Problems this week? anybody else? help me also lol

  • well this Libra girl im friends with(im sure you guys know lol), has been acting strangely she has not been responding to my text messages at all but i still ask if her day was and no response but only a few very short texts the last few days, but i the sag horoscope says somehting about something about ME being in house of secrets or whatever, (which i havent been talkative either) i just dont feel the need to text her all day like i used too cause im relaxed now instead of trying too hard, AND in which i think she is not liking at all lol the horoscopes for us both have been weirdly accurate everyday since meeting, and libra horoscope said something about thinking serious about alot of things now but scared of being hurt at same time(very true for her),

    we were Instant messaging today, since she had bad day yesterday and today i guess,(yesterday said her head was in the clouds, flighty it said (flirty) and today it felt like she was really mad at me and herself, i dunno, i said "oh come on dont worry about school you always worry too much, you'll do great just like you always do" seems nice right? cause its true

    and it seems that tottally flipped a switch and says " i cant help but worry, im sorry im in a pissy mood right now, and i dont need to take it out on you, which i know i will if we keep talking so im gonna log off" which i said "wait! expressing whatever it is buggin you is sometimes is better than holding it in" then she said" i dont want to express it............ im sorry i really dont want to talk about it ill just get more pissy talking about it, and plus i dunno how to say it for you to understand cause i dont understand it either" so i said " try me............" (2 min break)

    this last part i knew it was about me finally(which i thought anyway), she said " i really dont want to talk about it, you have been through so much, our backrounds and EVERYTHING are so similar" DAM I FORGOT THE LAST PART ughhhhh,

    but if you ask me this is what i think is going on(bet i might be right too but want to see what you guys think) OK, she gotten so used to me texting her all the time, that when i dont(like i have been) it makes her think about me even more, and i feel she wants something more(as do i) than friends, BUT with her school she also think she needs to be focused on that instead of me, which i think is causing her too look at the "big" picture and try to see what decision to make,(i can tell you she doesnt know what the hell she wants lol) or maybe she does? its just that she doesnt trust me as much as i thought, and is more scared of being hurt again than anything, which i completely understand!!! and also she thinks that im too good for her cause nobody has treated her the way i do, and which i think she to good for me too LOL, jesus to much alike ughhhhh do you think i got it right? or is there something else that you shine a light on that i missed. and anyone else have problems this week? geez lol

    and im not trying to push an answer out of her so im still not texting her, i do feel i need to say that" i will be here when your ready to talk it" i think that help...... hmmmm

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