• Hi there

    I am back from my trip which some of you know turned out to be a bit different than I'd anticipated. I, like those I've left behind, am dealing with the grief of losing a friend but will get a handle on it eventually.

    I'd like to thank Wenchie for posting up the thread she did; I very much appreciate her empathy and consideration.

    I'd in turn also like to thank all those who posted up their thoughts in that thread and who sent me and my friend such care and comfort during this difficult time.

    I feel it's been due to the healing which was sent across the miles to us that got my friend up and functioning a few days before I thought she would. She's going okay, and I am here at home wishing I hadn't had to leave.

    So thank you all for being the kind hearted beings you are. It's this sort of thing that keeps people together, not the petty arguing I've seen on here since my return.

    Blessings back to all of you! May we all get through our various difficulties and come out the other side into the light real soon :)))

  • Did I ever tell you your my hero? Your evything I would like to be. I can fly higher than the eagles because you are the wind beneath my wings. That song just came to me. We love you!!!

  • ((hugs))

  • Aw lovin, you always make me cry!! I'm no different or better than you or anyone. But if you see me as the wind beneath your wings, well, I see you as the sun that always rises out of a dark night my friend 🙂

    Thanks Ahliyah; big hugs back to you ((:))

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