Destiny Cards and Love

  • What kind of romantic relationship is there between a Three of Diamonds man and a Ten of Clubs woman? These are Birth Cards...

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  • Thank you lvshoes for your very intelligent and helpful response I am sure you have a lot of wisdom to offer on here. Oh if we could just tap into that well and it would come rushing down over all of us and enlighting us with your infinite truth. Thank you kind one.

  • Huh? I was just asking about Destiny cards...what kind of romantic relationship is there between a woman with 10 of Clubs, and a man with 3 of Diamonds.

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  • Hmm... to be honest I know nothing of playing cards in divination. I have just started to take a look into that area. But you have a ten and a three. A ten in numerology would be broke down into a 1 (10=1+0=1). Clubs are wands/fire in tarot and diamonds are pentacles/earth. Fire and earth. On a website it says this about the three of diamonds: 3: legal or domestic battles, quarrels, domestic disagreements. It says this about the 10 of clubs: 10: unexpected money, good luck or a gift, unexpected good fortune with bad loss. In numerology ones or in your case, 10 stands for leadership, strong personality, commanding. 3's stand for creativity, expression, manifesting dreams. The down sides to both are controlling, impatient, rude for a one and sarcastic, passive, and inward for a three. These aspects in a relationship when the going gets rough are hard to overcome. Top that with the 3 of diamonds meaning domestic battles and quarrels can signify that the two of you would fight a lot. You are headstrong and he tends to back down easier, keeping his feelings bottled inside and then doing mean things after, which leave you confused. I think that if the love is strong and lasting and the fights between the two of you end quickly and easily, then it can work. But all in all I think this would be a relationship of challenges and work. You would be forced to pick up his slack a lot and his communication skills probably won't be on the same level as yours. This will be frustating and can result in your feeling hurt, lost, or angry. If you are going by just the cards, then I do not think that this is an ideal match. I guess you will just have to use your intuition to really feel it out though because none of those things make anything definite, it is all up to you and this man in question.

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  • It's a King of Spades relationship, which means we both need to be able to master ourselves to be able to function...lately, he's been more involved with a 9 of Clubs woman, who he used to have a romantic interest in, 15 years ago. I'm a little concerned that she is able to influence him rather unfairly about me; he seems to be at her 'beck and call', which puts a certain tension in our relationship (she 'friended' him only 4 weeks after he proposed to me, and he seems to think he needs to 'cover' for her rude behavior). I don't know how to handle this! At first, she seemed to influence him in a positive way, with health tips that encouraged him to get away from regressive attitudes in general...but now he is reverting to old patterns of self-destructive behavior and weird projections towards me regarding his past. Help!!

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