• I responded in another thread, & I want to make sure you read it so..:

    Kushikamikiba, your insight is appreciated. What you infered was dead on too. I am moving forward in my life though I'm hesitant on moving forward. But I can't help but move forward, that's all I can do. Current/recent events have made me feel lonely and I am fearful on account of something that happened in February of this year. I feel disgusted with myself for it, I have guilt on my consciousness because of it, and it's made me feel broken inside. There's a possibility that I will have to go to court for it, and it has worried me what will happen.

    In general, I usually distance myself anyway. I have always distanced myself from my family. There is a loved one who means a lot to me & who I consider as a father figure who is in jail right now, so we are distanced. I miss him a lot. His name's Brian, AKA Tat, Right On. Would you by any chance be able to sense anything from him?

    I also recently found out that someone I haven't seen or heard from in months who used to be close to me who I consider my bro is in jail now too. His name's Jeremy, can you pick up anything from him or know why he is in jail? Because I have no idea.

    I'm glad I'll be having strength and abundance in my future but what do you mean by saying you feel like I'm not ready for it?

    I will reflect on what I really want. I've been needing to make changes in my life, I've been needing to focus on myself, my own happiness.

    Anyway thanks again for your insight and I would like to have another response from you.

    Also would you tell me if this person is any importance to me. He seems meaningful for me. He seems as if he's someone special. But I don't know what to think about him or the matter.

    His birthdate: April 28th, 1994

    mine February 19th, 1994

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