ASCLAC part 3

  • Oh before I up your horoscope for this month on this forum and on astrology zone. Interesting things coming up.

    Are we having cake tomorrow??? What kind?

  • Kel-

    I meant to answer the question you had about training the shoulders. Just remember that any time you want to increase mass you do less reps and go heavy. if you want to lean out you go lighter with more reps. To increase shoulder width the best exercises are barbell press. and military press. High volume worked for me. Example of what I do on "shoulder day" (I do shoulders and abs on the same day)

    1. Barbell shoulder press 4 sets of 5-7 reps

    2. Seated DB military press 3 sets of 5-7 reps

    3.Front raise 3 sets of 6-8

    4. Lateral raise 3 sets 6-8

    Sometimes i do 5 sets each of 5 reps-supposed to promote muscle growth.

    Decrease calories if you want to lean out. I do a thing called calorie/carb cycling as most body builders do before competition, Go 3 days about 15-20% your maintainence and lower carbs, then go one day eating 20% above maintainence and eating more carbs. On the high carb and calorie day lift weights working on the body part you want to increase (like shoulders). Eat a big high protein and high carb meal one to two hours after lifting.

    The one high day every 4th day keeps your metabolism up and keeps you body from thinking it needs to slow metabolism because of decrease in calories. Contrary to logic, you have to eat to lose fat!!

    On the silence of Crabicus brasiliensis volitans, I spoke too soon, I did get another email late at night. I think he sent me one right before he went to bed. I think he does it to keep himself in my line of sight so to speak, I think he doesn't want me to forget he exists...Like you and Moon say though, I don't know when he 'll send that package he keeps talking about, it's been 3 weeks since he first mentioned it, I got a 4th email about it, this time he said he had more things to send say what he sends will say more about what is in his mind about the past he sent me a "Eat Krispy Kreme" T-shirt as a joke when I was dieting for competition. He's given me tons of gifts, mostly cutsie T-shirts, books, bikini and chocolates from Brazil, etc.. I have a feeling it's going to be some gag gift knowing his sense of humor.

    Oh, I get the DailyLove quotes on twitter.

  • Kel>>It's hard for me to relax sometimes when I see him trying to get the attention of a room, or just get attention in general. He loves the limelight, loves to socialize...I'm not like that, well I mean I am sometimes but I have to be in the mood (mooooody crabbyyyy lol).

    How did you deal? I do get a little jealous. I can usually talk myself down but sometimes I get distant, I pull away and get a little cold when he's trying to get other's attention. I'm trying sooo hard to stay consistant with him, but consistancy isn't in our nature and that's why people love us, that unpredictablity that comes from our moodiness lol

    Lua>>That's a fire sign for you!! Leos are even worse!! Leos have to be the enter of the party, center of the stage. I've been going out with my Scorpio friend and she gets moody and quiet and gets all pissed off at me when I start doing the Leo thing. She's good one on one, like having dinner, talking but when we are with a group of people she seems to stand back. Are any of you scorps like that?

  • Hi all,

    Not having a good Computer driving me nuts!!! Still sneezing n sniffling with hayfever and Scorp picked this week to go bit strange. Oh dear!!!

    Last weekend I didn't hear from him on Saturday, bit strange because that is when we normally meet, and hadn't seen him last week because he was away being "midge fodder"lol.

    So approx 6pm I texted him to ask what he was up to, and if he was going out with his friends - normally he goes quiet when he is planning a night out(so juvenile, but I think he thinks I will be upset, I am more upset that he thinks I will be upset!lol).

    Anyway, he comes back with "just been asked and thinking about it. Are you going out tonight?"

    My bgf had asked me earlier to go to hers, so I just replied that I hadn't been planning to go out but I would go to hers if he was heading out with friends. He came back with "Is that ok? i haven't been out for ages" - He has never asked if it was ok with me if he went out. Weird!

    So anyway, he texted on Sunday, but has gone a bit quiet this week, so don't know what to expect. Nothing on Tuesday, was annoyed on Wednesday, then he got in touch, and nothing yesterday.

