Is my spouse communicating with me from the other side

  • . My spouse went missing in march 2009. Ever since then I feel he is telling me who has been behind this. I know in my heart that he has passed on. I too feel that he is sitting beside me, he is hugging me and also he is having a hard time moving on. Is it true that souls can get stuck in the middle plain and struggle with moving towards the light. Wes has that type of character. He has directed me to those who are responsible for this and finally the police are on the right track. I remember shortly after he went missing being at the search site. I was being smudge and I look at one of the people he was telling me that was involved and the thought that went through my mind was gotcha dont i.

    All fingers are pointing at this person and another person. Now that the police are seriously looking at them the words that go through my mind are it is done. Does any of this make sense to anyone. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy but then the words come to mind do not question this to go with the feelings and the messages. Can anyone give me any insight on this. Another thing that is happening is when I am talking on the phone the phone will ring while I am talking. The message I get right now is that I am in danger and I feel he is warning me of this. I have vehicles that park in my driveway at nights with the headlights off or vehicles are parking around the house during the day and night and are hanging around for long lengths of time. I dont know if I am being paranoid or if this is connected to his disappearence or not. If anyone can help me with this or give me clarity or what ever insight they may have please let me know. Thanks

  • shelby61,

    First of all, let me tell you how sorry I am to hear of your situation. Second, let me tell you that I am an empath who has been dealing with ghosts and spirits all of my life. I have had many, many experiences with them, and have learned a great deal about them. Thirdly, please know that what you are saying makes perfect are not crazy.

    To answer your question, yes, souls can become stuck between our physical world and the Afterlife. It can be for a variety of reasons, but in your husband's case it sounds like he wants you to have closure regarding what happened to him. So he is sticking around to make sure that the right events happen, that the police are on the right track, before he moves on. I want you to understand that he is NOT stuck, he is choosing to wait before he moves on because he feels that he has unfinished business. This is one of the most common reasons that souls linger in our physical world. Everything you have said points to this. I want to reassure you that once he feels that he has "taken care of business" that he will move on, and will not end up stuck forever in between the worlds.

    If you're concerned about the cars that park at your home, then please call the police. They will come out to check it out, and will also take down information, such as license plate numbers, make of the car, and names. Just by calling the police and having them come by might be enough to make anyone stay away. Also, let the officers investigating your husband's disappearance know about this as well. They can also look into it to see if there is any connection to his disappearance. Try to write down the make, model, color and license number of any cars hanging out at your home. Leave a list in your house as well as make a copy for the police, as this can be very helpful to them.

    I am sorry that you're going through this, and I hope that all will be resolved soon. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here. I will do my best to answer what I can with my own abilities, but there are others here who can also help you with insight in other ways. Many hugs to you!

  • you are so right Wes will choose to stay here until there is closure. As he knows I will not be able to let go until this is done. I have alerted the police about these cars and they have once come out and check it out. I feel that they are not taking me seriously. BUT finally they got the message and praise God they are looking at these persons. I have been told I have intuition and not to second guess what I see and feel but it is hard to determine if it is a message or if it is my own thoughts. I feel this nightmare will be over soon and the words that come to mind is hang in it is almost finished. It is strange feeling him around me and I know that he will not let those harm me. He wakes me up late at night when the car is in the driveway. And pushes me to see what I need to see. I feel that he is very sad that this has happened and I worry that once this is finished he will choose to stay in the middle plain. I keep asking him to go forward and only pray that he will when he knows this is finished. I am glad I am not going crazy but I kind of knew that to start with. It is so hard to find people to talk to about this, they look at me like I am out of my head. Thanks again for your input, God Bless

  • Shelby, Wes most likely will stay here until he feels he has accomplished what he needs to. And yes, he could very well be feeling sad because he may have felt that he was cheated out of his remaining years, or that he wasn't ready to go on, or that he was still too young yet. I once went on a paranormal investigation to a serial killer's house and picked up on the ghosts of three of her victims (the serial killer was in prison, not still living there). Every single one of them shared with me things like "Why were we robbed of our remaining years?", "Why did this happen to us?" and feelings like that. It's not uncommon for someone who has had their life ended this way to have these kinds of questions and to feel sad or cheated. Wes may feel better about moving on when he sees justice served, because then he might at least feel some kind of satisfaction for what happened to him, and be able to let it go and move on.

    Try to feel a little more relaxed and comfortable around him when he's with you. Treat him just like you did when he was alive. Because he really hasn't changed, he is still the same person. When we cross over, we take our personalities with us, so there's no need for you to be uncomfortable. He understands your unease, but think about what he's going through from his point of view...he needs comfort from you as well.

  • Thank you for the great words of Wisdom you are absolutely right. I will continue this journey with him even though I cant see him physically I feel him spiritually. He has been slowly directing me to those who are responsible. I knew within 2 days who it was now I just have to let the police prove it 100% so justice can be served. I have a really strong faith and believe in Karma. It has taken 11+ months but now their time of freedom is running out. I cannot wait till this part of the journey is over. So we both can move on. Once again thanks so much for your supporting words. You are so right about him not moving on because he felt robbed. Wes and I both work with the special needs. I had a in home client and he was getting one for himself. We just purchased a house not even a year before he went missing. We had so many plans on travelling and devoting our lives to each other as well as the people we supported. Our life was full of adventure and goals. I too feel robbed, robbed of a wonderful man, our life togather and all the dreams we had. He was the most loveable devoted supportive caring man I knew.

    My heart aches for him daily, It takes all the power I have not to go to those who did this and demand to know where he is. Hopefully through the unverisal powers the police will find out where he is. This is truly a hard journey but I know in my heart the day will come when I can take him to that special place and spread his ashes. I know also he will finally know the glory of God. He now knows what I was trying to tell him when he was here. Thanks for the support and the kind words. God Bless

  • And God Bless you and Wes both for your work with people with special needs. I have a son with autism and who is hearing impaired, and workers like you are very special people whom I deeply admire and respect. I am honored that I could have helped you in any way with Wes' situation.

    I'm also glad that I was able to provide you with comfort and support regarding Wes. I can feel that he was a very special man, and I see him smiling. He had a wonderful smile that lights up his eyes, and he had a very good heart. I know the road is rough right now, but keep hanging in there, be strong and keep your faith. If there are any other questions that I can answer for you, please feel free to post them, and I will do my best for you.

  • hi

    Are you a medium? If you are is there anything you can do to help me find Wes' remains.

    The only way this investigation will get going if his remains are found. I search different areas but do not find anything of him. Do you do channelling can you speak with him I try but it doesnt seem to work. I really need to find him so the police can go forward with the investigation. It seems that they want someone to drop him in there lap because they cant do there job and look for him. Thanks


  • Shelby, no, I'm sorry, I'm not a medium, and I'm not so sure that I could help you find Wes' remains. I am more of an empath, and even though ghosts and spirits both have spoken to me, I communicate with them through other means, too. They share their emotions with me, and the details of their lives in pictures that I see. But it's not always done vocally. Sometimes it's impressions or feelings, and I usually have to be in the area where the ghosts or spirits are. Every so often I can pick something up from far away, but that doesn't happen as often. If anything comes to me, I'll be sure to pass it on to you. But maybe there are others here who are more gifted who may be able to help you better than I can.

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