I would like a reading, if anyoune can help me.

  • I don't know where to begin, but I've been in a relationship with my man for 9 years. It's been turbulent at times, but the good times are very good. I just told him last night I wanted to break it off. At the time I was so sure that is what I needed to do, but as soon as I did it, I completely regretted it. Crazy I know... I'm a Gemini with a scorpio moon that might expalain it, lol. He was going to let a female cousin that he has never met in person move in , bercause she is having problems with her boyfriend, doesn't have a job, but she has done maintenance work in the past and he does need help with maintaining his home ( huge yard, toys, he works alot of overtime, etc ). It just struck me as odd, because he doesn't know her from a can of paint and he is usually over suspicious of everyone, even me sometimes. Sorry to ramble, this probably doesn't make any sense , but it rose a huge red flag for me. If anyone has any insights they would like to share, I would appreciate the help. My birhtdate is 6/7/1971 @ 9:01 AM USA EST. his is 10/19/1961 @ 10:12 AM USA EST. for astologers.

  • There is some planets tugging right now--for some it is milder than others. It could have some jumping the gun--inviting confrontation. What you describe does not look good on paper I agree but spirit says there is more to this story you didn't get to digest because you reacted to the red flags. Passionate relationships go with extremes and you take the good with the bad and learn to manage by reflecting on past mistakes. A little distance would have helped here--to feel your fire alone first--rid yourself of some steam then have a talk telling him why you do not feel good about this.. You have a right to be suspicious of the situation. Even if his intentions are noble he is gambling for trouble to get between her and a still battling mate. He may think the plus outways the gamble on trouble but we often don't see past our own needs. You felt regret because you know despite your bad feelings and fears that maybe it's not the time to throw the relationship away and you have a history of proclaiming war too soon.. I don't see this cousin relationship working out.--meaning if you just let it go it will unravel itself. You can step away without blowing the ship out of the water. This is always your lesson. Give yourself some detach time and like the weather most of this will blow over. Blessings.

  • Blmoon, thank you so much! Your words have helped me, I feel a little better now.

    I have to stop at his place to pick up a few things after work in a couple hours. Hopefully he will speak to me.

    Again thank you and have a wonderful day!

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