    Maybe over-analysing but it is bugging me. Have I been sucked back in again? Maybe he is just busy, but it is so frustrating!!!!!! I will not give in and chase! Maybe it is just because everything else is going badly that I expect us to as well. Don't know. AAAARGHHHH!!!!! I hate these mind games.

    Day off today so I am going shopping with youngest for a fancy dress costume for a party tomorrow. She still hasn't decided what she is going Keeping myself occupied to stop myself from going nuts.

    Have a good weekend folks - I will check in later.xxxxxx

  • Morning and HAPPY B-DAY to Moon (I hope I didn't mix up with Kel if so forgive me Kel)

    May this day be of joy and love from all that knows you and cherish you. Have a awesome day with love from Holland!!!!

  • is it moon birthday??

    happy birthday then moon!!! have a beautiful day! and hope this year brings you peace and contentment.

    lots of lovexxxx

  • hi flow,

    lol at the bus scenario! but good thing you put the idea out there to him. wish i was there in holland then i could organise the two of you!! i would arrange everything and you would both just have to turn up looking gorgeous. hmm i might have to rent a crane to pick you both up and plonk you down to a lovely picnic in the shade of a nice tree. yay for you flow. start getting things together. have u got a basket? bet there are so many beautiful rivers in holland you could sit at. grassy knoll. nice time of year.. even though hot maybe a little cooler in the afternoon. or are there places you could swim( i am thinking away from other people etc)?

    video sounds interesting. i will check her out at some stage. gd on you for going.

  • Lua @ Kel

    " Are any of you scorps like that? "

    Me...nope!!! I think you would get annoyed with me because I would beat you at it...LOL. I don't need to be the centre of the attention but I will surely steal it away if you're overdoing but only with the one that is worth it in that room. (Does that make sense?)

    Like at the video shoot my cousins are twin Leo's and ofcourse they did their thing but at the end of the night I had the director, the manager and the lead singer attention and chattting them up. Leo's weren't that interesting anymore for the bunch. I think it has to do how you carry yourself.

    My motto: If you can't beat them...join them!


    Hi get well soon!!

    "Maybe over-analysing but it is bugging me. Have I been sucked back in again? Maybe he is just busy, but it is so frustrating!!!!!! I will not give in and chase! Maybe it is just because everything else is going badly that I expect us to as well."

    Uhmm may I say that I am like this also. I don't know how he moves but I don't think you are sucked in again. I have this with Libra...I used to text or call nearly every day for a period but I found that he wasn't responding accordingly and so went cold turkey on him until I got him on the phone or saw him again. To me it has to be an even game...not him getting all the attention and I get some spare moments. So now I am down to once a week...if I don’t forget. And everything he is accustomed of I changed around. Example: I used to text every night saying goodnight. I don’t anymore. Then I shifted to wishing him a good week on Mondays...I slowed that down. Then we used to talk every night I slowed that down too. Now I text when I want to share something or want to know how he is doing. And depends the respond and information I get.....I respond accordingly. I show him that life goes on with and without him.

    And for him to ask you if it's okay... I recognize that also. He didn't want to invade your time and assume that it's okay for him to go about and do whatever and didn’t want to get into a conflict with you afterwards. And he is also showing you this time that he understands if you have a life next to him also. Seems to be something like this happen in the past so he is trying to avoid and find out how you think about stuff.

    Libra is accustomed of getting his way all the time and with me he isn’t in charge. So he walks on eggshell most of the time when it comes to making plans with me. Simply because he doesn’t know what the response will be and I always come up with something he didn’t expect. A new side of me pops up. He thinks sometimes he got me all figured out and then

    Just tell him what you expected or thought and see what he tells you about this.

  • Hey Adventure,

    Actually at the local Zoo you can pick up a basket with everything in it and just enjoy the grass, animals and good live music.

    He is just impossible...well he is trying to be. LOL

    How are you keeping?

