Am i being made a fool of?

  • I have been married to a gemini, June 20, 1967, for 16 years. My DOB is October 28, 1960. When we met i was in a abusive marriage, he told me he was different and I fell in love with him. I have sense found out He LIED. I need a love reading to find out if I should trust him when he says he loves me and won't do the things hes done to me again. I have built a wall around me and am afraid of getting hurt again,,,I really need some guidance,,,please.

  • Hello ittlebit,

    If you're willing to share, what did he lie to you about? I was also married for 18 years to a man who I found out lied to me for the last 5 or so (maybe longer than that). He promised not to lie or do the things he had done again and we stayed together for about 6 months after I found out about all his lies but he repeated his actions and I decided to let him go and move on.

  • Like I said i was In a abusive marriage when I met him and he showed me that I didn't have to live that way. He assured me he was not like every other man, and he never treat me like a piece of property. My ex was very into the darker side of sex and I was made to reenact what he watched ect. I was very humiliated and had no self esteem, self worth.

    After years of being married to my current husband I found DVDs and other things, online cybersex sites, and on his cell phone. I was completely devastated, he begged forgiveness and swears it will never happen again. I want to believe and trust him as I do love him. I really need guidence,,,,Please give me a reading as to what the future may hold for me.

  • Ittlebit,

    I'm pretty new to giving readings to others but I will try for you. I will get back to you tomorrow with the reading. All the best to you.

    Blessings and love.

  • Thank you,,,,,

  • I am a Female Gem.I don't cheat. As far as Lies go I like to paint pictures to keep people around me happy and pleased with me and themselves. This creates conflicts..........Your a Libra I assume. Your a wonderful and sensitive person. So is your Gem. You gotta break down the barriers. But mid June Gems are more difficult. I find Gems born after June 12th deceitful and difficult.

    Break through if you think its worth it but its gonna be a tough road for you.

    Stay true to your own core and don't put up with manipulations or fantasies from your Gem.....that is a big down fal for us. Illusion..........


  • Thank you,,,I'm a scorpio

  • ittlebit, your life lesson is to learn to be less passive and stand up for yourself. You cannot put issues aside as being too hard to deal with or retreat into your shell and hope they will go away. Your early life was characterised by rejection, misunderstanding and suffering. You need to understand that the way other people treat you is a reflection of what you feel about yourself - that you are unworthy and dissatisfied with yourself. You need to learn not to take the world so personally and that, as soon as you respect and love yourself, you will attract others who will do so too. You have a sunny, upbeat side but you have allowed troubled people to beat that out of you. You also have the unique gift of being able to laugh at yourself so try to relax and enjoy life. Release those feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and badly used and look forward to a future filled with hope and positivity. People on your lifepath can have a curious refusal to initiate change for the better in their lives. You must let go of your attachment to suffering and passivity and actively engage in solving your problems. You will gain so much self-respect and self-confidence when you begin a course of action - you will realise that anything is possible. Roll up your sleeves, repeat over and over "I CAN do it!" and set your mind to fixing your life to the way you want it.

    Now your husband, from what you said, didn't actually cheat with anyone or be physically violent to you, did he? He just visited porn sites. This doesn't mean he doesn't love you or find you attractive anymore. In fact, it is quite common for the partners in this particular combination to develop an interest in tantra, the Kama Sutra and oriental erotica - so maybe you can offer to share in and explore his interests together to bring you closer. It would be a shame if you threw away a deep and lasting bond such as you have with this man. Don't treat him like the abusive man from your past. There can be true spirituality in this relationship and a bit of harmless porn won't break that apart if you don't let it. Don't be afraid of your own sexuality, either. Trust this man enough to feel free to express your strong and passionate sexual side to him. You need to heal the fear of physical expression that the other man produced in you. Maybe he made you feel inhibited about having sex. There's nothing wrong with good clean sex with someone you love and who respects you. Forgive your husband - he really does love you and wants to be with you.

  • ittlebit,

    It seems you have gotten some really wonderful advice from the Captain who I completely respect so I don't think you need me to do a reading for you. I much less experienced. I wish you all the best and the only thing I can say to you is keep your heart open and listen to your own intuitions, if you can do that, you will find your own answer deep down inside.

    Light and love

  • Thank you so much Captain, This has really made me feel so much lighter inside, I will try your suggestions ,,,,but I don't know if i can actually watch that stuff again,,,,it really scares me,,,,Thank you so much for the reading and I will forgive him as I love him so much, I've never met anyone like him.

    Thank you also torgirl44

  • Then the issue here is not your fears about your husband's behaviour, but about your own fears regarding sex..

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