ASCLAC part 3

  • so I wanted to catch up last night, but I went home feeling like poo. I think I'm getting sick again...took care of my niece on friday because she was sick, and I think I caught what she has. ugh....I took Nyquil at like 7pm, and passed out at 8...didn't wake up till 6:30 this morning...and I'm still so tired! I have a date with Gemini on Thursday...he's starting to worry me some though...he seems VERYYYYYY detached from his emotions and doesn't really dig deep. he writes poetry though! don't understand that completely...we probably just have to get to know eachother better.

    date is set with Scorp guy too. Saturday night. we'll see how it goes.

    i'm sorry i haven't responded to anyone...I don't mean to. I love you guys very much! miss you too...can we seriously start thinking about a trip????

  • Adventure>> good night and dont worry. everyone is commenting on what they can and when they can, that is the cool about us being so many. 🙂 you see i dont analyze your stuff in lenght either, cause i think there are others who know it better. 🙂 but that never means i dont care. i read all what is written, even if it is not directed to me. 🙂 i like to be virgo kind of perfectionalist up-to-date. 🙂

    good night to you, hope you sleep well!

    SV>> dont you worry about not catching up. if i have time, i rather do you a proper DAYS OF OUR LIVES. LOL

    glad you are dating, hope something good comes out of it!

    and hey, we ARE thinking about a trip seriously... the only problem is that Flow, Lolpet and me... we are here in Europe, Adventure and Lua around there in Australia. and the rest of you in US... so where can we meet? LOL

  • katie,

    ( one eye open) maybe we can all go somewhere neutral lol bout a trip to the moon( no its not you moon). then we can get really close to the stars! x

  • adventure>> im not sure i wouldnt get a panic attack in the space ship. LOL i haven't even flown out of europe yet. LOL otherwise the moon would be super pretty im sure. would be hard to have convos though and dance. hihihi

  • Hello pumpkins,

    A very tired gal here.....heading to bed in a sec. Been to class.. there was only 5 of us so it was all good.


    Yeah I know what you mean...yet they are guidelines...and if you really don’t know anything about passes you by!!! 😉


    Texting is what you texting it’s going to be until things changes.

    He wants to talk ....let him. You always complained not getting anything out of give him a chance. Don’t wonder...just hear him out. And no, heads up for you.

    There you go again commenting about how he is. Being slow and all. If I recall it well this is the man you want. So you got to take it or leave it.

    Hmmm what kind of fire where you thinking about....I hope a bonfire...ON the beach

    Perhaps have your lengthy chat there. Just a suggestion.

    LMAO @ the moon destination!!! I am game! LOL

    Well soon

  • Hi all, have to catch

    I have a good idea I think... instead of somebody having to go back 20 or 30 pages... or even 10 when we see that "they're back" can each of us give a quick update on ourself?

    Then, if there is something we want them to respond to we can say something like this...

    Hey SV, Sooooo I went to the reunion, I wore a black mini dress with a little red jacket. It looked cute. I had a lot of apology convo's and had a had a great time.

    I stood up to the scum that caused my ED finally--- only took 32 years... better late than never.

    My ex husband freaked out and called scorp and yelled at him on the phone. I explained to scorp what happened via email as he would not take my call and he finally responded... again via email. He said he was not mad but that I probably caused it to happen (not true) and then he said I owed him an spology in person not via email.

    So I called.... he never picked up. I just left a simple voice mail saying "hi, it's moon, it's 11pm on Monday night, call me back".

    Still no call back.

    Yup, I'm upset.

    Oh but I did meet a guy who reminds me of Robert Mitchem and we had dinner on monday night. He's nice... but not scorp.

    I miss scorp. I'm not thinking about Land guy aka Robet Mitchem too much.

    I hope scorp calls me back. Land guy called today. I didnt call him back.

    There, how was my self update?

    Who is next?


    Feel better SV.

  • Oh, if anybody likes very $e%y dance music.... listen to the words in this song "Dirty Talk" by Winter Gordon... very naughty.

  • flow,

    yes i will hear him out. all of a sudden i felt nervous and apprehensive of what he will say. i was very upset the other night and i dont want that feeling again. ok i want to feel open but without the sense of loss. when i start questioning the nature of everything meaning the boundaries-are we together or not i get very insecure. i just want to be able to breathe out and relax and not feel so nervous so that my words flow better. sorry what does no heads up for me mean??

    bonfire on the beach... well its been cold in the evenings. its a nice idea. i feel a little unsure about him being in my home just now. still that is today.

    glad you had a good class.five is a great number. do you sing harmonies together?

  • katie,

    claustrophobic..possibly. but we wouldnt have gravity so hence dancing in the air!

    flows keen lol!


    how are you/ glad things are working out with contractor. fully remember some of those frustrations in my own situation. CAT is fine. altho greedy and im now worrying it wants to get fat. strange thing it is.

  • hi all. I apologize yet again for being so self absorbed. I have been running around all night cleaning. The kids got into the water and dirt. ALL THREE OF THEM, need I say more?