  • lolpet,

    sorry to hear you are still sniffly. i symapthize i get hayfever too in spring its awful!! i had to get a cortisone injection once cos it was so bad i couldnt see, i was having sneezing fits on the floor couldnt stop couldnt breathe. hate hayfever! are u taking stufff for it? clarytines ok. some nasal sprays work.

    so scorps being a p.oo head again huh? yeh well mine never would tell me if he wanted to go out with his friends or when he went out with them. it was like he felt guilty or something. and just like you i would be more upset that he couldnt tell me - not the fact that he was going out. it then made me paranoid that he was hiding stuff from me. and also made me feel like he couldnt trust em enough to tell me that i wouldnt be able to handle it. but i dont know i know he didnt really like me going out with a bunch of girls,, when i say out i mean go out and drink. i never really even did that anyway. i think scorps generally want their women to be at home, and they want to be free to do what they want sometimes. it could also just be a loyalty factor, that he feels that he wasnt loyal to you- by that i mean by your side. scorpio men ( it seems ) also have this habit of keeping their personal and social lives very separate. so what was he annoyed over on wednesday?

  • Hi all!

    Flow im sure it is moon' and you did not mix up with Kel's. if i remember good Kel is on the 11th (is it Kel?). so yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Moon. 🙂

    Flow, for you the july forecast appears already on astrologyzone??? im checking it since yesterday, but for me only June appears...

    we have the incredible heat too here in Hungary, im going lunatic with it. i am all day dizzy...

    Lua>> yes, i LOVE How I Met Your Mother. but i just finished it. i mean caught up, ended 5th season... 😞 now i have to watch something else.

    Yep, Cala Boca finally arrived here too. they wrote a pretty long article on the topic. LOL

    well this forwarded e-mails misery on the daily basis disturbs me a great deal. but i don' want to write him again now and ask him not to forward me anything... besides the bd wish, i don't want to contact him at all. sometimes his forwarded e-mails are sooo uninteresting, or so not funny that i start to think that he forces himself to send at least one per day to be in my mind... i hate that. well whatever...

    i know, analyzing tiny details is stupid, but for example... earlier when he sent any forwarded mail that was about the city (i mean ours), a new restaurant etc. then he only forwarded it to us and he added the email addresses one by one... lately he sends those too with the collective (hidden) e-mail thingy... whatever. he is stupid and that's all about it...

    Kel>> yes, im kind of distancing myself from him as much as possible. i hush away the thoughts that time to time try to creep in.

    i have to remind myself a lot that what happened is not such a huge tragedy, that i did not lose the love of my life, that i don't feel so pitiful cause i don't have him anymore, but cause i am not 'loved' right now. i know that if a great person came now and started to care about me, i would ask you: "who is crab again?" so it's gonna be okay.

    oh and one more epiphany from yesterday: i realized i provoked the 'break up'. i was 99 % sure that if i mention the weekend topic, he will disappear. but i did mention it... so maybe i did wanna break up too? and test him. i thought the only way i stay with him is if he gets brave and honest. but i knew he would not. and still... i provoked it, and it is a big step in my life. cause earlier me would have shut up and not mention it and suffer and self-torture... new me did stand up. it is progress.

    oh btw. remember the cappy guy i told you about? the one i dream with occassionally? my elementary school sweetheart? he got pretty good friends with my uncle (they all live in my hometown). there is a blues festival this weekend (it is annual) and cappy guy's father is the owner/organizer. and my uncle called me yesterday and told me that cappy guy told my uncle, if i wanted to go, he should just call him and i have free ticket for the whole event. LOL

    so im debating for two days now whether to go or not. but i think i will. 🙂

    hi Lolpet! hi Adventure! and hi everyone else! wish you all a nice weekend!

  • sorry typo lolpet- i meant to write trust ME not em. i think scorpios although very forward thinking and evolved spiritually and emotionally, are also very traditional with the roles of men and women. although they do believe in equality, but not in all situations. it is pretty layered and complicated once you start to explore these ideas.

  • Katie,

    Hi....I just realized that aswell about astrologyzone. Sorry..busy running around and posted. So both of us have to keep an eye out. LOL

    Thanks for clearing the B-day's for me. HAPPY B-DAY MOONBEAUTY!!

  • hi katie,

    wow school sweetheart hey? go, go and have fun! blues music festival sounds like fun. just wear a bit hat if its hot and drink lots of water!! lol i sound like a mother now!! u have a nice weekend too.

