Birth Name and Numerology Question

  • I want to know if a person who may not know their original birth name could ever receive an accurate numerology report? If a person's name was changed due to adoption for example would that change their life destiny, etc. in regards to numerology?

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  • Hey Triple Three Sista T !

    Who is to say that it was Not destiny to be adopted and to have a name change?

    Or, who can say that the original name does not carry the same vibration as the name change?

    I'm of the belief that We Choose Before birth all things based on the life we want or need. The adoptive name would be accurate to use in my opinion as the adult or child has taken on that vibration, no less than a married woman running both her given birth name for part of her life and changing it with marriage. Yes, I do understand that the letters Of the birth name are usually asked for, but the energy we attach to and which attaches to us is that which we identify with. To me its a little wacky to think you are Not putting out an energy just because you don't know your birth name! I've seen some web sites say that an adoptee has no cosmic name --- who's to say? Again I think, a woman who gave up her surname in her 20's, took on her husband's name, carried that name for the last 40 years has been putting out and attracting based on that vibrations. Many people change their name to attract a different energy ( vibration) when they don't feel the numbers match up to where they want to be in life.

    Tricky question ….Brings up a lot more questions ….. but I don't care for any person diminishing another just because they don't know what was written down originally! Just something to think about.

    Be well! Kiss the bambinos! ~ Laie

  • Thanks for the response Laie. Yes this has given me a lot to think about. I was asking because I am an adoptee and I only learned of my birth name two years ago and have only found out about numerology one year ago. I never thought about the fact when I got married and changed my name that that would affect anything either. I was married for thirteen years and also just got divorced last year and have recently been switching between my married and adoptive name legally. So I guess sounds like I'm really confused energy wise? So maybe I should get a numerology report with each name I have used and see which one best suits where I want to be then stick with that name. Is that correct? Thanks again for responding I appreciate it. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • No problem, Tanya. I thought what you wrote, "... confused energy wise?" was cute

    aren't we all at some time! : ) And its no wonder this is tough for you! Basically, you have a (recently known)birth name, an adoptive name and a married name.

    In numerology, the part that deals with vowels and constanants, can change for a lot of people. I went from birth name, to married name, back to birth name and now to another married name. The first married name coincided perfectly with being a wife & mother of 4 ( # 6) and living a more earthly life, so to speak. The kids have grown, the numbers have changed again, re-marriage, but this time, the numbers are more spiritual, more in alignment, with my life path number. My husband uses a shortened version of his middle name --- most people don't even know thats not his first name! I write this just to give you an example because I Do like your idea ---- figure out who you are and go for it! heehee I think of all these things as just useful tools anyway.

    What happens if the bf is able in time to stay and is able to marry? Oh no, lol ! I agree --- Work out the numbers, see how they feel in comparison with who you are and who you want to be (like attracts like) and stick with it.



  • Thanks again Laie4. Funny you should mention my bf. I ran the numbers with both our names and the different ways we currently use them and decided to stick with my Adopted maiden name for now because this is the only name that gave us anything the same (which was our Destiny # -1-). 🙂

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • too funny! Love & hugs back to you!

  • I've always heard that the full name on your birth certificate is the name you should use.

    But if you don't know the name on your birth certificate then you could still use your adopted name, it changes your expression and soul urge numbers not your life path.

  • Thanks Robin33. The full name on my birth certificate was whited out and replaced by my adoptive name which I have since concluded is the best name for me to use at this time. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • @333tanya my thoughts are perhaps you can take the soul number of each name and add them together to give you your soul number

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