Help w/ dream interpretation plz

  • Hello friends. I had a dream around 4 days ago that i have a feeling has a lot of importance and i am curious to find out what it means. So here we go:

    The dream took place inside a gym inside a college. Apparently i was just there as a visitor. I was visiting every class room that in my dreams i was going to attend in the future. I know i went to the college to get to know and familiarize with the rooms and classes i would be taking in the fall. I know for sure that in real life i am not taking a P.E class in college lol. So i was observing the students playing around with the balls and shooting towards the basket. I saw that they weren't good enough i as believed myself i was so i took a ball and decided to make some shots which i did. Then i left the room because i wasn't sure that the P.E room i was in was the right one. So i left the gym and walked down a hall and got inside the first class room i saw. I could see students doing their work sitting on their chairs. I sat on one of the chairs next to this guy who noticed i looked a little confused and lost. He asked me if i was OK. I reply that i couldn't find this room i was looking for. I showed him my schedule and he told he he would show me the way. So we left the class room and took me right in front of the gym i left a few minutes ago. He pointed me out to the door number. The gym doors were royal blue and the numbers were written in fading white. The number was "1155" which i believe it means something very important cuz it was written on my schedule and the door and the dream kept on showing it to me, like pointing it out. So he left me there, then suddenly my cellphone rights. It was a friends, now neighbor, from high school. She was crying. i couldn't understand what she was trying to tell me. Finally i understood some words. She said: "Your dad!..." I then started crying too. I couldn't control my cryings. The first thing i asked her was if my dad was dead. She wouldn't answer. I couldn't speak either, the crying was just too much. I finally managed to tell her that i would text her n ask her what happened. I hang up and text-ed her if my dad died. She replied with a single "yes". (The thing that concerns me here is that the crying was just too exaggerated. Specially from my friend.) So i left the college and all i remember is being on a road side next to the ambulance that carried my father's body. I remember the road was straight and clean. On each side of the road was green grass everywhere and a tree there and there. We were in the middle of no-where. So i asked the 2 nurses (a woman n a man) if my father was dead. They wouldn't answer, they were just murmuring, then finally they said "no". Then they just told me that he was probably in that condition because of we didn't give him enough love and affection. I thought to myself that they were being unfair bcuz my father has been the one who has treated us bad and how could i show him my love if he was not receptive to it. But i just decided to keep quite. My mother and siblings arrived to the scene. We all got inside the ambulance. The inside looked like a small white room with two white benches and a little window. My father was not inside. He was somewhere in the ambulance but not where we were. My mother was talking about how she was tired of this and that she preferred for my father to be dead then to go through the same things again (He had an accident almost a year ago that was life changing to us). I told her to be quiet cuz i knew that if he was dead and that if he was a ghost that he would hear everything she just have said. Suddenly my father appeared in the room out of nowhere. He look transparent, like a ghost, and he was shining with a gold light. Just a few parts of his body were glowing. I knew he was not dead for some reason but he looked dead. He was just standing in the middle of the room/ambulance like a zombie. He looked sick from the body and the mind. I asked my sister if she could see him but she couldn't. I was the only one who could. So I made him lay down on the floor and wrapped him in my arms. I was trying to make him go to sleep so he could go on to heaven. I was afraid he overheard my mom's words. I started singing a baby's lullaby to put him to sleep. He was falling asleep and was he was doing so he was gold shining more and more and disappearing but suddenly he woke up with a rage. His force opened the doors of the ambulance. At this point i noticed the ambulance was floating up high in the sky! i was afraid we would all fall down. He then slipped through the ambulance like a ghost and fell down. I woke up

    I apologize for the long text


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