3 Cards

  • THW you personally attacked me and no sorry or anything so don't think your'e getting squat from me.

  • No. I never attacked you. It is your illusion. I was never angry about you. I just teased you abit since you were so looking for someone to fight with. I was just having a bit fun with you. And you fell for it big time. Your loss.

  • You should say sorry to me. But I see you are a hard woman who does not let go. I see that. You are easily teased, easily angry. Just as the high priestess is reminding you of again and again and again and again......

  • THW go away and stay away.

    Pls I don't want you aggravating me which your doing.

  • as your friend, I want to say dont leave because of this unless something else is telling you to go.

    I know you didnt set out to do anything wrong or hurtful, the exact oppisite probably...and Taurus will probably see that too eventually. keep probing inside your self taurus, keep pulling back the curtain, and agin and agin even when you dont want to...you know the truth about that guy, hes the one your mad at, him and yourself, not THW.

  • I hope you dont become angry with me now, I hope you understand what im truly saying.

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