Help with the meaning of a message pls!

  • Hello and good morning.

    I had a dream last night, and the reason Im posting its because its not the first time.

    First I saw what looked like jupiter, then it was the moon, then they were two.(it was scary cause everybody around me was runnig way)

    Right next to each other, big and full, and kind of reddish.

    Another time I saw the sun being eclipsed by the moon, (also scary, the same runing people)

    and the third time I saw the moon being eclipsed by the earth!!! The world past infront of the moon, and then it stayed next to it (not scary).

    Anybody has any idea what this dreams could be telling me?

    Im not psyquic, but sometimes I get things showed to me in dreams, I've been able to help people before.

    This one is important cause I know its a message to me, personally, Im just afraid I might loose the objective.

  • No body can help me!!!! wow.

  • I am not really good with dreams. I can probably relate if I had the same dream or similar but thing is dreams can be anything from premonitive, your subconscious trying to tell you something or it's just something you are hoping or stressing about.

    I can't say much about your dream aside from that eclipse may mean the end of a cycle or something important to you. If it scares people than it may not be the end you are hoping it to be. let's say if you have been truthful and hoping for a solution that benefits you, you will actually get one that benefits others and not you.

    It could also be that you are picking up a restless energy, someone is worried and fear something. It could be someone you know, knows you even if you don't know them, happens to be around you or happens to exude this energy strongly that anyone sensitive will pick it up for far. whoever this person is, he/she might need help or merely think that you can or you should know what they are going through or think/feel. You dream about it, because that's how your psyche works, through dreams and not necessarily 'feel' the energy through your skin etc.

    This is my take. I really can't be sure about it though.

  • Wow, I just found out that tomorrow the moon and jupiter are aligning or be next to each other!!

    that sounds pretty cool.

    maybe its something I'll know tomorrow.

    thankyou leoscorpio

  • well that's cool. you dreamed of planetary movement lol nice

    good luck

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