• Hello all,

    I met this guy online, we never met in person yet but he declared his unconditional love to me. We've been talking on the phone for more than a year. He is from Germany. He sent me money, he let me talked to his mother and he talked to my children and promising a better life to them , I sent him a lot of presents too. But what confused me is that he always delaying in everything regarding me, he delayed to post my birthday present, he delayed calling me and he even delaying the time he supposed to come and see me.The things that make me more confused now is that he even refused to answer my call, we never argue or anything like that.

    I believe in him, I found him as a kind person and will never hurt anyone, on our last conversation he said he love me again and again but next day he never call and my calls was not answered. What went wrong?

    Please help me to get a peace of mind and I really want to find the truth.

    His bithdate is 03/08/1967 and mine is 20/07/1962.

  • Honestly, if you've only talked online and on the phone you really don't know who this person is. What type of presents have you been sending?

  • The reason I ask is because this sounds like a scam. If he asks you to do or send anything else...don't.

  • He never ask me to send anything..I sent him birthday and Valentine's present, clothes..and I sent his mother a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day, she spoke to me on the phone too. He sent me flowers for Valentines. He sent me money through Western Union... what went wrong?

  • OK, if he, or someone else, calls and says he's been hurt or something or needs money for any reason then this was a scam (sometimes the set up can be as long as a year or more). If it's not a scam, then all I can say is...If someone can declare their love so easily (to someone that they've never even met) then it stands to reason that they could fall out of love just as easily. I'm sorry for your pain. Try to get out and meet someone locally, at least you will have a better chance of really knowing what you're dealing with. Good luck to you.

  • Are the things he is sending you delayed because of the distance you said hes from geramny where are you from? Also there are alot of times guys dont return phone calls right away because they are wanting a little space or whatever. Is there are reason he is still far from you now? Has he made any attempts at meeting you? I wouldnt let any guy make promises to my children until he spent some time with me only. I made the mistake once of letting a guy that I knew from the past come into my life and my childrens lives right away only for him to leave us all. If I had kept him seperate from the children long enough to see if it would work out I couldve saved alot of grief for them. Now anyone I get involved with is secret from them, until I can be commited with someone and they have proven themselves worthy so that my children dont have to go through a break up every time I do. i am dating someone now that ive known for a couple years we have only dated a few months and my kids still dont know. Be careful what you let your children see in your personal life. It is your job to protect them. Even if the guy is being honest I would be really careful about telling them anything that hasnt proven itself yet.

  • I don't know if this has any relevance whatsoever but ..... I am a Pisces married to a Pisces his B/D is 3/08 as well and he has been going a little crazy lately feeling unfulfilled restless etc. Swears it has nothing to do with our marriage and is still affectionate etc . He may be just going through some personal stuff he isn't willing to share. while Pisces mostly wear their hearts on their sleeve we can also be very private and introverted. I do not know since it is a LD relationship etc there are so many variables just offering a different point of view, when I saw his DOB it struck me that my Hubby has been a little off lately too, made me go hmmmmm

  • he sent you money and let you talk to his mother, that's a good sign at least to begin with

    he must be close to his mother, so there might be some things going on in the family that makes him delay things and now not answering calls.

    I am a leo like him, and I do delay sending things when I have money problem or not sure whether I have income in the future. in fact I delay any purchase unless I have a steady job or income every month. the economy is still recovering from recession, that could be one of many reasons, or it is family problem. leo male can be very protective and close to their family.

    give him time. I can feel that he does love you, but his family or just the mother may not like you for some reason. don't nag him with questions, he seems to be in deep thought about your relationship now. money or family problem is a big thing for a leo male. their pride, hence their world, revolves around them.

    Stop sending presents now but keep sending mini emails, maybe just cards saying Thinking of you - just little notes to remind him you are still into the relationship. One day when whatever it is cleared up, he will respond. Or at least you will know the truth.

  • leoscorpion just made me see the light I misread the way you did the dob so he is a Leo not a Pisces my bad disregard I guess my hubby is just crazy lol

  • yeah I read your response and thought I was wrong lol

    anyway welcome to the board. I saw your response in another discussion (forgot which one)

    but it was about positive energy and I'm glad that someone agrees with me about the energy thingy. hope you enjoy your stay here

  • And here I thought I was on to something with the birthday thing lol oh well.

    Thanks so much for the welcome I have seen some of your posts around as well (today is my first day) and we seem to have similar philosophies (which is what drew me here of course). These days I actually took out the Tenth Insight/Celestine Prophecies for re-reading it feels like it is time for people to become more aware of the energy released into the universe and what is perpetuated by that energy.

    Thanks & looking forward to seeing you again.

  • Hon, you've just been hoodwinked. He used you in the hopes you will spend a lot, and I mean a LOT of moola for his benefit. If you choose to do this, he will leave you within weeks.

    This a ruse, a scam and whatever else it is called, he used you. Never send a man a gift unless he gives you one first, and then it should be a trinket like a new key chain or something dispensable.

    This is classic among men of different cultures to use women to see how far you will go. All the while, he is laughing it up with his friends at your expense. No woman of any culture is immune to the worms crawling out of the woodwork. The key is to recognize them for what they are by their actions.

    I wish had something more positive to say, but be thankful your life is not at stake.

