ASCLAC part 3

  • oh my god.. thats weird. i just hit submit post AFTER i had finished writing- grass is always greener. i didnt write music course. but SOMEBODY DID . lol. maybe i had actually written it in before ..and decided to reappear??? strange.

  • Flow! ok, this line of yours made me think a lot now:

    "Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that. "

    do you really think so? wow, that puts a new light to my latest 'relationship'...

    that is when crab told me that he is a 'professional a-sshole' and that i don't know how lucky he is with me and that i deserve much better...

    thinking back, it all came true...

  • one of the things my scorp said to me when i first met him..." i might get left on the shelf.. a rusty can of baked beans" ( this was when we were sitting in his campervan and the first conversations i think we had.)

    then other things such as.. "im useless" " i dont like to talk much" " i dont like to go out much"

    " with me its all or nothing"

  • LUA!!!!! Ting, ting....round ONE (First half)....may the best team win!!!

  • Katie & Adventure,

    Yep. Even in business it’s like that. But the human brain is programmed to forget these things when you feel to endo...something something...flowing through your body. LOL. seems that your guys haven’t lied and therefore you can’t really get mad because it came through.

    For the next relationship find common grounds, hobbies, interest whatever that give you both enjoyment. Not pick up their habits/hobbies and make it yours because the passion might be lacking after a while or conflict etc. That has been told to me by my mother in-law the other day.

    I am going to watch football.

  • guys are playing nasty!!! Now I really hope we win! HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Happy Birthday Moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Flow - My bday is on the 11th 😉

    I have a half day today here at work, then it's a long weekend for us in the states, July 4th is our Independence day! woot woot!

    So I may or may not be around this weekend to respond

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Have a great weekend Kel...if we don't see you around...have fun.

    LUA...¿Que estan haciendo esos muchachos? ¡Muy bruto todo! (What are those boys doing? Very rough)

  • Sorry everyone but YAYYYYY....We won....bye bye Brazil....LOL (Sorry Lua)

  • hey guys! i'm a bit pissed now. i don't know whether it was directed to me or not, but i have a cat, and the cat got lost once while i was still dating crab.

    and he knows exactly how worried i got, cause i made a big fuzz about it.

    now today he sends a mail with an article that makes fun about people that treat their cat like that, like over protective and too sensitive and worried...

    isn't that ugly??? i mean ok he sends it, cause he found it funny, BUT why doesn't he leave me out of the mailing list this once???

    what a p-rick!

  • happy birthday moon!! hope it's amazing 🙂

  • flow,

    congrats holland ltho i havent watched one game!

    i hear you re what you said and i did remember all that he said when he said it. i do think people can change in some areas of their lives though, i know i have. him saying he is useless .. well that was probably cos of past failed r.ships. and he was planning on going away. i dont know. and the being left on the shelf.. well that could just be his fear talking. saying that he doesnt want that but is expecting it cos he thinks he is hopeless at relationships. i remember saying something similar to a guy once who liked me alot..i did like him but i was scared..thought he was too good for me. so i sabotaged. complete reversal.

  • Morning pumpkins,

    B-day girl must have had a great day. 😄

    “ooo you are soo stubborn and feisty i love it. libra is too.yep i agree with you, you did plant the true scorpionic fashion... but was the mud moist??? hehe “
    Yes this is true. That’s why I said in the past I met my match. In a way I don’t mind...hate boring men. LMAO if the mud was moist??? Uhmmm I am guessing yes. I got a little glimpse again of his brains during that convo.
    He called me Miss Organizer. How that came about I can’t tell you. But if something is fun I wouldn’t mind getting things sorted.
    “buy some produce TOGETHER, then decide where you are going to go..“
    Uhmm I am ahead of you on this also. I once told him that I would come and cook for him. His response was that I wouldn’t be able to finish cook. And laughed very hard. So I wonder if we would leave the premises then. LOL.
    I think Libra would love it it’s arranged the handicap always in this is his work. And I think he was planning something because he mentioned my son. Hmmm.
    “did you actually ask him or was it just feeling him out?“
    Combination of both. That’s how the picnic joke came into the mix. I actually did mention this weekend but he has family business to attend to so that is a no. So we will see what he comes up with.
    “you have both established a connection.“
    How do you see this?
    Girly now that you picked up this music course does this mean that you are not going to take “class” from that male friend? The one that would like you to get on stage.
    “ i just hate the action on it at the moment, he reckons the neck is out too.“
    Do you mean the repairs? The neck is it’s pretty old.
    How long is the course going to be? Can’t you do like early surfs and then head out to the course?
    Your chart for this month starts out with this written in it: “You have become stronger and wiser, have grown in authority and maturity, and have faced challenges that only a few years ago would have thrown you. It would be easy for you not to see all the changes that have occurred in you, so stop for a second and think about where you've been in life since 2007\. “
    I suggest you look into the rest. I am reading it too as my rising sign on astrologyzone.
    Holland -Brazil is the only game I actually watched to the full. This has to do with Lua ..I wanted to be able to reply if we lost or anything of the kind. Then in the evening I watch Ghana-Uruguay and hoped that Uruguay would win. They have.
    Re: The essence of people. Yes I agree people can alter their way of behaving but they don't change. Females are prone to alter more easily than men. Something very dramatic has to occure to them and IF they realize they can't go on like that you might see some fluctuations or a complete turn around.
    About the complete reversal I agree. That's why I pay close attention to what goes on with my ineraction with Libra and HOW I stand in this all. Learning of my past mistakes and try not to repeat. Very much try not to let negative energy/thoughts/fustration into my life in general. And if others try to do so...I tell them or hope they shove it up their as,ses.

