Can someone assist me with a reading?

  • Hi, I am currently working on preparing to make a career shift as well as move to another country. I am not yet certain where and when to move, I also have recently met a man, fellow Virgo, who I wonder if I should seek to pursue a relationship with or let it alone. He's been going through a difficult end to his marriage and I sense reticence on his part...but am not clear on the source of that reticence. I have learned from several meetings recently, not to tarry on hopes of someone else being ready, but to cut early and move on, being open to the Universal good that is available. I wonder whether this too should be left alone or should I pursue/be open to something romantic with him.

    As to career, I am heading into the freedom of consulting globally and wanted any insight on several projects I have pending and am about to submit for? Is this the path I should now take?

    Thank you very much for your insight and help.

  • At the present time, travel is not recommended as many countries are suffering from terrorist activities in the unlikeliest places. Not only has it become more dangerous to travel alone, it is not something that should be done at this time. However, I am glad you asked.

    Theft is a huge problem in all countries at this time. Loss of identity, passports, money and personal goods are a few of the minor problems. At worst, you could be in danger if you are between the ages of 17-35, especially. The market for human trafficking in prostitution has reached record levels of kidnapping, forcing women to become addicted to hard core drugs to create a sense of compliance. Once you get caught up in that, you might as well kiss your life goodbye.

    As for pursuing your Virgo, allow him the freedom of space to heal from his current painful past. He is not ready for more than kindnesses and light friendships that are here today and gone tomorrow. He is not ready to date.

  • Firefly01,

    Thank you for your insight. I will continue to relate to him in a simple and friendly manner. I too believe in giving others space to I would not interfere with his process at any rate!

    Again, thanks

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