.

    Can I tell you OMG! I have been trying to post to you for like 3 days with a Libra story! Now.... it's going to be almost 4!

    OMG! Scorp! It's AMAZING.... there is a man who actually is NOT embarassed to be seen with me.... in fact... I think he might even be... dare I say it?????





    Thanks Kel & Katie for the email information.... HUGE help.


  • I have to catch up with everybody but I'm on my way out like in 5 minutes and I am sooooo late already!

    What else is new? I can never get out of my house on time!

    Kel, good luck tonight! They're going to L<3VE you... I just know it!


  • Got home just now, going to head to bed early. Then tomorrow night I'm spending the night finishing painting the room so I can get the carpet installed! wahoo!

    Just quickly

    SV -

    What are you anxious about exactly? That you're going to get attached to Pisces and he'll swim away? It's entirely possible, but love always comes with risk, you can't let people in and not take the risk that you'll get hurt. Just go with it for now, go on one date with Pisces and see where it goes, see what your "Scorp senses" tell you.

    Flowsco -

    Ewww...the thought of a one touches my man! lol I will protect my relationship first. I have no feelings for him anymore, yet I still sort of feel a sense of loyalty, I don't know if that makes sense...I have trouble forming bonds with people and making friends, it's hard to completely turn my back on that. I will never step foot into his house alone, I can't risk my relationship like that. Do you think that even just talking to him is putting my relationship at risk? I bonded with him and Libra and even Pisces and it's hard to just walk away from that, it's not often I meet people like that...not that they're amazing people but I am very relaxed around them...hmm..I dunno, maybe i'm talking in circles...

    So I've been talking to Libra a lot lately, and he's finally opening up again, it didn't take too long, I just had to reach out and put my pride aside πŸ˜‰ hehe I realized I also missed the conversations I had with Libra, it's nice to have them back. I also realized that he has been listening to me all along and has made changes in his life, thigns that I suggested many months ago, it's very nice....of course I don't know the severity of what he did to you....

    Adventure -

    I am so glad to hear that πŸ™‚ Seems like the Cardinal Cross did some good for you too, I remember a while back you commented on how my posts sounded so strong, and now I'm getting those vibes from your posts.

    Moonbeauty -

    I hope that this incident doesn't prevent you from posting what you want...I would hate to see you start sensoring yourself

  • So meeting the family went really well πŸ™‚ I'm on a bit of a high from it, I feel great!

    Aries even cried on the car ride home, he was so happy to have someone he's proud of to introduce to his family. He seems very happy, and I'm very happy too. Just being with him, it makes me want to be a better person

    I don't know how to explain it...I want to learn to be more social so I can try harder to be friends with his friends and to integrate more into his family and life, I want to be more happy on the inside so that I can get rid of the angry monster I carry around; I want to get my life in order so we can buy a house together...there's just so much, for the first time in my whole life, I've met someone I've wanted to change for, be better for...

    I wont be around too much this weekend, I'll try to do some catching up tomorrow at work, but after that I'll be gone until Sunday

  • kel,

    wow im really happy to hear that. you sound great. and you sound very social to me. dont get to hard on yourself. i think you're just fine as you are, and it seems aries thinks so too, but i do understand the wanting to try hard and be a better person. im the same. just need to be balanced is all.

    i told scorp last nite that i was thinking of taking him to this movie..called "till death do us part", and i said i had booked front row seats and we would be wearing 3d glasses. hehe.;) .. he laughed

  • Still not caught up here, from about page 185..

    Katie-thanks for the update.

    Moon-what makes you think scorp found this thread? And how can he find your facebook if you didn't put your name? Unless your scorp knows you as Moonbeauty...

    Pretty Leo as Katie says, I'll call his Mr. South Africa called me and asked to get together and I met him yesterday afternoon and early evening but again there was no connection or chemistry, I don't even know why he called me again because I don't think he feels anything either....usually there's at least a bit of a spark with other Leos, even with my disappearing Leo. He was very pretty to look at especially with is shirt off-I met him at his hotel poolside but how funny how a guy can be very pretty but I feel no chemistry..and crab is cute but not gorgeous, especially with his shirt off, lol I have more muscle defintion than he does. But the waitress of the little beach side bar/restuarant was Brazilian and I spoke to her in Portuguese, she thought I was Brazilian. I had more of a "connection" with her, lol. So I came home all excited that I met a Brazilian girl I can speak Portuguese with on this tiny island. I was just thinking yesterday morning how I miss speaking Portuguese now that I don't talk to crab any more, and there she was. Strange how some wishes manifest faster than others, in this case it was more of a thought that manifested..She said there's also a preist that lives here that is Brazilian, and he's only 32. I almost asked her if he was hot, oh naughty me..all the cute guys around here are unavailable, gay, priests or crabs...sigh..

  • catching up from page 185

    Kel>>(concerning crab sending packages to me by ship)

    It's so that he can drag this out

    Or it's a control issue

    Or maybe it's both lol

    But basically it seems like he can keep you "locked in" for the next three months, like he can pop in every now and again and be like "oh did yo uget my gift yet?" and make convo, does that make sense?

    Lua>>yes, it does but why does he need to drag this out?, he can just email me and talk about something else..he doesn't need a "reason" to contact me, I mean we are friends...

