Long term relationship what do these cards mean?

  • Hi

    Self - Temperance

    Stuation - Death

    Significant other - Moon

    Advice - 6 Cups

    Potential - King Cups

    I feel like it might be time to move on from this relationship is that what these cards are saying?



  • Hi elle

    From the looks of things its telling you not to look forward but to look back. 6 of cups is a card of remembering and taking comfort from the past. Death card as a situation shows its ending but a new stage of it will be reborn. Temperance probably shows you have the right idea on how to balance out the relationship and the moon shows that he has now overcome a flaw that has made him unable to move forward. Potential is King of cups.

    King of cups is someone who it committed and shows a situation wherein commitment is not an issue. Unless it came out reversed.

    But thats just how i look at it

  • Thank you

    Thats all very positive! I was thinking of moving out to see if it would make things better between us and if it doesn't then I'm out of it. Either way things need to change. I thought the moon meant deception, lies and such like. Balance is exactly whats needed but seems impossible to acheive!

    Any other viewpoints would be most welcome.


  • The moon shows that aspects of a situation are still in the dark, you made it through to a new stage of your life and you dont know what to make of it. Balance is impossible i think because of the death card, SOMETHING has to go in this relationship and i dont mean locked up, i mean OUT, gone, bye bye. something that causes this imbalance isnt needed and so i believe you should settle that first

  • Hey there Elle,

    I hope you don't mind that I put my feelings on your reading through,I hope it helps in someway?


    At the moment your feeling out of whack,your emotions and uncertainty shows through the imbalance of the temperence card,with this card appearing though it shows you will be able to use the right kind of emotional balance in moderation to sort through things.Routine and Consistency is needed here,within yourself.

    Stuation - Death

    This is a turning point and new transformation,so something is abotu to happen in the sense that the old will be dead and buried and something new will emerge,making the situation rejuvenated and seen as a new beginning.Think of the situation you are in as a transitional phase.

    Significant other - Moon

    There is a lot that's concealed and possibly not shown or as obvious to the eye.This could be your partner's feelings,thought,emotions etc.Something is shadowing an aspect that seems to be masked by an illusion within your partner.

    Advice - 6 Cups


    Do you feel at all stuck in the past in someway or another?

    The advice this card could be giving is that it's sometimes nice to reminisce aslong as you don't confuse the past with the present or future.Maybe together you should both look back and think of the postives your relationship has had during your time that you have shared together,maybe it will spark something within your heart or mind to make you feel more secure.

    Potential - King Cups

    The possible outcome and potential could prove to be a rather romantic relationship,rather deep and generous is love,although on the downside it can also signify manipulation on someone's part.

  • Thank you both of you x

    Yes we had a great relationship in the past and I'm trying to get things back the way they were between us. He can't see what the problem is because evrything is going his way and as long as that continues hes happy. He's got the best of both worlds now, out for 2 days at a time every week being a "mans man" with his male freinds and having me to come back to! Because he's not out chasing women he doesn't see anything wrong in it. I don't deny him his space and I have mines, I just want us to meet in the middle but he wont give an inch! Ceck mate!! What else can I do but leave and see if things change?

    Elle x

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