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  • My name is Susan, I have always been interested in the Tarot, and for years now have been pulled in but not sure how to get started. I have only 2 decks so far, 1, I purchased and one was a gift. I have done readings mostly for close friends and family with results on the positive side. I am trying to learn as much as I can and sometimes find it difficult to read a spread. Can worries, like my grandson's may or may not being sick, interfere with this? Is this a normal thing?

  • Hi Susan,

    Like you, I'm just beginning so here's "hello" from another newcomer. 🙂

    Worries, they never go away for long, do they? I think there are two ways to look at it. Either you can try to minimize them, or you can accept them. In my opinion (more from hope than success, mind you) I think the best way to minimize them is to accept them.

    If worries are part of who we are, aren't they part of the person doing the reading? Doesn't our experience with such things sensitize us to some of our insights? Sure, we might hope one day to have less of them. And we would prefer they don't get in our way and blind us to whatever else is going on. But part of what the tarot teaches is acceptance of "good" and "bad" alike, doesn't it?

    So I would think its normal. More than that, though, it's OK. Not least because you're already aware of it as "room for improvement". I think the people you read for will know this about you and will make allowances if any need to be made.

  • One good way to do a reading is to close your eyes and relex. Now take a few deep breths and let all the worry go out of your body. Think of being in a shower and gold is coming out of it. Keep brething slow and deep and let your body just relex. Then take your cards and shuffle the cards and deal them out. Now keeping relex start to look at the cards and read them. Don't let the outside world come into your mind when you do a reading. David 1 still learning about the cards.

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