Help with love having Venus in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio

  • I am curious what you all think about somebody I met. I would like to know what our challenges are and how we express ourselves in love. I have never been with a Virgo and try to understand him better. Also would like to know if we are compatible in love (making). Thank you for any input.


    Sun in Virgo

    Moon in Cancer

    Venus in Virgo

    Mars in Scorpio

    Jupiter in Leo

    Saturn in Aries


    Sun in Sagittarius

    Moon in Gemini

    Venus in Scorpio

    Mars in Scorpio

    Jupiter in Scorpio

    Saturn in Taurus

    Thank you

  • Ooh...Sunniesideup, I had a pretty bad 5 year relationship with a virgo...and I know exactly 4 of my close friends have had similar experience with them. My relationship actually has been the only man i was ever in love with...and we were crazy together. You have alot of the same planets that i have ( sun in Sag, moon in Gem, venus in Scorp) my ex was a Virgo sun, Leo moon and venus in Cancer...I think our venus combo is what made the love so deep.....but everything else was a mess!

    Virgo men tend to be attracted to strong bold women who are unique and have a bit of mystery....BUT although that is what they are drawn to most fiercely, their natures are not quite suited for a woman of that magnitude..........deep down they just want someoneto carry ou their wills and desires. They tend to be very possessive and jealous and suspicious...i could go on and on about them...mostly negative stuff.

    Sorry, that was just my experience..on the flip side, they are charming and noble and fun to be around when they are in good spirits, and if they love you for may be the one and only time in their life they have those feelings for anyone.

    If need any other info from here : ) cant say it will all be good, or even mostly good lol...but I will be honest ; )

    Best of luck.

  • Silana, thank you so much for your post. I did not write back right away, sorry, had to digest it first. But I want you to know, it has helped me not to invest my heart into it... and to watch him very carefully.

    Overall, I think he was another stepping stone in my spiritual learning right now. Not to bend myself for another man, not to settle for less....

    Your input has helped me to just learn from it, not to get hurt by it.

    So....thank you 🙂

    One step closer to the 'ONE'. I will keep you posted.

    Hope you are doing well.

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