  • Lua is in mourning so don't rub it in! Ai que FODA!!! QUE JOGO MERDA DE CARALHO!!

    HA ha they don't censor Portuguese cuss words, do they? If you know Spanish, you know what that means..

    I was on twitter, I didn't log on here during the game..but my crab who was also watching the game started sendng me messages to me on twitter during the game commenting on the game. Like "Galvão sucks" (he was watching the Brazilian broadcast via internet) and toward the end, "This game is fu*cked" in Portuguese.

    Fell asleep during the Uruguay game, I'm glad they one, I'm for the South American teams although I don't know about Argentina because Maradona said he was going to get naked in public in mid-winter Argentina if they win the Cup..

    Lots of Dunga (the coach and former player) jokes going around. Dunga is Dopey of the 7 dwarfs, now Brazilians are saying "One Dopey, 11 Sleepys in the game and now there's 190 million Grumpies!" But in Portuguese "Grumpy" is "Angry". I think that fits better.

    Time to root for Spain!

  • Flow and Katie:

    "Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that. "

    I don't remember the first few things crab said to me 14 years ago but when I saw me again last year he said "Eu so queria passar tempo com uma mulher maravilhosa como voce" (I just wanted to spend time with a wonderful woman like you), but it was the way he said "maravilhosa" with so much emotion that surprised me, since at the time I was not thinking of myself as very "maravilhosa"... but I guess he's not feeling that way these days. people may not change in essence but their feelings towards someone can.

    I dreamed about him last night. maybe because he messaged me. I dreamed that I lived in a one room dorm with 3 other women, and he came to visit me and kept trying to make out with me but 2 of the 3 women were always there and watching.

  • Flow and everyone! astrologyzone finally got updated for July!!!! im gonna go and read it now, just wanted to let you all know! i hope it says something nice! 🙂

  • Sorry Lua for you lost. But I do like the Dopey, Sleepy and Grumpy comment. You got to give it to Spanish language they know how to make you feel special....

    I don't think I am going to watch again. I get too carried away. You should have seen me in this house even my son was shocked of my vocabulary.

    I agree that people essence doesn't change and feelings does. That's why I said you can't really get angry towards them because a person are like they are.

    In my case I said to Libra don't want everything at the same time from me and if you give me an headache I am gone. Libra has gotten this verbally from me. My exes didn't but I have always been like this. Free spirit in wanting to do what I want when I want it and not feel tied down.

    Hmmm I wonder what that dream of your's could mean. Do you recognized the dorm or the women?

  • Thanks Katie....I just read up I am reading my rising sign.

  • Flowsco-

    It was actually Portuguese, but it's similar to Spanish..except for th y it sounds..

    No, I didn't recognize the dorm or the women...there were single beds...the room was quite plain..

    I have a feeling it's going to be Ned vs Ger in the much for 4 South American teams going into the Quarter least Diego Maradona will not be running naked in the streets of Buenos Aires..That's what he said he would do if Argentina won. He's the coach and famous former player for Argentina for those who didn't know. He got kicked out in 1994 for getting caught with cocaine.

    Latest WC joke on Germany vs Argentina: Diego Maradona was holding on to his Rosary and praying during the entire match against Germany. He forgot that the Pope was German.

  • Crab posted that he was in mouning for the Brazilian team..oh my, I was bummed out but he must be REALLY depressed...poor crab...Brazilians take this seriously! And he's a Brazilian crab prone to depression! Its been awhile since Brazil didn't make it into the quarter finals.

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