• Hi Captin-

    I also need help regarding a relationship. My DOB is 1/21/90 his is 11/9/87. Both born in Denver, CO. I was born at 11:34 pm.. dont know about him. I need to know if we should just remain as friends, move on or if thier will be a relationship again in the future with us. I need direction with this situation. Its been 2 months since he left and I havent been able to let go because I dont know if were really over. He told me he needs space to figure his life out because he doesnt feel like himself and doesnt know where his future is going but he said hes afriad of losing me. He still continues to have contact with me and still tells me he misses me and not trying to date other people. I would love to have a future with him but I don't know whats gonna happen. I dont know if I should wait or move on? Anything will help..

  • This works best as a friendship. It can get too volatile, angry and disappointing as a love relationship. You both may have gotten carried away by waves of expectation initially and you probably had some great times together. But you are very different people. Emotional flare-ups would no doubt have damaged your efforts at a love relationship and, although fire can give passion and energy, it can also rage out of control and cause great destruction. As lovers, you might have felt deeply for each other but most likely still had trouble maintaining consistency and stability in your daily life together. Whenever you Scorpaddict took a dominant role, it would have angered your ex and set off an explosion of feeling in him which probably led to much unhappiness and bitterness. You two may have often kissed and made up, but while your friend may say he can forgive what happened, he will never really forget and will always be on his guard to you in the future. He is also unable to open up and fully express his true feelings.

    It would have been better to keep this as a light and fun friendship because more serious intentions spoiled it and made it unworkable. Your ex's tendency to be possessive and suspicious keeps him in touch with you - while he allows himself to get on with his life, he doesn't want you to do that and wants to know what you get up to without him. It's common for someone with his lifepath to have many affairs along the way. He also suffers from chronic depression and the need to escape difficult situations. He must learn to eliminate the word 'should' from his vocabulary as he can be very snobbish or socially elitist about how he thinks people should behave or look.

    This guy is just way too much trouble and I advise you to move on - unless you enjoy endless dramas and fights.

  • Ok I understand. What do I do on him still contacting me? I heard scorps are hard to get "rid" of... Ive told him twice to give me space but he has yet to do so.. Is there a chance he will try to come back one day as more than a friend?

  • Just don't reply to him when he contacts you and he'll get the message eventually. After that, I doubt there will be any chance of friendship. You could have been friends if you hadn't gotten imtimate but it's no good now.

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