What the tarot cards mean (Four card reading)

  • Fri 10 Oct 08

    4 wands, King of cups, Justice and the Ace of swords

    You are feeling more free now and will be happy soon if you are not happy right now. You may will be going into something new with someone you know or you meet someone new. You may like to have a party before starting this new job, idea or maybe going away for a bit. You will be happy meeting new people and you never know you may just see an old friend.

    King of cups

    But there will be someone there to help you out in your new job or your idea. If you are going away maybe to learn new things then say thanks to the people that have help you to get to where you are now. If you do then you may meet up with them again and then will know you are a good person.


    There will be someone with some information that may affect what is happing right now. This may be a legal situation to deal with or the police to deal with. But there may be a document to sign in order for you to move forward. It may be that someone is going to give you a document and you then should read it carefully. But take a good look at the past and move forward into the job, idea, or making things happen.

    Ace of swords

    We now have new things to think about and some new facts to find out about. We must apply some logic to what is happening. If we face the problem we can overcome it and get more strength. If you had setbacks in the past then try to find out why they were happing. But also you have to face the problem and share it with others. But if you need to say sorry to someone then do so then you can start again and everyone will be happy.

    There may be someone that is good looking out there for you, but they may be cocky or saying they can do things when they can’t. It may be a letter will arrive in the post and you read it to find out something you would like in life. But this card is also saying don’t take any risks or rash things and there may be travel to come for you. Someone may lash out it you or become anger with you.

    Sat 11 Oct 08

    Knight of wands, Ace of Cups, High Priestess, Eight of Swords

    Knight of wands

    You may have a physically attractive to other people, but as there are some cocky people out there saying they can do things they may not be able to do. They may not like to work and they take risks without any fear. They like to travel but don’t like to set any roots and they can make things happen which can be good as well as bad. They may lash out at you for most things without thinking first.

    Ace of cups

    But you can use your emotional force and your feelings to let your heart lead you to the right thing to do. Let your intuition say where you need to be in love, work or play and let your heart show it. Trust yourself to know what to do in the job you do or any new friend you meet. Let the man or woman into your life if you love them or what to get to know them more. If you are with someone this is saying why not take it to a new level as in marry them. But you will need to get rid of any negativity you have and maybe forgive and forget.

    High Priestess

    There may be some secrets to tell someone in your life or if its not secrets there may well be some information coming your way. You must find the right information and use it to help you to move on, fight in a court or to win something you need. You will find this information and you will then just need to use it to help you move on in life.

    Eight of Swords

    But you may feel bad inside for something you may or may not of done now or in the your past. You are feeing restricted as you can’t move on or you are being fenced to be where you don’t want to be. If you are feeling trapped and you feel you have limited powers then this is saying you will get free of it. Also if you are feeling confused then this well go away soon. Plus you may feel as if they is no luck in any direction within your life and you may need someone to help you. If you are doubting yourself and you do need help then seek that help and you soon find yourself returning back on course.

  • Sun 12 Oct

    The Devil Card 15, The eight of wands, seven of cups, 3 of swords.

    There may be someone in your life that you need to break free from and this may be a friend, job or the person you love. It may just be a case of saying sorry to the other person and forgiving them and forget it every happen. You may also need to look for a better friend, job or lover but talk first.

    The eight of wands

    The eight of wands has two messages for us, first there may be some information that you are waiting for and it’s on its way or there is love coming your way. Now this information may help you to move on in your life, have a better job or be information you are waiting for as in a meeting of some type. But it could be that you get a message that someone loves you and if you are single then you need to take up this information here and now. Don’t wait as it may be too late the next day as she may be somewhere else. So be on the look out and think yourself lucky.

    The Seven of cups

    Beware if you are thinking of moving home, jobs or making someone else move out. Do some talking first as you may find out it may not be you that needs to say sorry. Talking things over will help you to come up with what did go wrong and what you need to do to make it right again. But don’t go building things in your head as you may as well talk to people that can help you to make it work. It can also be trying to say that you may be eating or drinking too much and need some help. If that is right then see someone to help you out.