  • Flow! oh ok. im glad, i thought something is wrong with me not finding it. I am so excited to read it, cause it is the longest and most serious analysis/forecast i found so far.

    Adventure>> yes, well not sweatheart as ever being in a relationship, but we did "dance around" long enough LOL. he is a great guy. i dont think he is for me as as of now i am not getting into anything with my heart only, but using my brain before too.

    he lives in my hometown, he is totally a countryside boy, he would never move to the big city. and there is NO way i move back there. i am not up for distance relationships, always gets s*crewed up. and he is very religious and from that we have a different view of life. (i mean i have my own 'religion', i do believe, but i do not go to church and see things pretty differently).

    so well, i guess im just going, cause i can listen to great music, and have fun with my uncle and aunt who will be there all weekend long too. 🙂

    plus i might bump into some other long time no seen people and yes, just have fun, instead of sitting in my flat for 2 and a half days and get eventually down and depressed. 🙂

  • lolpet,

    i dont know . i am confused. i just read flows response to you and she is giving you a a pretty reasonable anwser. as you know i got my own fears going on. but anyway theres maybe a bit of truth with what i am saying. man i do get triggered easily! i was going to say though that it IS good that he is communicating with you re the going out. better than silence! sounds like he's been proceesing whatever lately and enjoyin his time on his own too. time for you to show him what he has been missing!!!! yes tricky if you have hayfever lol!! could even be that lol that he is so damn. attracted to you when he is with you but cos you're sick he cant be too close to you. ok im going to shut up now before i did an even deeper hole!!

  • flow,

    buy a basket at the zoo???? ur kidding? lol .. nah thats cheating!!! im all for make your own- far more personal and romantic!

    one of you is going to have to make the move. either you or him. or my crane which is just too hard now with my busy schedule!

    me. im ok. still feeling depressed though and lost and want to go and see him and talk. been doing alot of processing and thinking. missing him so much. feeling nesty.

    got into music course.

    eating too much and stopped going to gym but still surfing. enjoying winter.

    feeling like i want to cuddle with him and be na.ked and surf and chase him through the dunes and laugh like we used to. i miss his friendship and talking to him about things. etc etc etc.

    signed up for another painting course and voluntary work- two kinds - so feeling good about that and that i can start to connect and feel like i can give to others somehow.not be on my own so much. the course im hoping will be fun although i will have to drive a distance to get there and it will be almost every day which will challenge me. we will see....

    feeling nesty

    feeling lost too. afraid. lonely. missing him. i know i said that already.

  • Hey musical sis,

    I know what you mean that it’s cheating to buy a basket at the zoo. But looking at this man pattern that would be the safest for a spontaneous outing. I am all for the personal basket. Actually the last time I was in his city I was going to personally invite him for the picnic. And then you mentioned it .... lol I was way ahead. I just texted him and asked him when I can come over with my pj and my stuffed Long story but residual of that bus drive convo. He is a thinker....and he is a cusp. This man behaves more like a Scorpio than a Libra most of the time. But I am a handful for him. LMAO!!

    One of us has to make the move?!! Hmmm well I planted the idea ...not the way I wanted but it’s planted...let’s see what happens. I am not delivering everything at his doorstep.


    I saw a glimpse here and there about your semi encounters with your Scorp. There is something in the air building up. I also saw lightanddark response to you. She practically said the same thing to you that I have for the long period.

    You got into a music course?? Oh wauw.. tell me more.

    The gym...big sigh well I started out with that new therapist. The woman means I am bushed most of the time next to me running around with my own stuff. Good that you still surf. I think if I could do that ...I would choose that above the gym. Lol

    And a painting course too. Good. I am proud of you putting some regular stuff in your life. Makes you refocus and not so lost. I don’t have a crystal ball but reading the astro lately has been pretty accurate up to now. The nesty thing is something that Virgo is going to have for the rest of the year. Sorry to tell you that. I hope it doesn’t drive you crazy.