    Kel>>2 HD Computer screens? Really??? LOL!! I have no idea why you would need two, but if he does a lot of gaming, that might explain it. I have 2 computer monitors at my house that I mostly use for gaming

    Yep, and it's those super huge ones that seem to take up half of the wall..he has a small apartment so 2 of them take up his whole on one side, he also has a "normal" size screen with aviation stuff and panels on it, I guess for flight simulations...2 lap tops, a digital scanner, and tons of gaming stuff..

    Kel>>"So what happens when you stop chasing the crab????"

    We give you a bread crumb so you start chasing again

    If we really want you, we'll move the heavens to "capture" you πŸ™‚

    Lua>>LOL. So is that what my crab doing? Giving me crumbs in the form of daily emails so I will chase him again? I don't want to be a moose as moon is always saying, but looks like crab is being too lazy to hunt...I don't think he wants me too much,, he tells me when he goes to Manila but never asks me any more when I'm going there. I'm going in October for dental work and doctor's appointment-follow up on my disappearing tumors. Should I even tell him?

    Kel and katie- I like Heros and Hiro Nakamura too. I know a lot of Japanese guys like that. I am fluent in Japanese and the guy that played Hiro had a real Japanese accent wen he spoke Japanese, where as the guy that played his friend had an American accent when he spoke Japanese even though he was supposed to be Japanese. It did improve a bit in the later seasons, lol. It's so funny most American shows and movies use Japanese-Americans or other Asian Amercicans to play Japanese charaters and their accent when they speak Japanese is so American I could barely understand them.

    Kel>>But if as a whole, we are making an effort to keep you in our lives, we like you on some level

    If when you start to drift away, we pull out all the stops and start doing cute things for you, we really like you

    Lua>>Like sending gifts and sending cute emails? So does my crab still like me?

    Kel>>When a Cancer does really sweet things for you, it means we want you. When we take notice of tiny details (like if you say once you really like hot chocolate with marshmellows) and then we act on it (a few weeks later show up at your door with hot chocolate with marshmellows out of the blue) we really like you

    Lua>>He knows I like cats and he's always sending me cute kitty videos..but on the other hand he knows I love chocolate and chocolate mousse so he sends me pictures of chocolate mousse when I am dieting as a joke because he knows I can't have any. I posted on twitter that I am dieting harder now and he just sent me a picture of chocolate mousse..

  • Kel-I'm skipping around now, this is from a few pages back:

    Kel>>I found this and thought of your crab to maybe help shed a little light (i found it as a post)

    "Cancers are selfdestructive when they are not sure, they are searching for things, coping with things. They are perfectionists in many ways, and when something doesn't work correctly its like a glitch. Pushing limits really gives a view of what can and can not be done. Sometimes it is to the extremes, sometimes we loose control like many people. Sags are quite destructive I have noticed so are Aquas and Scorps.( The ones I have known personally and observed though out the years..boy o boy)

    You kinda have to be a little destructive if you think about cancers dealing with their butter and everyone else's. Feeling things acutely will treetrunk you up a little. "

    Lua>>not sure what you are trying to say to me here...I know my crab is in kind of a depressive mode and spends most of his time in front of the computer when he's off..I know he's been depressed in the past..but I don't feel like he deals with other people's stuff...he seems to get all depressed up HIS stuff and multply it to exaggerated degrees but he didn't seem to care less that I went through a cancer scare, had tumors and hemorraged for 22 days and spent days in a hospital last year...he didn't even seem interested at all in my problems, didn't show the slightest interest or ask me anything about it. He was more worried about me getting pregnant than me having cancer (because that involves him, if i had had cancer, that's not his problem).That was last year when I skipped my period. My conclusion was that he's a self centered crab that gets totally wrapped up in his feelings but doesn't seem to even have the ability to be concerned about about people.

  • Kel to SV>> i dated two aquas, it can work. you just have to not be so sensitive, thats the key. they tend not to be too sensitive and a lot of times can seem detached from their emotions, like they really don't truly understand what's going on inside of them (this is my experience with aqua men, the women dont necessarily seem to have this problem). aquas are said to be very monogamous, they can be sweet too, the problem is you sort of need to "program" them, they aren't as intuitive as us water signs. the se*x......ehh...again you need to program them and you'll need patience

    Lua>>my dad was an Aqua, and he was the sweetest man I have ever known. He was very affectionate and loved and like people unconditionally, never said anything bad about anyone, everyone liked him. My other BFF is an Aqua, I've known him for 22 years. He's not emotionally detached, right now he's all in love with this other aqua boy he met online and he's all giddy actiing like a teenager in love!! (He's my age) Two aquas?? He's getting all romantic with him, lol, He's a double Aqua too. He said I can he his best man for his wedding, haha.

    I also had 2 Aqua boyfriends, one was super jealous and controling, the other was my BF in highschool and he was stalking me recently so I had to delete and block him from everything. After 30 years he was telling me he was still in love with me..hmm but they are nothing like my Aqua BFF who I really love to death and my sweet dad.

  • SV>>omg if the s*ex is just ehhh...I'm OUT!! LOL!! jk...we'll see where it goes....

    Lua>>lol, you scorps are so sexual. Maybe I should hook up with a Scorp, lol..yeah, sex with my last Aqua was really bad, if fact he only wanted to snuggle most of the time...My ex from HS claims he hasn't had se*x for 20 years, yeah, he's not a priest.

    SV, I'm still catching up but how were all your dates? At least you are getting yourself out there.

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