ASCLAC part 3

  • The "fake" email you gave me.. the one at hotmail.


    Again, please get back to me ASAP.

  • Never mind katie but thanks you anyway. No need to reply- Kel and I figured it out.

    Please dont post in public what I emailed you about.



  • Moonie! i answered you. sorry i was sleeping. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • im freaking out. dammit. i finished college got hme and sent him a text to say i was finished. and no reply. ugh. its been half an hour. there is still no arrangement where we are to meet and i havent invited him here. HATE this feeling. why cant he communicate. i could send another but then i seem like im pressuring him. got an awful feeling he is either going to just turn up on my doorstep late or not all. feels like he is going to bail on me.why is it so hard to respond to text???

  • Adventure,

    Can't tell you...maybe caught up with something.


    I can't stay on...going out for the day.

    Enjoy .....

  • Hi all. I am having a Face Book issue... and I have to figure out what's what.

    I don't want to post anything further until I get it squared away.

    Face Book= the anti-crist... I swear it.

    (oh and yes, I leave out the "h" on purpose... don't wanna risk not gaining entry at the golden gate one day!

    Oh, but I'll be reading.


  • Thanks Katie... I did send you another response.

  • moon...look at it this way...if he takes the time to read this thread then he's totally bu*tt-crazy about you lol ๐Ÿ™‚

    that's a small silver lining...

  • nice pics thanks flow. looks amazing with so many tall ships and all the other boats.i live near a river too we have a very small version of that. very small. but they have a night display which is pretty.

    so .. he just turned up . didnt i say he would? about 10 mins after my last post.

    it wasnt how i had wanted it being in my home. but there was no other option. i couldnt just turn him away and the weather was wild and windy so i let him in. he didnt want to go to a pub . so again like the other night we just made small talk.. and then i thought..did he have anything he wanted to actually say?? i didnt seem like it. so i ended up asking him. he said he wanted to be able to talk to me about my problems without me sweeping it under the carpet. he said he doesnt know if it will evr work cos we argue so much then asked me why we argue. ( i dont have all the answers) he said he doesnt know if he sees it working without any solutions. i agree but i also pointed out that we need to stop just picking each other apart and focus on the strengths and positives in each other as much as the the problems. i had to say that numerous times to him so he understood what i meant. he admitted finally that he had been thinking of me every day and missing me too. it took alot for him to say that tho. i didnt get any commitment out of him tho, and not even him say to me that he wants to keep trying or anything. he also said sometimes he wonders about being a monk. and that he thinks people are like sheep..all doing the same thing getting married having kids and buying heaps of stuff. i agreed. then i said what would you like to be doing. he said he didnt know. he wonders alot then said maybe just wants to be happy. he also talked about an artist who lives in a humpy and sailed on a raft to asia. some people ended up building him a home next to his humpy for him and he still stayed in humpy and used house for storage.(!) he said that some woman had said to this guy" but how can you live like that arent you lonely?". he shook his head. i asked him if he ever gets lonely and he said yes. but i could see his eyes light up when he told that story. he wants to be free. i didnt bring up kids with him. i dont know if it would ever be possible with him.hmm. anyway. yes i got emotional. surprise surprise. but we also had a few laughs. i feel a bit weird now. i dont know.he fixed my leaky tap. i asked him to the movies with me next week. he said yes.

  • i think we just had a breakthru. just phoned him.

    i order for me to feel safe and relax with him i feel i need some sort of commitment and he said that he wants to but he still has some doubt that things wont get better. it kind of goes round and round. we finally both acknowledged it . and BOTH agreed awareness was the first step. one step toward trust i believe.

  • days of our lives update anyone? lol!!

    ok, here we go...

    Scorp is cute - we talked on the phone for about 20 minutes yesterday. he's a 2nd grade teacher, and he's travelled the world on his free time. he's really funny too...we flow well, but maybe it's cause we're both of the same sign...? we have some sexual tension! date is set with him on Saturday night. we're having sushi...veggie sushi for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gemini - sweet guy, very funny. emotionally detached, and that might be a problem later. he said he laughs at people who cry. of course, I'm sure I said something that made him uncomfortable as well at one time or the other, but it's still weird that he would be that unemotional. maybe he needs to be worked on, lol....second date with him is tonight. we're going to the improv to watch David Alan Grier.

    Pisces - very shy. convo flows ok, but our first date is tomorrow night(Friday). we have stuff in common, but he might need a little push in conversation.

    Libra - a little pushy, but very funny. he makes me laugh a LOT. he wants to talk all the time, which is a little weird for me considering we haven't even had a date yet....but we get along very well. he's super sweet too. date is set with him for next Monday.

    Crab, oh crab....where are you? what are you thinking? did I ever mean anything to you? do you ever think about me? how are you doing? please contact me soon...I miss you so... ๐Ÿ˜ž

    ok thats' it for now.

  • SV -

    I'm very proud of you! But shhhh! no more talk of crab lol focus on your upcoming dates

    Give the pisces a chance, you'll have to be the most patient with him but he may yield the best Aries, is an Aries/Pisces cusper, he's got a LOT of the Pisces characteristics and he helps balance me. Its his Pisces traits that held up a mirror to me and made me want to be a better man - not ragging on the Aries, the Aries traits help infuse a lot of energy into our relationship. But Pisces are blessed witht he gift of understanding, which is amazing! Its so refreshing, but they tend to lack a backbone...but this is where you will come in strong Scorp chick ๐Ÿ™‚

    But as with anything, their whole chart and how they were raised will play a big role too.

