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  • Hi

    Would anyone like to do a reading for me, I read the thread created by Learningtarot and I've been learning myself but I seem to get conflicting readings with regards to one issue I have.

    I'd met a girl and we started a tentative relationship, however an ex of hers was still hanging around and harassing her (he was stalking her and subsequently was arrested and charged). During all this, however, this girl ended our relationship and asked if we could just remain friends. Obviously this hurt very much and I blamed the ex, but my question is was it really the ex's fault, and in time will this girl and I ever get back together again?

    Many thanks for your help


  • Hello Amcauley,

    That is a tough situation. The exact same thing happened to me four years ago. Her experiences with the ex were so horrible that she was way too afraid to be able to care for and trust someone again. At that time anyway. Once she ‘fell’ for me and realized that she had real feelings for me it terrified her. She wanted to see me, and kept making plans to see me but then would just stand me up because she was too frightened to deal with caring again. She was too terrified to have feelings for anyone.

    After three weeks of being stood up and not seeing her, I decided to face the facts that we were no longer in a relationship. It was obvious she wasn’t ready for one. As much as I cared for her, it seemed obvious that we had to break up. So I broke up with her with the intention of staying close friends. My thoughts were that I would stick close and be her friend through this time, and when she was ready for a real relationship again, I would be there. Then we could ‘pick up’ where we left off. Unfortunately, once we broke up she completely withdrew and we never were close again. Every time we would run into each other she would tell me that she still had deep feelings for me but just couldn’t see me. We’ve both moved away (to different cities) since then but it still hurts inside when I think about the fact that we had to break up because we were both falling in love.

    My advice is that if you both still care, then be there for her in the capacity that she can allow. She’ll have a lot of fear and pain inside and that needs to heal. She needs to learn how to trust again. Perhaps if you show her that you can be someone that she can trust and rely on, then maybe things will turn around for you. When or if she’s ever ready then maybe she’ll be able to give it one more try. But then again, that did not work for me. In many situations, you get ‘lumped’ into the whole experience and she may just want to forget everything about that time. If that is the case, then you’re most likely out of luck.

    I’m not an expert Tarot reader yet, but I’ll do a reading on it to see what the cards tell me. We’ll see if that sheds any more light.

    My best wishes go to you though.

  • I did a short reading. This is how I interpreted it:

    Right now you are focussed on yourself, and how this affects you. But there is very little you can do about it right now. The resolution to this issue is no longer in your control. In a relationship, one persons happiness should not be at the expense of the other. Rather than focus on what you want and what you should do about it, you should instead be investing your energies on what is best for the both of you. Focus on the best way to maintain a union that caters to both of your needs. You are going to have to give up what you had, and focus on a new beginning. Plant the seed that will allow your new relationship to grow. This will allow more harmony to exist. Then end result will be something that is more mutually beneficial to each of you.

    .....The reading is a bit inconclusive. It seems to be telling me that you should stop thinking about whos fault it is or whos to blame. Instead you should realize that there is nothing you can do to keep things the way they were, and that you should be supportive of her needs and the new situation. I guess that means you should be her friend. A new relationship will arise, but it may not be the same that you had. The cards tell me that in the end there will be more harmony from this, such that both of you benefit. What that benefit is still remains to be seen.

  • Dreamer, you've hit the nail right on the head! I have been thinking about myself and my desires, and this is why my reading didn't make any sence. However, when I looked back on the reading with the new perspective it seemed much clearer to me. Thank you!

    Unfortunatly, the reading I did for myself indicates a long and painful road, and there is no certainty I will find my happy ending....

  • Truth in that. Experience has continued to show me that when it comes to a woman's shattered trust and and broken emotions there is no direct or easy path to get back to where the heart and mind could be. If you chose to travel along side her on this "journey" (and if she allows you to accompany her) then it will be a long and difficult path, and the end result will be entirely unpredictable. Then again, what path worth travelling is predictable? If she is your heart's desire, then is any risk too great? If she's worth it, then you should travel that path as long as your able. To any end.

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