    Three of swords

    You may start to feel heartbroken or you are causing someone to be heartbroken. If not you may be going though emotion pain or maybe hurting inside. It may be you get some bad news or having your feelings hurt. You may be feeling lonely or let down or letting someone down yourself. If this is happing or has happen maybe its time to move on or to talk with the other person. You may be able to sort the pain out with some talking. If not then you need to move on and forget it as soon as you can.

    Mon 13 Oct 08

    7 wands

    You are feeling frustration in life and you must make sure you do something about it. Get out more and meet people or if you have no job then get out there and find the job you like to do. Think of ways to make you loss frustration and make some of them work.

    The Emperor 4

    You may get to know someone that may help you out or that you find someone to let you work for them. This person may be a stabilising man or woman in business or may just be a friend. But do make some plans that could help you out. Things will change for the better as you make new friends or find someone that would like to be by your side in love, work or just friends. But what every happens you find someone new is coming your way.

    Ten of swords

    It feels as if you have no where to go but don’t think that way. It may be the end of one thing but it is not the end of the world. You are feeling low right now and things will get better. If you are a victim of something then goto the police or if it happen at work then goto the boss to sort it out. There are always ways of going to find help if you care to find it. If you are always letting people go first or letting them use you as a doormat then stop and think. Why should you let others use you as that doormat and why should I not go out and enjoy myself. Why am I the only person that looks after the kids. Get the help you need.

  • Wheel of fortune card

    You may have luck coming your way as if you are looking for work or trying to find a new course to learn something new. You now have the luck of getting somewhere and you should use this time as you will get what you what.

    Knight of cups

    But don’t start to day dream about things and if you like helping people then go for it. You will feel better if you if you sometimes relax and allow other people to help you out from time to time. If you need to open up to people then do so and to the right people that can help you.

    The queen of wands

    You can be happy again and with a good out come that you want in your life. If anyone has helped you then you could say thanks. But if you are going to get to know someone they may be happy to hear from you.

    King of Swords

    But if you have any ideas then carry out the research first and use logic. Don’t forget to break up subjects to understand it better. But you may like to start to write something or be a spokesperson.

  • The two of swords

    You need to take the blindfold off so you can see and show your true feelings to your friends, family or just in work. You may also be turning a deaf ear sometimes so open your eyes and ears and listen in. Keep your cool and don’t say things are fine if they are not.

    The Chariot 7,

    There will be some type of travel or maybe movement in your life. If someone is going wrong then it will soon change to good things. You may be moving house or trying to find a new job so there may be movement here. Then a business move may be in order and therefore more business to come. A new friend may come into your life and you have some happy times with them to help you out.

    The Seven of cups

    You may be making fantasies in your world and you may not feel happy in life. But you could try thinking of some things in life you like to do. But don’t go building things in your head. Think of things to do for your business, your life or want job you like to do. You may need to return to learning at college so you can find a better job. You may feel you are not eating the right food or you are over doing on drink or maybe going out too much to party’s. If so then cut back and make your life better.

    Ten of wands

    This is warning you to not take on more then what you should. There may be more overtime for you to make more money. But if it get out of hand then say no. If you do take on more work then see if other people can help you out with it. Also make sure you take some rest and don’t overload yourself or pay too much money at the wrong time. Don’t do things the hard way as others will help but it’s up to you to ask for it first.

  • Six of Wands

    There may be some good news arriving soon as you have the winning ticket or a friend or part of the family may be having a baby, going on holiday or starting a new job. Also it may be a thank you for some work you have done and people would like to show you it. You may of put others first so you are now getting a nice thank you for it. Be happy if you get something from someone and just say thank you and that you know you have worked hard.

    The Hanged Man

    But your life is also getting better as there have been some delays in your life. But take a look round you and see if there is not anything in your life that you are doing now and see if there are new things you can start to like. Learn a new sport or go or learn something new at college. You know you can get yourself better and should use this time to do so.


