I really need guidance re: Aqua-Mom...Thx =•}

  • Thanks Captain, all friends n u know who u r!

    It's me, Lisa ~ Scorpio daughter ( 10/30/1955),

    vs. Susan ~Aqua Mom ( 1/23/1935).

    I'm the only kid. She is without "Mr. Right"!!!!

    Things are not so great between us. I'd like very much to connect with her...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks and Love...;)

  • Score

    Your mom, Hmmm..I get the feeling in her younger days

    was very out-going, with peers and exciting.

    I also feel she often dwells on the past or just reminsce at times

    about old times that she misses or how she could have done things.

    I feel she misses doing things the most, she wants to go out

    to be apart of someones life, to be involved, invited.

    Have you tried invited her, involving her, ?

  • Aquarians need something to look forward to... if she has gotten into the same ole rut... she'll die inside. Some spice is what she needs...u know her and what she likes... ask her about taking a trip...I know I do better with impromptu because of the risk and unknown involved....maybe she's the same...

  • Hello, and Thanks to both of you!

    Addictdtoriches ~ Wow! Do you know my Mom??!!!! 😉

    You're Spot-oN!!!!

    And Birdie-bee ~ YES, you as well.

    And both of your replies are weaving together in my mind...

    I'm absorbing both fine replies, and am feeling very empowered from these!

    Quirky is key, with us! Hmmmmmm....guess I need to allow Mom her lectures! Lol!

    She needs people...is fun and very intelligent, yet still alone! I'm going to pray on it!


    Lisa xx

  • hi again Score, how are things with you and your family BTW?

    Aquarius is dominant in your mom's chart. She is a fast thinker, able to absorb information quickly and enjoys being around her friends. She may actually find a lover among them, worry not, she is charming and popular. She has a constant need to be busy or she may feel guilty. If she is retired then she will constantly make her self busy, be it with family matters or activities with her friends. This may not go well with you, since she will tend to interfere with things you don't believe she is entitled to interfere with. She also enjoys her home life and if she stays with you, be it a visit or permanent stay, she will most likely make changes to make her feel more at 'home'. Again, this may not suit you or the whole family.

    Your moon is in Aries, and with Mars conjuct Mercury, may add aggression to your words. You are probably short tempered, although it doesn't mean you hold grudges, but few people can forget arguments (if they have one with you) due to the boost that Mars adds to your words. It will be hard to recognize this and control it, since you were born with this configuration. There may be a time when you think that agreeing to every word your mom said, will help smooth things out. But this is not true, plus it is not in your nature to do so anyway. What you can do, is to take the north node Sagitarius path. This means you will take a stand on what you believe in and you will see your relationship with your mother as a learning curb to your higher purpose. You will learn to communicate without fear and prejudice, you will not let small details annoy you, and you will learn to see the purpose of your mother's actions and words, before reacting to them. Your mother's purpose in this life time to embrace her Aqua north node. Charming and popular she is at Leo south node, she has to learn to be a friend. Aqua north node teaches her the value of friendship, while Leo is more of a leadership quality. That she can be more than just a mother that has the authority over you, she can also be your friend. A 'friend' quality is more attractive to men. Because a man most likely trusts his friend more than everyone else.

    Knowing she can absorb information fast, ask her to read this and see what she thinks.

  • Score,

    Lol, not exactly.

    Try taking her out, thier should be organizational centers

    for elders, maybe bingo, golf, search the internet and try

    finding close places. I feel she need to be in a active place

    with interactive people.

    Many Blessings Hun.

  • Hi Dear LS!!!

    Much gratitude for your aMAZing insights...you are really gifted!

    And thanks for asking ~ the fam is well, 2 teens home for Summer...so kooky but good! 🙂

    I hope all's happy and well with you and yours...

    Ha ha! I will send your reply to my Mom; you're so correct in that she does indeed absorb info fast!!! Soooooo....

    Darn! My key board is very glitchy, I must stop typing before I go bonkers!

    Thanks so much, Darlin'!


    Lisa (((((((((hugs)))))))))

  • Oh, btw ~ LS,

    I'm a first-time Nana!

    Cecilia Maree

    May 6, 2010

    10:25 AM

    Eastport, ME

    forgive me but you ARE so gifted with charts and more...!

    Actually, my Mom is planning to move up there in a year or so!

    I have a feeling that she and Cecilia may connect...

    What is my keyboard problem?!!!! Ahhhhh!

    Love and Thanks again, Dear... 😉

  • Hi Addictdtoriches!

    Thanks, Sweetie!

    Yes, Mom needs and likes action, but...

    she feels quite superior to most folks-and won't even consider

    "normal" elder type activities! Sigh......

    It'll work out...and I really appreciate your good luck wishes!

    And your Blessings...

    Thanks so much! Btw, your username describes my Morher! Hahaha! 🙂



  • you're welcome Score

    it's nice to read your post again

    your mom likes being around her friends

    Saturn's placement makes her feel safe among friends, but restricts her from being too much of a friend herself but more of a superior, a leader, even to you

    something might have happened to her in her youth, when she was between 20 - 35 perhaps?

    something in the friendship area, that makes her build some kind of a barrier

    I'd imagine her enjoys betting or games, since Leo (her south) rules the 5th house of games, creativity, and children

    your grand daughter's moon conjunct your mom's mercury and venus

    emotionally she may give you all hard times

    but other than that, your mom and her will connect, most likely understand each other

  • OK Score

    I don't go into specifics, but hope this helps OK?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Lisa

    "Your moon is in Aries"

    moon travels fastest among the 10 planets, that's where online chart is usually wrong

    calculating by hand like I do will take too much time

    that's why I only use DOB, I don't use place and time of birth anymore

    if your moon is in taurus, it will be very early degree, 1 - 2 degrees at least

    you may not be short tempered, but watch for depression and brooding

    As per Mars conjunct Mercury part and everything else, that stays the same

    I will add your e-mail to my contact info

    thanks for giving it 🙂

  • sorry Score

    I deleted your e-mail by mistake

    could you write it down again?

    do it like this example

  • Oh my LS, Dear!

    Just saw this...been away for a while. And how are YOU, my friend?

    Here's my edress: The forum seems to have changed a bit...

    I came on to start a topic, and I feel silly enough @ said topic ~ now even sillier coz I'm unable to figure out how to start a topic!!!! DUH!

    Well, it's just that after all of 40 yrs loving and dabbling in Astrology...I still don't "get" the Houses!!?!


    I hope you're well and happy, e-me some time...


    Lisa ❤




  • Dear LS!

    Whazzsup with the edress thang? They've blanked it out?!

    Anyway, hope all is well and happy with you and yours,

    Love Lisa

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