How to remain patient for Universe to answer

  • Hi All,

    I truly believe the Universe will provide all that is needed & no longer panic when things get challenging or lonely. However, I do find it hard to patient at times. I have a number of positive affirmations I say but do find myself wavering at times. I think there are many of us who have this struggle..... How do you remain patient & optimistic during the wait??

  • We hate these lessons in patience but we have to go through it several times. Its not all that easy for any of us. I had to first learn to slow down and when I didn't well the universe found a way to stop me not just slow me down. I got slowed down but when I didn't let a broken foot stop me I just kept up the pace it found a way to put me down. At that time I started to read and that's when I really got the information that I needed to help me open more. I couldn't speed it up just because I wanted it sooner I had to be patient. I know it really isn't an answer but it's all I know to tell you. When I was trying to learn and didn't get it I knew that at least my sub-conscious was getting it and when I was ready it would come to the forefront and I would have my light bulb moments. Read and then read some more.

  • I deal with the wait by keep doing what I'm doing, anything that has brought me closer to balanced life or in tune to my psyche. My life has to go on, with or without the answer I am seeking, so I do my best to remember the lessons I've learned and apply them where they are applicable.

    Everything I do in physical life also continues. I am still looking for work that suits my new spiritual objective and have turned down some offers because I received a 'no no' signals from the universe. The universe has been providing me through some opportunities and through family and friends that have been having great financial time in times recession is hurting a lot of people. I used to worry how am I going through life if I am picky with jobs. So this is the way universe telling me 'remember you said you will die or lose in life without a job. well it's been 3 years, you're not dead yet and not losing anything!'

    I really don't want to question the universe anymore lol it's hard but I've tried to make it a habit to think before questioning it again especially questions like 'when'. The universe timing is not linear like ours so ever since I understand this, I stopped trying to speed it because it won't happen. I'm not patient myself, but I don't want to overwork myself with things I have no control of anymore

  • The old saying a watched pot never boils can pertain here.

  • Great topic!

    In hindsight I can see where I am not being patient but a lot of times in the moment of impatience I cannot. A dear friend to me once said " it takes practice." Very simple but true. Letting go of how things will look , control, our spinning intellect, being ok not having all the answers, trusting the Universe which I believe also means trust in oneself. Beingness, staying w/ the breath, not pushing the river are things that improve my patience. I wish I could say I was patient all the time I have impatient moments that stretch out to hrs sometimes days. I do the rush thru the chores and work stuff to get to the part of the day I can relax and be in the moment. It's almost comical. I am learning to integrate. To be more mindful. Like Libralair when I don't pay attention the Universe shows me first gently, if I'm not listening....then wham! I've had a fare share of resistance in the past thus I've had a few whams.. Listening to Eckarts talks helps me, reading Thich Nhat Hanh the folks w/ the really good "advice" .I think meditation helps. Thanks for sharing this.


  • You know I think I have learned so much from hind sight that it is amazing. It has so many answers to things that at the time had no resolve. Peace and harmony is what I strive for because its so easy for me to loose the balance. And as a Libra I have my scales tipped far too many times. I am much better than I was 15 years ago. But it took leaving Calif. and spending a lot of alone time. But I need and want that alone time again. I don't like living in town I grew up in big towns and I crave being at one with nature and no sounds of cars and people and anything but birds and the wind or stillness. I will have it again and in the meantime.......patience.

  • I am getting better with keeping busy & getting on with life. I'm slowly able to be mindful & in the present more often. I think its the letting go & trusting the process thats so hard & tries my patience.

  • Ever lose your car keys and the more panicked you are the harder it is to find them. Then you give up and forget about it then they show up in the most obvious place? i think it works something like that. My fave is when you are looking for something that you have been holding in your hand the whole time. HA!

  • Or I have my glasses on my head & continue to look for them!!! Yeah, its seems to come back to letting go

  • Even though I have left the forum, I seem to not have yet.

    I havent read the whole thread. Although I did like the headline on this one. And the question. The question shows that the person who is asking is already on a right and good way. The path to freedom is to practice trust in what we do not see yet, and letting go of desires that do not help for that healing to process in the right way. it is just to continue to trust, even if you have not seen the end result. And continue to open up for what you want by controlling your will and letting go of your will at the same time. Mostly the latter. Because the will is mostly controlled with our desires that serve us not well. The buddhism preaches non-action when desires try to control us. The christianity preaches surrendering to the invisible light when the desires try to control us. Any old age wisdom preaches this approach to problems and how to respond to all the desires. Both the desires that are from our selves inherited from our parents, and the desires that we become close to when in interaction with other people. To let go of desires and the will that comes from our lower nature in order to come in touch with our higher will. Our soul. Our self. Our true self.