    If you need to show your emotions then show them as no one will let you down. It may be that you are touched or moved by something that someone has done or that they have done for you. Let new or old friends help you out but don’t let anyone hurt you.

    Knight of Swords

    Sometimes you or others need to get straight to the point and not mince with there words. But some people will not spare the feelings of other people so think of this. . You can give an honest answer and if put in the right way a lot of people will like it. But also try not to be too bad and spare other peoples feelings. If you are in command of other people then don’t force the point and start to care more about them. This in turn will make you a better person. As if no one likes you then you need to find out why and care for others and take what they say and do something about it. If you are taking ideas off people then don’t as its they idea and not yours. Don’t go round thinking you know it all as we all learn from each other and that helps us all. Don’t try talking about topics you don’t know or understand as one day someone will be there that will make fun of you. Also if you always have the last word then sometimes its best to make the other person think that they have win and let them learn the hard way. We all must use the rules and the law to make us happy and safe in life. Don’t go breaking them or you will need to goto the boss, police or court and sort it out.

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    Anyway down to the reading.

    The Lovers

    You are going to meet someone new like a new friend or maybe if you are single a new man or woman in your life. If not that then someone in your family will be coming to see you but also to live in your area. Also it could be that you may find someone you like a lot and see them again and then you start to love that person.

    Ten of Cups

    You are in for some happy times now and there will be some party’s or maybe a birthday or wedding to go and see. But also there may be happy news of a new job or your brother or sister is about to have a baby. But it may be that if you have children already they say that they have passed an exam.


    There may have been some type of battle you have been going though with someone and if this person shows up then talk to them and think. If someone has left then best to find out why and look at ways to put it right. There is still a way of getting round it or to letting them know its you that made the battle start. It is not too late to sort it out and it needs to be sorted out before anything else can happen. If you feel the other person is against you find out why and see what you can do to stop it.

    9 of Wands

    You may find that you need to take a step out of the situation in order to find a answer. There are better things out there and you must look for them and get help if you need it. Sometimes with life’s ups and downs if we share the problem with someone then it goes away. So if you are working and you do have a problem then share it with your manager. If you are learning something and don’t understand it share it with the teacher. If you are with a boyfriend or girlfriend and have a problem then they may like to help you with it. So tell someone and see what happens.

  • Tue 21 Oct 08

    Well we have the Ace of Cups and this is a new start for you as there may be a new job, man or woman in your life. This could be saying that you are now ready to move into a new area to live in. So if you are trying to find love, a new friend or that new job then it’s coming soon.

    Page of Swords

    But you may need to analyze any problems you have using some logic and reason to look into what is going wrong in your life. Then you will need to develop a plan to help you on your way. You may to go to college to do some studying or some research in order to find out where you can go. If you are thinking of teaching then a lot of heard work is needed and think everything through to the end. You need to be a trustworthy person and be able to face the facts. If you are deceiving others stop before you get pick up on it. You must clear up any confusion that has happen and you may need to accept responsibility. It would also good to take on the other persons point of view. But meet any setbacks head on and you will not go wrong.

    King of wands

    You may meet someone that is a bit cocky or saying they can do things when they can’t. But it may be a letter that will arrive in the post and you read it to find out something you would like in life. That can be something new like a job, new car or a letter from someone that would love to meet up with you after so many years. But this card warns you not to take any risks or rash into things. So don’t sign any papers until you are 100% sure. But it may mean that there is travel to come to you. Someone may also lash out at you or become anger with you..


    Well first we don’t need to get upset about the Death card as yes it can be someone will go to there death bed. But we can think of it saying something is ending like you have passed your test or an exam. So if you had no job then you are going to find one soon. There may be the end of part of your business and the start of business with someone else. I had to make another four cards to see what this means and here they are.

    To see what the Death card was trying to say.

