I need help please :(

  • theresadifference- Yea I agree haha. Thank you.

  • Dipsy, I have to tell you what I'm getting and hopefully you will take it to heart. Please do not believe him,hon. You have proof RIGHT NOW that he hasn't changed and can't be trusted. He is telling you he still loves you WHILE he's in another relationship. He IS cheating, on ANOTHER girl. I do not all feel that he's sincere. In fact, I feel like he's lying to you and enjoying the games he's playing with each of you.

    Please, please realize that its not HIM you're missing and loving, but what you thought you had with him. Giving in to get rid of the hurt is only going to put you in a much darker place. Don't do that to yourself. I know a big part of you is considering give him another chance, even though you're not saying it out loud. I strongly advise you not to. I don't feel that it will turn out well if you do.I also feel like your self esteem is at a very low point and you might be wondering if anyone else will love you. The answer is yes, but you MUST work on yourself, feeling good about who you are.

    I know you're scared, but don't let the fear and loneliness drive you to a bigger heartache.

    Blessings and Light

  • hisbablove- Thats the best thing I have heard. I know he hasn't chnaged and I got a big wake up call the other day. He did admit to his gf that he loves me still. Or so he said. I'm friends with him and his gf and me and him aren't gonna happen. I still have a HUGE place for him in my heart because I truely did love him but I have moved on to someone I feel is better. It will be a long time before I can trust my new guy but I am happy with him and hoping everything works out. Thank you SO much. 🙂

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