    I think psychosynthesis is a part of psychology that in fact explains this phenomenon. It also helps us to find our true path in life. And that only comes from ourselves. If we could only get in touch with that deep truth within us.

  • I am not a Libra, but I know exactly the Libran "scales off balance" feelings for sure. As a Pisces a hippie and Wiccan, nature and meditation with nature has always been the best remedy for me when I am feeling unbalanced as well. I left the hustle and bustle (rat race) of S.FL after 13 years to move to rural TN to enjoy just that. Just wanted to share the understanding. Thank you, blessed be.

  • Welcome Rikku226. Yes I love nature as well. Been taking long walks outdoors yesterday and today as I love this time of year with all the changing colors of the leaves and the way the sun looks shining through thousands of different colors feels so good. Its the cheapest therapist I have evr been too and probably the most effective. Not to change the subject but I wish more people would remedy their ailments with the beauty of nature rathar than risky medications. I live in north east ohio and am right next to a national forrest, its beautiful right now. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for the reply and especially for the welcome lovinmylife. I agree with you 100%. I used to have a store (herbs, incenses, candles, wiccan supplies etc) and one of the best things I kept was a T-Shirt that says just say NO to Western Medicine. Fall is also one of my favorite times of year. The beauty, the smells in the air and of course the infinite life cycle of nature, death and the promise of rebirth make me feel so much more connected to the universe on a whole. I live in North East TN and we are able to get to VA or NC within 1/2 hour and love going to the National Forests and waterfalls. I am so glad I can share this with my son who is 9. I grew up in upstate NY and spent all my time in the woods and streams communing with nature. There is no better friend than our earth and our pets when the going gets rough lol. Here's to all enjoying this brief but beautiful display this season gives us it is a gift and we should never take it for granted. Thanks again for welcoming and sharing with a

  • just to add to this talk about nature

    when you pray or make a wish, do it in the nature, even if it's only your backyard

    nature will amplify the power of prayer/ wish ten times

    on top of that, any kind and selfless intention are never ignored by the universe

    so there you go. more reason to take a break and go out in the nature

  • Wow am I envious. My soul screams for nature and trees and space. I live in the suburbs. I can see my neighbors out my windows,I have a policeman who lives next door a few feet away from my kitchen entrance hall who walks around in his underwear...ugh. I hear them cooking having dinner watching tv next door on the other side screaming at their kids in Chinese. My neighbors partying a few houses down, a mexican family across the street who blast their mariache music all day. .. I'm trying to see them differently instead of a invasion of my privacy.I feel my chest constricting just talking about it. I've planted bushes in front of most my windows and have a few trees and a honeysuckle bush for a barrier but what I've put out to Universe is for more space w/ sounds of nature. Quiet.I have bird feeders so I am blessed w/ their sweet songs. I long for nature.. When I'm riding my bike to work or errands (no car) I try to focus on the trees and gardens and feel of the wind. All the dogs who greet me along the way.

    I have a friend who lives in Co. at 9000.ft the stars at night are magnificent! Her closest neighbor is what we would consider blocks away here. Environment is so key.

    Today, thankfully I feel like the Universe IS answering. I have had moments of being able to empty myself of desires and needs and things are good as they are. This is as it should be for me. When I'm grasping, resisting what is, it is a different story. When I'm meditating regularly I'm able to experience the space I need within myself. So I only have a few trees on my property and today I'm enjoying them. They will be bare soon and my beautiful boundaries will disappear till spring. Sigh...Thanks for letting me share.


  • Hi, You have to keep going. . .and experiencing. Don't get in a certain minset. Don't hold that thought too long. Find humor in everything. Sometimes the closer we draw to the real truth then the more battles we endure--watch and see sometime. Everything will be ok.

  • you put it out their what you wanted, now you get on with whatever you are doing, trust in the process of whatever happens as sometimes the universe does not always bring us what we want but what is better for us, i have learned this over the last goodness knows how many years, stay posotive and beleive the answer will come when you least expect it to, allow the process to happen, even if it isnt exactly what you wanted it will bring you towards, it in another way, be it a person money or object

  • Thanks for all of your insight & sharing your experiences. Seems as if letting go, trusting the process & living a positive life are the best bet while waiting for the Universe to answer. Here's wishing we all get our answer sooner than later 🙂

  • I try and remind myself of what I can control and what I can't control (which irritates me), and try and tell myself that I'm precious and someone will recognize that and that I need to focus on the here and now, and my personal development so that when the time is right, I'll be shown who and where and it'll be worth it 🙂

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