    The Six of cups

    You may meet some new people or meet up with some old school friends and talk about your childhood. But there are some happy times to come your way in that there will be a new job, friends and maybe a lover. You may go to a party and see someone you know there and find out something you need. It will be a good time ahead.

    The three of wands

    The three of wands in with the other cards are saying you must start to think of a different way of doing things. You are going to have to look at other possibilities in your life and try to see what happens. You may need to go on a new adventure and see something new which is coming to you. You are going into the unknown area of your life and should enjoy it.

    The Empress 3

    There may be some delays still in your life but don’t let that stop you. If you are finding it hard to find another job or getting the man or woman you would like don’t give in. You may just find that the delay is in a road you can’t get off so just leave a bit more early. But there may be someone like a brother or sister that may enter your life or that they have a baby. The delays you will have will not be for long.

    Queen of Swords

    Now we do have a warning that we must face the truth even if it’s unpleasant. We must play by the rules and be up front with others and we must not lie. First find out what the situation is so you then can understand what is going wrong. If something is right then they may be trying to say to you that what you are doing is great. There is sometime a hidden motive to what is going on so be warned about it. Be open to new ideas but don’t get fool into something you don’t understand, find someone that does understand it. But also don’t take some things seriously.

  • Five of cups

    You are having setbacks in your life so let go of things for now. But you will find a way of getting back on the road to where you were. You must carry on trying for the things you need or you will never get there. If you have had a break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend then you need to move on and start again in finding another boyfriend or girlfriend. You may not be thinking right at this point in time and you can’t see things as clear as they should be. Building new things is the way to go.

    The Hermit Card 9

    You need to be alone and to think of good ways to start to find what you what is life. So if you are looking for work then think it may be nice to look to train for something else that you like to do. But if you have lose your boyfriend or girlfriend as you don’t love them anymore then think of what may of happen in it. We need to search out what we are looking for and with an open mind. So if your new boyfriend or girlfriend has more money then you so what. You need to think of other people as a person not a thing. In work think of others that may need help and see if they need it. Within your own home you can help the kids with there home work as long as you understand how to do it. So do some thinking of what is going on in your life.

    The three of wands

    With you setbacks and your thinking you can go and make a plan to help you to get back on the road to make you more happy. There are going to be new things to look forward to and if you make small plans that are not going to take long then you will win. Make plans like if you are looking for work say to yourself “I will apply for at last two jobs every week.” If you are in work and you like to make it better you could help other people out so you could say “I will see if other people need help and offer it.” Its your plan and you can make it and put it into use so go and make it.

    Nine of swords

    You could be worrying about something in your life or worrying in some way. We all worry about something like when is our son or daughter going to get back. We do worry about others but you can get them to call you and say where they are and when they will be back. If you are feeling sick then see your doctor and he or she can help put it right. Maybe you have done some type of offense and you are now regretting it then don’t do it again and get help. Maybe you are trying to turn the clock back and not forgiving yourself. But you may be thinking you have done your best and you can’t do any more. If you are losing sleep then go and talk to the doctor so he or she can send you to someone that can talk about it.

  • The Sun.

    There is something new entering your life like a new job, friendship, new baby, boyfriend or girlfriend. You will be happy when it gets to you and if you are taking exams you will be happy with the test. If its not this then there may be someone like a old friend that you see or you make a visit to a family member.

    Knight of Wands

    A letter may arrive in the post and its about something you would like to do sure as a job, joining a group or some other type of letter. But sometimes the card can warn as to meeting or seeing someone that is cocky or saying they can do things when they can’t. Make sure you get all the information before you do anything else.

    7 of Cups

    The Seven of cups

    Go and build some new ideas so that you can enjoy life and be happy. But don’t build things you not going to be able to do or they will not work for you. Go and do some thinking of your life, business, or the job you love to do. If you are not eating the right food or maybe drinking too much maybe your change could be to eat the right amount and drink less beer. Plus if you go to lets of party’s then you may need to cut back. Take a look at what is wrong in your life and start from there.

