How to tell if Cappy Man is Interested?

  • I am confused with this guy who is a cap. He e-mails me and flirts. We use to live next door to one another and I always thought he had feelings but was not sure. He would come visit

    unexpectedly and we would talk and talk, we got along great but then he moved out. I have not talked or seen him for about two years. I thought he got married or was involved although he

    has contacted me of late and is e-mailing and flirting. Does this mean that he is interested and

    how should I proceed with him. He is a great guy and I would love to date him but I have never

    dated a cap and he gives me mixed messages or so I feel. Its like he e-mails and then nothing

    and then I get mail and hes flirting with me then nothing for a couple of days or more. Please help me understand this cap man as I would like to get to know him better. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • In fact, this does mean that he is interested, but you should be cautious and wait. You are still not open for him, you still need more clarity about yourself.

  • hans is right. I am married to a Cap and I just asked him your question 🙂

    he also said that your Cappy is interested. at least for now that he is flirting with you.

  • Caps they say don't contact you unless there interested. They like to do the chasing if you make it easy for them they won't be interested. Its like a game with them. thats how I see them from my experience. They seem cold hearted if and when they let you in they can be very loving. The few I've been with seem like they have a wall up around them to protect them. But then I'm a Taurus and I do the same maybe its a Earth sign thing. Maybe thats what attracts me to them is the challenge of breaking that wall. If he emails you keep it simple no long emails back. The flirting they seem to be good at that. He sounds like a true Cap. It depends on if you can ride the rollar coaster with him. I myself was really hooked on one for the last 2 yrs now i just respond when he contacts me. Keep him guessing on what your doing I say he will contact you more. Good luck

  • khemosabie>>I am confused with this guy who is a cap

    Sandran712>Join the club.I always thought Capricorn and Cancer were compatible.I disagree.But, Astrology says different.Cappies are cold and distant.And hardly show emotion.Only when it suits them.

  • Tauren>> Keep him guessing on what your doing I say he will contact you more. Good luck

    Sandran712>>Oh Really! Because this guy I haven't seen in 5 months.Good thing I am not holding my breath and turning blue.I might just look like Violet In Wille Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

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