Help interpreting my spread?

  • I just did a reading on myself, and I can't seem to see my situation clearly enough to get a clear reading on my spread. I was hoping some experienced (and unbiased) people could offer some assistance.

    I did the Celtic Cross and here are the cards in order:

    1. Temperance (rev.) 2. The World 3. Three of Cups 4. Five of Cups 5. Judgement (rev.) 6. Justice (rev.)

    7. Three of pentacles 8. The Emperor 9. Knight of Cups (rev.) 10. Four of cups

    I appreciate any help with interpretation of this spread.

    Thanks in advance!


  • You are being balanced in yourself, for others you seem more outgoing than you are. In your past you were happy with friends, but then it ended and you are still sad over spilled milk. You could connect more with those, where connection is still possible. But you do want harmony with all preventing yourself taking action towards those you would like to have contact with. So your optimum would be to find your inner rhythm of contact and withdrawal, to get in contact with those you feel connected to and to keep distance from those where there is no harmony with you.

    Your self image is an understatement of yourself. You are too sceptic about yourself trying to take advices and holding on to that and to some expectations. Especially one person in your surroundings is a strong male figure for you, you are too much impressed by him.

    You are hoping for a gradual change finding more clarity for you and your way, fearing for stillstand.

    So your judgment is, that you will be blocking yourself, in a withdrawal, holding your energy in yourself and saving your money, because who knows what will come.

  • I have forgotten to write about your challenge: Because of your strong obstacle it will not be easy, but there is the promising possibility for you, to get out of your conditionings and structure, to get free from all that should and should nots in your mind and from your well- and not-so-well-wishers. There can come a strong impulse, a intensive inspiration, there would be fear, but if you can open up for this overwhelming influence, you would have taken a big step in your development.

  • Wow! That makes a lot more sense to me than the shallow interpretation I had for myself. Thank you so much hanswolfgang!

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