    Oh, and the little guy... pooped his pants to boot!


    I'm tired. I have so many responses to write, please bear with me, I'll catch up tomorrow. Night all.

    Oh, no, he didn't call or email.

    Yeah, I'm sad. BUT... I'm not calling or emailing him. I left a message, he knows where I am, if he wants to talk... he'll call. I'm not a moose.


    I am one impatient gal

  • Chris Brown - Deuces

  • Morning everyone,


    No problem I am pleased that you’re doing much better. Print out that insight you got.

    insight you got the other day.

    Oh my...your little think he was on a mission to make you work that little bit


    Mercury retro is really around the my advice is listen and pause before you answer. If you get emotional tell him when you calm down you can give him a straight answer. Just you look at how you yourself communicate. To minimize misunderstandings as much as possible.

    “ when i start questioning the nature of everything meaning the boundaries-are we together or not i get very insecure.“

    IMHO I don’t think you are. Feelings might be there but the actual commitment isn’t.

    “i just want to be able to breathe out and relax and not feel so nervous so that my words flow better.“

    Well picture him as Michelline Marshmallow man and breathe. LOL He is just as nervous.

    “sorry what does no heads up for me mean??“

    It means that he only told you what you needed to know which is he want to talk. The details etc you will hear upon arrival. No information before hand. That is what it means.

    And I think it’s a good thing. I did the same thing to Libra once. He tried to take advantage of the fact that I was in the middle of a supermarket shopping and did his utmost best to know what I wanted to talk about BEFORE I saw him. I ran around with that phone but I stuck to my guns. What this thought the other person....I don’t bite...LOL.

    “i feel a little unsure about him being in my home just now. still that is today.“

    That’s why I said somewhere outside. Not his tent either.

    “glad you had a good class.five is a great number. do you sing harmonies together?“

    Yes we do. Not often but we do. Now we are busy with mix and head voice. Practice techniques and put it into practice with a song. I like this way better...I hope she doesn’t change her mind again. Last time was with breathing techniques. Let me put it like this...I never really know how the next class is going to be. She hasn’t mentioned the performance and neither have I. Some of the ladies are with vacay so that might be a reason.

    Going back to bed.

  • Adventure,

    One more thing have you shared your progress with the other felines that shedded some light on the planetary influences of both of you?

  • anybody mind if I start a new thread? this one is sooooo long again

  • flow,

    no i havent shared yet. thanks mum heehee just kidding. i will. i know my head gets stuck up my own alot. i am feeling calmer today. just going to see what happens and try to stay open. not get emotional. its interesting i was noticing how when i was opening up and it felt good . then feel the emotion, then keep opening, but then aware of that cross over moment where i am shutting down the energy flow with my emotion, if that makes sense. some kind of sabotaging self protective mechanism. LOL at michelin marshmallow man. thanks i might use that as my mantra too. hehe.

    one thing scorp is a great listener. i told him that the other night. i am practicing. good at times and other times hopeless. its going to be horrible wet cold and windy weather tomorrow so im not sure where we will meet. maybe find a cafe or something.

    are you feeling better today? you're thinking about libra a bit more. hmm. had a picture of you in the supermarket.. did you like the attention a wee bit tho even if it was cheeky of him?your class sounds good that it is varied. and good that pressure is off for a bit re the performance.yay huh?

    mine turn to go to bed.nite flow

    moon, nope i dont mind. it will probably turn silly soon esp seeing retrograde is coming.

    i forgot you had three children. you have alot going on hey! bet they're adorable even when covered in dirt and mud.

    i have to get to sleep im soo tired..

  • Nope... I don't mind...:-)

  • Moon - can you wait for a few days before you start the new thread? I just want to catch up, but I have a date Thursday, Friday, and Satruday! all different boys...oh boy(no pun intended) lol....

    I'm apartment hunting with a friend so we can move closer to work on SAturday afternoon. I'm going to be super busy....

    I feel terrible for not keeping up...ugh...I'm just trying to get over my's only sort of working...I'm talking to like 4 different guys, and I'm still thinking about my sucks...unbelievably sucks!!!!!!!!

    can someone maybe give me a Days of Our Lives update? I read yours yesterday, Moon.

  • I also need to catch up!

    SV-wow, you go girl!! 4 different boys? That's the way to go!! I know you can't help thinking about crab but enjoy your time, at least you can have fun and get distracted, you don't have to fall for any of them, just date and have fun!

    Leo guy came back this morning from island hopping and called me and wants to get together tomorrow, so I'm going to see him. Other Leo guy disappeared again for about 10 days, no response at all from him, he's worse than crabs. My crab is the same, still sending daily emails.

    I'll catch up with everyone later, need to get up at 5 am!! My diet is entering the bland phase so I'm dreaming about pastries, lol!

  • I'm still alive lol but going to bed, took the day off of work tuesday to go to an amusement part, then called out sick today and worked on my house, made Aries walk the walk and help me paint a room lol 🙂

  • Katie- I sent you an email to that email address you gave me. Please read it ASAP as I cannot post ANYTHING else until you do.

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