• Ahliyah, help can you please give me some insight

    job situation is horrendous, I keep attracting abusive situations'

    I always do protective rituals, I am interested in Circle of gold

    but cannot submit my info



  • Thank you , and many Blessings to you.

  • Namaste Goldenhill.

    It is important to recognize that your motivation is internal. This motivation may be run through your emotional body, mental body, etc, which act as a filter for your experience. Choose to no longer run your motivation through depressing jobs with depressing people. So the question is, what are you motivated now to be, and to do?

    Are you good and tired of attracting this kind of experience? What do you notice in the job interviews or position listings that begins to look familiar to the negative experience you end up with? If you are ready for something far better, the initiative is in your hands, and it starts with motivated intention and no excuses. You are entitled to your happy ending; so start by commanding the the universe to bring you together with a position that is to your liking and free of abuse. Say, I no longer stand for abuse! I stand for peace and plenty in all areas of my life!

    When you do this, energies that match your intention will start to move because you have caused them to move. Your new job has already been completed. It's waiting for you. There is little you have to do but intend, stay motivated, use your intuition, and follow up leads. Fear of delay will set you back; the way to prevent this is to recognize how far you've come, how much you are entitled to, and that you have the dynamism to make it all happen.

    Look for a contact to approach you; the assistance you've been counting on is on its way.


    in love and light love and light love and light


  • Wow! Gosh, Ahliyah, thank you so so much!

    Wow! Lots of valuable info!

    Many blessings to you!

  • Ahilyah Namashkar,

    I would like some help as well, please let me now what is the best way to contact you? Thanks!

  • This post is deleted!

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