Tarot interpretation help please!

  • I was hoping someone can help me with the following reading.

    1. His feelings 4 me? 4 of wands

    2. Type of relationship he wants with me? the wheel of fortune

    3. What he thinks of me? Queen of swords 😞

    4. What's hidden about him? Temperance

    5. What is the best approach I should take to this situation: The sun

    6. What is keeping us apart? Judgement 😞

    7. What is the most likely outcome for us? Queen of cups

    Long story short, the guy I like found out I am interested in him a long time ago is and he is still avoiding me(for life it seems). The cards have confirmed his lack of interest. I am hoping for another opinion to confirm. Thanks so much.

  • What cards says to you it should not matter AT ALL!!

    What you think it matters.

    you should change the way you think.

    YOU are more important here then you and him together. Love YUORSELF!

    there is a destiny to things and a reason under the sun.

    if something is meant to be is going to be. you can't control whatever is not under your control. You can't demand love. leave the others to have their choices.

    there are reasons behind whatever happens in the universe. RELAX!!! take a deep breath!!! convince yourself that you are more worth than your worries!! read or search some spiritual leaders that can make you see behind your suffer like this link:


    there are more. just search non stop. you need to accept what is given to you and move on.

    I have been and might be again in your situation in the future. But I am fighting it because I know it is the way we perceive and think and we should change it.

    search how to get over him, you are going to feel all better.

    wish you the best

  • ~Thanks so much for your advice and response~.

  • arsia: Thanks for the link. Wonderfull film.

  • I also believe you should take what it is and move on. Believe me is best now than later. I am righ now being taken to court by my X, because of violation of a court order, over me trying to keep my daughter from being seriously hurt at the school were she was attending, and after failing at getting a transfer to a new public school, I decieded to put her in private school, which he is now trying to put me in jail for, becuase I did not ask him if I could do that. Believe me it hurt when they disregard you as he the guys you like is now but is hell if you married them as it only gets worst. Believe me, you should be counting your blessings. The right one will came when you least expect it and well don't let it pass you, just because you too stack and disappointed to look around you. Love Mayra

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