Help Please, About To Lose a Leo Best Friend

  • Hi,

    I'm in the midst of losing my best friend who is a leo, over something i've supposedly said to someone, I do not know what i've said or to whom, but I know for certain that I only ever speak very highly of this friend. I tried to contact her but could not get past her teenage daughter who just gave me attitude and abuse. I'm always supporting my friend through driving her wherever she needs to go, giving her whatever she needs if i have it, providing emotional support, helping her children etc etc etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do not wish to lose this friendship.


  • my feeling is, if you give her space and some time, she will come around. she is thinking, and not sure what to make of it. and her daughter is being melodramatic..

    just say a prayer, and then let go. give this a few days, she will come around.


  • Thanks. I have made the decision to completely cut off her daughter from my life, as I do not need that teenage rubbish in my life, but i would really love to know what or who has created this issue and what exactly the issue is.

  • The issue has to do with her daughter. just stay low.. it could be a few days or a week.

  • Thanks, I am keeping well away from that household until I hear from my friends sister (who is my mum's best friend). I can't even think what I could've done to ping off the little brat, I do everything I can for her, infact some people would say that I do far to much for her. Thanks again.

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