    Queen of swords

    You need to find out what the situation is and work on it. So if you don’t have work and you are going to see someone find out all about what they would like. But face up to the truth of your past good or bad. But don’t tell someone that you had been fired from a job. Be as honest as you can. Playing by the rules will help you out in the job. If it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend then you sometimes need to ask them what they like about you. They may if you ask tell you how you could change. Don’t be tick or fool into something you don’t want and watch out for anyone that try’s to do it.

  • Death

    Well first we don’t need to get upset about the Death card as yes it can mean someone will go to there death bed. But we must think of it as something is about to come to an end like a job, end of exams or the end of business with the start of a business with someone else. I know right now I could say it’s the end of being on the jobseekers allower as they are two interviews. One job interview in Reading and the other one in Newbury.

    Ace of wands

    We have a new start and better things to come to us as we have the power in our hands to begin again and get better things. If you have a talent why not show it and come up with a solution in your life. You may feel you can start to tackle the world again. Also you will be able to give 100% confidence in your new job or thing you are going to do. You will start to believe in yourself if that confidence was not there. This cards shows in the gold water that things will work out for you so have faith in yourself. You need to face your fears and take the new challenge and go beyond your limits.

    There may also be a new baby on it’s way into the world and you may get some news of this soon.

    The Six of cups

    There is happy times coming your way and maybe a old time childhood memory coming your way. You will be more happy and it could be just the start you need as in a new job, new friends or something new to be happy about. So open up the memory and see where anything wrong has happen and this is the time to fix it.

    Ten of swords

    When it feels as if you have no where to go and this card shows up we can say that it’s the end of one thing and the start of something new. So if you are feeling low then don’t give up as you will get there in the end. You may have been a victim of crime and now you can move on. There are people that can and will help us all if we ask them to. So go out there and find the help you need to move on.

  • Fri 31 Oct 08

    Queen of cups

    There is a caring person out there that enjoys helping other people and giving information out. This person will not show there anger or hurt other people and they will not turn other people away.


    We sometime jude people or things too fast and don’t think with own head. So this is saying we must jude things for what they are or jude what has gone wrong in life. So we must take a look at what has happen and see where we can put it right again. We can also see what has worked and what has not worked. Something may be also coming your way so jude what it is and what you can get from it.

    The five of wands

    There may be a battle of some type to come and we must therefore be careful. If you are already in the battle then you will get though it. If the battle is around at this time then work though it but with care. But if you are helping someone then just be there for them and see what happens. So you can help or if its your battle then you will win in the end.

    Queen of Swords

    Well if we are honest with ourselves then we can face up to the truth even if it’s unpleasant. But we must play by the rules and be up front and not lie to others. People will find out but sometimes they understand but be careful. Some people can see what you are doing and would not be fool by it as they can figure it out. The card is saying get to the heart of the matter in a straightforward way. Also don’t take things too seriously. .

  • Nine of Cups

    Be happy with yourself as you have got to your goal and you can now go and do something new in life. Go out with other people or make new friends or go on holiday somewhere. You can be happy that you have something new to enjoy.

    Seven of Swords

    Inside you may be thinking of running away and not facing the music or you may be hiding something. You may be trying or getting the easy way out so you can be independence. You may have decide not to help someone or you are keeping something to yourself. But don’t keep people at arms length or you may find they will not help you.


    You do have a new start and a new adventure about to start and you have no fear of taking a new risk as long as you have an open mind. You can now fill your world with new things to do or to learn new things to help you move on for you new job. There are new experiences and challenges that you can find and learn in your life. But as you are not a fool you don’t sit around and wait for things to come to you as you take the first step. There may be someone stepping into your life.

    Nine of Wands

    Do take a step out of the situation in order to find an answer. You have looked and got help from others and can now go forward and deal with the new problems that may come up. But do keep learning new things and allow yourself to find the love of your life.

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