    I had to smile at your last response to Lolpet. It’s not always that deep what motivates a Scorp to say or do something. Mostly it’s a build up. In my case my Libra said from day one he isn’t ready for another relationship and I said I need my space. So basically with all the mix up and hiccups etc’s just that what is going on...even though we like each other. Always remember the first couple of things people tells you when they meet you...because the essence of them in hidden in that.

  • For Lua and others that are into the World Championship:

    IT'S FOOTBALL TO ME, SOCCER TO YOU. (found on Yahoo)

    “Soccer is a synonym for football,” said Toye, who helped launch the North American Soccer League in the late 1960s. “And it has been used as such for more years than I can count. When I was a kid in England and grabbed a ball to go out and play … I would just as easily have said: ‘Let’s have a game of soccer’ as I would use the word ‘football’ instead. And I didn’t start it.”

    To trace the origin of “soccer” we must go all the way back to 1863, and a meeting of gentlemen at a London pub, who congregated with the purpose of standardizing the rules of “football,” which was in its infant years as an organized sport but was growing rapidly in popularity.

    Those assembled became the founding members of the Football Association (which still oversees the game in England to this day). And they decided to call their code Association Football, to differentiate it from Rugby Football.

    A quirk of British culture is the permanent need to familiarize names by shortening them. “My friend Brian Johnston was Johnners,” said Toye. “They took the third, fourth and fifth letters of Association and called it SOCcer. So there you are.”

    So forget that English condescension and carry on calling it soccer, safe in the knowledge that you’re more in tune with the roots of the sport than those mocking Brits

  • flow,

    ooo you are soo stubborn and feisty i love it. libra is too.yep i agree with you, you did plant the true scorpionic fashion... but was the mud moist??? hehe sorry couldnt resist!! he is just going to have to give you a free day..or maybe HE will do the picnic.. hmm.. nup i think you will. actually i have a better idea!! seeing he is such a .. well you know what you feel!! how bout you BOTH go to a local market, buy some produce TOGETHER, then decide where you are going to go..thats what me and scorp used to do.. i gave up waitng for him to do it, and i did do it once but i think he liked it to be a shared my libra gf is hopeless organising ANYTHING for me.. ok i am being a bit harsh ...but she LOVES it if iarrange.. yes plant the seed. librans like to cruise along happily, but they will thoroughly enjoy the experience when it happens it they just need a prod here and there i think. she is a toughie like your libra and loves a good challenge too. but i have never heard her..oh actually she did invite me up to her place for tea once but usually it has been me organizing stuff. so when you asked him -did you actually ask him or was it just feeling him out? i think..pick a day. is he free next weekend? if he says yes then suggest meeting.. i do totally understand the build up and getting the timing right.. but the other thing is that there will always be more time for other build ups again for you two! you have both established a connection.

    the music course.. well it starts in a couple of weeks i think? yep. and it will be mainly focussed on guitar but im hoping i get to sing a bit too and play keyboard. but yeh just guitar learning the scales patterns etc it will be basic i think to start but thats ok cos i need to retrain my brain to learning that stuff and the theory stuff,, i kind of skipped it all over the years but i think it will really help me to understand what the im doing! i watched a great doco last night on three guitarists- jimmy page, jack white and edge from u2 - completely different in their musical taste and approach.. they all get together and talk and jam. was great. i grew up on some of those led zeppelin tunes.. the drop tunings, and fingerpicking melodies. he's got white hair now! and jack white well he's a character.. so bluesy and just doing his own thing.edge well classic pedals galore man. loves delay. i took my old acoustic into get some repairs from a local mechanic the other day.. heard he fixed guitars too- thats what i love about small towns - people are pretty easygoing like that. so we will see how good he is. i jsut hate the action on it at the moment, he reckons the neck is out too. so im back on the electric which is actually easier to play with what i am learning at the moment.

    im not looking forward to the driving to this course.. and it will probably cut into my surfing time.! oh well the sacrifices huh!

    did my chart say that? hmm. yes well part of me likes that thought and the other part just wants to go no no no! i dont want to have to give up what i enjoy!. but its those times when i am in the bath, or seeing the numbers of my age in my head, or cooking, ..i dont know its hard to describe really. god knows. grass is always greener. .

    music course

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