Please help! I need guidance

  • I am an Aquarian female (01/30/1980). Just recently broke up w/ the man I thought was the one (I'm pretty sure he's an Aries) and am wondering what lies ahead of me? I am very sad over this loss and hopelessly struggle to find a way to make it work (despite his stubornness and his hurtful comments). I have come to the conclusion that we are done, but feel stuck in relationship limbo so-to-speak. I don't want to move on in case he pulls his head out of his butt and realizes how happy we can be. But I don't actually think he will do this, and so... I'm in limbo. Are we past the point of no return? Are we even a good match? Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated.


  • First, deal with the pain. Then, let it and him go. Being in limbo only clouds your brain. You are an Aquarian, girl! Aquarians are good at bouncing back. This weekend, call up your girlfriends, put on a red dress with a pair of wicked high heels and enjoy your youth. Years from now, you will ask, "Whatever did I see in him?"

  • The only way his head will come back out is when he sees you moving forward. Then he will realize what he lost. Put a smile on even if you feel you can't. Go for a walk in nature and let it soak in how freaking wonderful you are being alone. Sometimes it's the loneliness that gets to us. Once your mind is clear and you can separate yourself from him you will both benefit whether or not you are back together. I know it's hard as I am going through the same thing but I focus on myself, I work and play hard and when neither fits the bill I run my butt off. Literally I will run and cry until I can't breath.

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