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  • OK, so I've been talking to this guy for a while and I thought things were going to turn into a real relationship, but now it looks like nothing is going to happen, which hurts because I feel that connection and he said he did too. Obviously, he lied so now my heart hurts and I do feel rejected. I want to know if I will ever find an honest, sweet guy to share my life with and if so how long will it be until I meet him. My birthday is December 8, 1988 and if there's any insight at all on the guy who I thought was for me, his birthday is November 10, 1983. Thanks so much for any help that is given. It's greatly appreciated.

  • I agree with hiprincess. I think that as much as you want a sweet and nice, honest guy, which you will get in life, what's the rush? Why do you feel you need a man in your life right now? At 21, you are at an age where you are just able to start doing many things on your own. Why not try to experience some of those things first? When you do it is an opportunity to meet more like minded people as well. This guy you speak of, is five years older than you, and he may have seen what you were looking for right away and taken advantage of it. Sometimes men are good at that. But you have to look within yourself and ask what will complete you to feel as if you do not need anything. Then when you do get new things in your life, they feel like an extra bonus to the goodness you already have. I pulled one card from my World Spirit Tarot deck for you. The Ace of Wands. I think this card speaks to your need to tend to your flame within your heart in creative ways. A man might be nice, but what else makes you feel good and happy. I feel you have a lot of creativity within you and this card is asking you to use it. Use it to do the things that make you feel good, get new and creative with it, let your inner desires shine through. Once you start living for you and letting your inner passions out, people who like similar things will be drawn to you. That includes men. Now you need to focus on your inner fire and finding ways to satisfy that flame. This card says that once you do many things will fall into place and you will find happiness in many areas.

    Universal Harmony

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  • LOL Katyl - I know how you feel - i am the same but I am 32 nearly 33 and still waiting..... I know it will come in time and I just want it like yesterday!! But I know that time will give it to me... Gee I thought I would be married with a kid by now but hey sometimes life just doesn't go the way you think and you have to take a different path..... I think you have a lot to look forward to! Good luck!

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