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  • hello ev1! i am new to the forum scene so not ure if im doing this correctly. i am a cancer and my dob is 6-27-64. i enjoy horoscopes and psychic readings. i am trying to get some insight on any changes in my life in the near future. i just feeling like some major changes are about to happen and the last time i felt like this my 17 year old son was murdered!!!! i am hoping this feeling this time will bring good changes instead of bad ones!!! please help!!

  • You may just be feeling the effects of Ascension and the current global changes. If so, reading this thread might help -

    Otherwise, your numerology shows that you are in a 9 year for 2010. Your 9 personal year is a year of ending and a year of beginning, a time to cast off old attitudes and habits and let go of things that are no longer valid for you. For example, sometimes in a 9 year we have an urge to "spring clean" both in a literal and a figurative sense. We let go of friendships, jobs, or even homes that no longer serve our greatest good. The lesson is to do so with grace and gratitude. You are getting ready for the new and cannot be burdened by the old. This is a year of force and change, and a year when decisions will have to be made. This can be an emotional and stressful year and the best way to deal with it is to practice spiritual surrender. A 9 year often brings a wide variety of experiences and opportunities. If you have done the work of the 9 year, your last three months should bring a sense of freedom, enjoyment and awakening. You are bringing to a conclusion what you have learned and created, and are now integrating it into your present life. So it is indeed a year of change as you felt.

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