June 2010 Eclipse

  • Hi, I am wondering how this eclipse in June, which is exactly a week after my birthday, will affect me. I have read there could be health concerns and turmoil, could someone tell me what to expect being a gemini.

  • June 26 brings a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Capricorn, again testing, disrupting or putting the mockers on your financial schedules or joint obligations. A fiscal contact, a scheme or a payment may go missing in action. This could mean a delay or it could mean a cycle is ending. You will need to review the situation or revise your figures. You'll finish with a 'money' contact, either pulling the plug or having the rug pulled from beneath you. Ride out the wobbles and see where you stand when the dust settles. There will be more ructions or 'rock and roll' to follow in July so, if you haven't been wise in advance, be so 'in the course of' and with hindsight. This may simply be the end of a phase or an association and you will wish to bring any obligations you have to a close.

    There is a total Solar Eclipse that comes with the New Moon in Cancer on July 11. This will mark the close of a cycle with personal spending, income or 'day to day' management of money or resources. A change in family or domestic circumstances may contribute to the process or even bring about the change. There may be a subtraction from the current family configuration or there may be a change with work or income that affects the cycle of domestic or personal finances. A departure of some kind is on the cards, a leave-taking that will alter the situation on a temporary or a permanent basis. Delay may be a factor in these circumstances or it may be that 'cessation' is the applicable term. It would be wise to look to this time from a position of foresight, putting extra aside or being conscious of the worth of things you want in terms of the real and practical cost it takes to obtain them.

  • Thank you so much, that is all good to know

  • I was wondering if you could tell how this is gonna affect a scorpio,I have to say that after the lunar eclipse in Cancer in Dec last year my pants are shaking at the thought of another one,though this one is in Capricorn.Here's my dob if you need it 11 11 1976.Just reading the yearly forecast there is some crazy stuff happening to scorpios,and I'd love to hear what you have to say.Thanks soooo much!!

  • How will this lunar eclipse in June affect those of us with moon in Capricorn? My moon is 04 Degrees Capricorn in my natal chart.

  • captain, any words of advice for an aries. going thru a very trying time in my life. on the verge of asking my husband for a divorce and im scared to death. should i know anything about the eclipse or anything else. any helpful advice so i can better understand the changes in my life?

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