  • interesting rikku26

    you are a wicca, yes? I don't know much about this path but has been helped by a few wiccans when I was new to spirituality and was attacked

    and yes, I will be around for a while until my guide shows me another forum I have to be in

    take care

  • Yes leoscorpion, I am wicca but I am drawn to many philosophies especially nature/earth based as this is what I feel connects me to the universe and others. I could never stop being open to new thoughts and ideas. What to do if there was a day I couldn't learn something new, a sad day it would be too true? I made a rhyme sorta haha. I have enjoyed reading your posts though so merry meet again and blessed be to you. Just curious how were you attacked? By others who did not understand your spirituality?

  • I am not sure why. but it was place-bound, so when I moved, I was free of it.

    But at the time I was under leasing contract so I couldn't get away from it as easy so I was frantically looking for help. I asked around for advices and a wicca and a medium helped me with tips. the wicca gave me advices to use candles for protection, the medium told me to clear up the place with sage every day. I didn't end up use the candles because the sage ceremony did enough, and not long after that the lease owner let me go.

    But yeah it was very interesting spiritual experience. I had quite a few spiritual encounters but only two major attacks that really drained me to the core I felt sucked up completely. One was as I described and the other was done to me when I was very young. So my life energy was gradually taken away from me since I was a baby and throughout my life I never felt alive. Add to that all the life challenges, death of loved one, work pressure, heart broken, frequent misfortune etc.

    This energy had built up for all those years and was only lifted up from me not long ago. The healer told me about it all and that if I ever survived this and lived until this age 34 was because the universe had sent me a lot of animals to protect and strengthen me. I had dreams about snakes, bears, cats and other animals but at the time I belonged to a religion that did not recognize spirituality the way I do now, and so I failed to recognize all them as helpers and I only thought I was punished somehow.

    A part of me was saddened of the action of whoever sent me this energy. But now that I have left the religion and established contact with the universe through the spirits, I understand that there is no need for revenge for the universe will take care of that more appropriately than I can.

    Since I commit myself to spirituality, the universe has blessed me many many times. I do not have income for 3 years and yet I still have my house and all my possessions. I am married to a wonderful man for almost 9 years. I have been sent mentors and spirit guide to help me. I have been sent power animals, pertty much all my life although I only saw a few after the energy was lifted. It's clear the universe wants me to walk on spiritual path, and all I have to do is follow its guidance to the future and be thankful for all that I have. Al the negativities happened in my past, the universe knows what to do with it. All beings that have been kind and helpful to others including me, I believe the universe will not leave them unrewarded.

    Sorry this is long to read, but I need to get it out of my chest. By the way what are the nature philosophies are you learning? I am taking things slowly right now but I might look into it someday.

  • Leo scorpion I can relate to your experience on many levels. That must be why I can understand what you say so well. You also just helped me understand why I am always dreaming of animals. The last one I had I was overtaken by a gian storm cloud and the only thing stopping it from hurting me was a very larege dog that appeared to be unaffected, I have also had freams about cats, lions, bears, and other times been attacked by wolves and snakes. Also dream of spiders alot. Do you know what spider dreams mean? I had someone attack me spiritualy she was obsessed with my boyfriend at the time and did horrible things to me that made my everyday a living he ll. I had someone who really knew what they were doing help me. She has become my mentor in the process as well. I was actually attacked by a demon once. I was laying in bed and was paralyzed couldnt move or open my eyes. Then it tried to do horrible unspeakable things to me and I could see what it looked like and what it was doing in my mind. Something I am guessing my guardian angel made it leave me alone. And when it did I immediately opened my eyes and had to gasp for my breath. I also would feel a heaviness on my chest and felt like something was following me around. It was the creepiest experience I have ever had. The woman that helped me also told me that even though this girl did this to me There had been problems since I was 9 days old, something was done spiritually to me unintentionally because of jealousy. she sai the number 9 is significant to me. I always see the numbers 7 and 11 add them up and you get 9. I am still grateful for it all though because had that girl not done those things to me I never wouldve got the help I really needed.

  • Oh I also want to add that you are right whoever did this to you will get theirs. I saw what happende to this girl because of what she tried to do to me and her life is a nightmare. SHe has lost everything. I did not wish that for her but she brought it on herself. What ever she sent to me is now attacking her I think.

  • lovinmylife, it is terrible sometimes isn't it? all these things that people did to others

    and that they did it to newborns, sometimes even before the baby was born

    yes for sure the universe won't just stand there let them do this

    the animals you dreamed of were sent to lend their strength to you

    all animals have certain qualities

    I will give you a link i hope admin doesn't delete it

    you can spider strength there too

    I used to dream of snakes a lot, was scared at first but I just found out that it represents flexibility and wisdom

    and at the time I was stubborn not admitting my own mistakes, hence the snake 🙂

    here is the link (fingers crossed) animalspirits dot com

  • thanks for the link heres what i got for spiders:

    Master weaver

    Weaver of the web of fate



    Divine inspiration


    Understanding the patterns of illusion

    Female energy for the creative force of life

    What really stuck out to me was weaver of fate. because I have often felt, since I took my spiritual journey that , I am the master of my own fate. That I can achieve what I desire with the help of God and the angels. ( :

  • I feel good that you found it helpful. indeed the future is our own making.

    the universe will send us help and challenges, how we deal with it, is what determines the outcome. good luck on your journey 🙂

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