I need some advice: Financial Ventures

  • I own my own business and work from home. I chose this path because I am inflicted with damage to my nervous system which causes me to hallucinate by hearing voices-the voices often lead to false or illogical (or irrational) manners of thinking which can make human relations an overwhelming task, thus I haven't been able to sustain substantial employment. I decided that if I were to start my own business I would be able to tackle the days that promised to be more successful and take a break on the more difficult ones without the risk of losing my job.

    I have been moderately successful in my first two months. As I endure more situations where I am forced to cope with situations that demand my attention despite the current circumstances my human relations skills have improved a great deal, as observed by my partner.

    I am experiencing two problems.

    The first is that as of right now some of my clients know me on a personal basis and are taking advantage of my weakness in the field of memory. Even though I obsessively keep records of everything they will claim things such as having made due payments and argue with my records. They also guilt trip me into giving them credit on services simply because "I know they'll pay, they aren't going anywhere, and I have made such great improvement in their lives and if only I can wait till such and such for my payment, and one or two of them are actually dodging me and have owed me money for several weeks. I just keep smiling and every time I try to be firm and say "No, I need you to pay me today." I fold. I'm paying my rent with credit card advances. I don't have any food. This is ridiculous.

    The second problem (which I'm sure is obvious) is I am completely miserable but my partner want me to keep at it in hopes that my confidence in public or social situations will benefit me and cure my agoraphobia, whether the business succeeds or not.

    The tarot simply say that I have clear guidance and that the time to act is now.

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