    Be careful of emotionally unattached people...this is the reason my 2 aqua relationships ended...they couldn't connect with their emotions which means they couldn't understand me and I couldn't understand them.

    But at the end of the day, trust your gut SV! And have some fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow adventure! wow

    How do you feel about all of this?

    When I read your update just now, I did get excited for you. It's not what you're looking for at the moment but it is a step in the right direction

  • Ok so for SV im trying my best. What happened on


    KELl>> he is not so active on the thread lately (of course that is not critisism ๐Ÿ˜„ )

    He is pretty busy and connecting with people from his past. He also has issues with himself, negative traits that he acknowledged in himself and he is working on that now too. (proud of you Kel).

    His contractor finally showed up last weekend and did some work on the house. YAY

    He went to check out scorpโ€™s father playing music, cause scorp invited him out of the blue. He went with Aries and felt very good.

    I cant tell more about Kel, dont think more happened. (Kel feel free to chip in)

    LUA>> Lua is strongly working on her training as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚ her crab keeps daily contact with her, in sending e-mails all the time about funny stuff, photos he made etc.

    She met a pretty Leo guy on some occassions while the guy was on her island. They had fun but Lua said there is no โ€™connectionโ€™ between them. She still thinks of crab.

    MOON>> she went to the reunion and she was twinkling like a little star. Everyone was astonished and people who were in school mean to her said sorry to her. She felt very great and since then she is newly empowered.

    Her ex called scorp and screamt with him (he thought that Moon spoke to him on the phone or what). So scorp mailed Moon and told about it. Moon said sorry, scorp is not angry, but still wants to โ€žplayโ€ with her. Moon wants a real date. Well, but what we know is that scorp did not drop Moon (like she thought) and he is still keeping in touch.

    She went on a date with a guy he got to know on the street by the bank automat and she had a nice time, but scorp is still the โ€žoneโ€ in her heart.

    I think she will go on another date too, with one of the guys from the reunion, but im not sure...

    FLOW>> works a lot like a busy bee as usual. No contact from Libra still. Flow, can you add more? She is still going to singing class. More i cant say... ok, one more thing. Sadly her nephew and the wife had an accident and the woman died. So she went to the funeral and faced a lot of people from her family that did not have a good opinion about her. I wont discuss it further, but i know that Flow felt very proud to face them.

    ADVENTURE>> now her life took a spin finally. And we are all very happy for her. She went and visited Scorp. They had some heated convo but scorp seems to be opening up and initiated a meeting even. For me it looks like they are giving themselves another chance. Otherwise she has a kitty, she took it from the street. LOL

    And she goes to the courses and is super busy too.

    LOLPET>> she is back from her vacay. Scorp re-appeared again, so they are in contact now. Hopefully no further problems. Scorp asked her what he should do in order to be good for her. She told him stuff and he will work on himself hopefully. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok, this was a really on the spot fast update, i hope i didnt leave out anyone and i caught all the importance.

    ok now im thinking... did i miss anyone???????????? please. lots of sorries if i did. my head is not in the right place right now.

  • katie, you didnt do your update ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • heh, Scorp actually ended up making a copy of that cd, he said is hould stop by to pick it up and we can

    Oh Scorpie...

    Flow, think there might be some genuineness to his request? or do you think he's working an angle?

    I've stopped smoking, thats something you do when you're young, too old for that lol

  • kel - he might have an angle...but he might actually miss you too...and he doesn't want to admit it to your face, so he's coming up with different ways to see you...makes sense?

  • yeah Katie! you didn't do your update! I'll catch up with everyone hopefully later. I have my date tonight, so I can't tonight, but probably tomorrow during the day...I'm completely booked this whole weekend! ack!

  • SV&Kel>> my update is not much. funnily i thought some days ago, that i am actually back to the place i was with crab exactly this time last year.

    daily e-mail contacts and joking around/teasing, nothing deep, having fun. i have NO idea what he wants, but i avaragely (except of some occassions when i 'freak out') stopped caring.

    i decided i handle the thing as follows: it was not real. it was just a beautiful dream, what i evidently one day had to wake up from. not more not less.

    i love him, but i also know i am very sad and tired of him being able to handle things how he does. i think lately he avoids seeing me in person (i mean i group events too).

    last weekend he didnt show up for lunch and didnt even mentioned it later. today the rest of the friends go to a gig and before we met up for some hours. he texted his ex (the other girl from the group) some funny msg which said that he was around, he saw us. but he did not join us. basic plan was to meet AFTER the gig. so i will go back to meet them when they are out of the gig to hang out. i wonder whether he will show up.

    in a mail this week he wrote me: see you with J (our friend who is here for the gig from another country). i havent reacted on it... maybe it is his twisted mind now taking revenge. no idea... but not putting too much effort to think about it.

    that is my update for now.

  • Kel! wanna help an Aries who is straggling with a crab? LOL

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