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  • How do we define a sense of where the universe is taking us and giving up control in a predetermined outcome. Career wise, relationship wise or any future path.

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  • If you nurture your psyche regularly it will be quite clear. I have a few mentors that help me do this and now I have a spirit guide. Before I have them all, I pretty much just make do with routine exercises. the psyche is our link to the universe, and it speaks through the heart or maybe some people call it intuition. Not saying that the mind is not important to nurture, but it is of physical world. To live life fully however, we need to maintain balance of both.

    Having mentors and guide do not lessen life problems. So this is where I have to constantly turn off mind chatter and tune in to my psyche so that I can hear the guidance clearly. Sometimes even mentors and guides do not provide answer. Imagine life is an exam, essay or multiple choice whatever form. The mentors and guides are there as teachers. They won't be there telling me what to do but they will be there before and after exam, if I need answers. This is why nurturing link to my psyche is very important, because the physical only sees what is obvious and the psyche sees what is not. Without listening to my psyche I am walking blind. Without nurturing my physical I won't go far.

    Achieve balance in any way you can. Go with what you believe or feel. I go with zen and yoga and I have done this for quite a few years, only intensely starting 2006 when I met my first mentor. You can go with wicca, religions, some mystic rituals etc there is no right or wrong. the universe knows you to the core and if you ask for guidance, it will answer. It's just a matter of your ability to listen and the only way to do that, is to nurture your psyche, your link to the universe. If this link is broken or not nurtured, no communication can be understood. The link is never gone, however, we were born with it. Yet we have the choice to ignore it, or nurture it or whatever you want.

    The universe will throw you challenges, and see if you can learn from them. If you don't, it will throw you similar challenges or worse. Not because it has nothing else to do than j erking off, but for us to understand the lessons and move forward. Until you learn what it wants you to learn, your life will not move forward, your dream will not come true, you will be stuck. But just because it throws you challenges doesn't mean it won't provide you with help. Because your request for help is already a sign you are willing to learn. You have requested help, and more people will answer you. Pick the one you feel is more suitable and do it. You can also contact spiritual leaders in your area, read more spiritual books or articles, try join spiritual forums like this one, plenty online and there must be one in your region. If you do this while nurturing your psyche and physical, when the answer comes, you will tap on it the very second it arrives.

  • leoscorpion,

    thank you, your advices always make sense and helped me.

    I like you saying about the balance between psyche and physical. but I can't see which one wins over the other when you want to decide on something that is not clear and you suffer over it. I know patience can be an answer.

    Right now I am living in a situation where the physical world is perceived in a very contradictory way, which means I see both sides of the situation, but the psyche believes on what the physical offers the less... almost the one impossible option. but I feel the psyche strong. this makes me suffer since my intuition is very strong. but what I have in front of me is so contradictory. where do I believe and go from this. I also am guided by dreams mostly. they tell me the future always.

    I am in doubts of me having too high hopes. because my intuition calls what my eyes and mind can't perceive. any comment on this??

  • arsia

    balance is necessary when you want to live life fully. this only means as an advice not to abandon one for the sake of another. but when it comes to guidance from the universe, the psyche is the only link we have to its abundance. what is physical and the physical world are temporary. the only reason we need to nurture it alongside the psyche is only for the sake of living life fully while following your guidance given by the psyche. think of it as a vehicle. you have the navigation needed, you know which turn to take to get there, but if the vehicle is broken how do you get there? so the vehicle has to be in good shape, not necessarily fancy or overly decorated, but it has to be able to take you to where you want to go. this is the only purpose of nurturing your physical.

    the psyche is the only navigation in life you should trust. the universe sends all messages, answers, solutions, through it. the psyche is our link to the universe. you can call the universe God, the Divine, Creator, whichever you feel more suitable. I call it that because that's how my psyche calls it. The universe will use guides (angels, mentors, spirit guides, deceased loved ones, you name it) to speak to you through the psyche. If the physical use brain, the psyche uses the heart, or if you are sensitive (possess high degree of psychic ability) it can speak to you in other ways. some people find answers thru dreams, some by solar plexus, some by communicating with spirits.

    Don't worry if you feel the psyche is strong and hurting you somehow with so much contradictory messages. Your physical is limited and temporary, your psyche is not. What you feel impossible now, the psyche does not see it that way because it sees what is not obvious to you now, things you don't realize you can do now, strength you don't realize you have now. There is nothing wrong with your experience. In this era, we do not sit at dinner talking about spirits and the psyche. Now you read me saying about the universe and the psyche, it is normal to be unsure of who or what to follow.

    Take your time. Nothing is gained by rushing things. 24/7 is human definition of time, so is speed. The universe concept of timing is 'when you are ready', not '5 years' or 'tomorrow'. Nurturing activity takes time and discipline, any kind of nurturing. Give it time it needs. Anything based on kind and selfless intention are never ignored. If you hope for something good, it will be answered. There is no such a thing as impossible in the universe, therefore there is no such a thing as hopes too high. What makes the difference is the intention it is based on and how ready you are for it, because if you are not ready, what's the point of giving you so much? you will not know how to appreciate it anyway. There is time for everything. keep nurturing yourself and keep spreading positive thoughts. when the universe returns you all the positive energies, you may find what you are looking for, among them.

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