Sad and confused.. wondered if anyone might be able to provide me with a reading

  • I have had quite a difficult few months which have proved to be very traumatic for me. I was desperately trying to look for answers and bought a pack of tarot a few weeks back to try and read them for myself with no luck really. Maybe because I am not in the best of emotional places.

    I wondered if anyone might be able to provide me with a reading to try and clear the confusion. thank you very much

    I was in a relationship with a man until August of this year. The relationship broke down following the loss of a pregnancy in March of this year. I found it hard to forgive him as he did not support me at all during the pregnancy. When we broke up he was quite cold towards me and said he wanted space and went abroad to work. He then said he was staying abroad until Jan 09 to try and rebuild his life. Since then he has emailed me to say he misses me very much, cannot stop thinking about how things went wrong between us and then asked if we could be friends.

    I still love him but am confused by his messages. I wanted to know if there was a chance we would get back together again in the future. Thank you very much..

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  • I see lots of rainbow colors around you. You are surrounded by bright colors and good vibes. I would let go of this relationship because he was not there to support you in the first place and left you to deal with many issues and problems on your own. The mere fact that he has returned after you have delt with these issues on your own, tells me that he couldn't face these issues and be of support to you. I wouldn't stand for it. If he couldn't be there during the hardest of times, then he will not be with you, next time you need him. I would turn your back on him, the way that he turned his back on you, when you needed him most. I have been around for some time and have been through many relationships. If I were you, I would look back on the past and make my decision for the future. You will do very well in life without anyone around you. You are surrounded by bright, rainbow colors. I saw this when reading your letter. Take care of yourself and all good things will follow. Tell this guy to take a hike and take time to reflect on yourself. You deserve it! I shall call you rainbow girl! Be alone for awhile and watch the magic happen!!!!! You are GOOD.....He is BAD.......Love yourself.....Rainbow girl! Make your wishes.............They will come true! Love: A pot of gold.................

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