Help me understand

  • I was born 12/12/53, he was born 3/8/68. Yes, I am quite a bit older than he is but we click. I met him where I work and there was just something that drew us together. We were both married at the time. I felt guilty about having feelings for someone else and backed off. My husband passed away in March and in April, this guy came back and although he is married and quite a bit younger, my feelings are so strong for him. I know he feels the same but .....can't commit. That is fine. I wouldn't ask him to. I know this is a bad relationship and I asked for a transfer out of state and learned he is also being transferred somewhere else and now I feel so lost and alone. I don't want to lose him but I think it is the best thing. I love him and am so confused!!!

  • debip, I know its hard but I feel that you already know what you need to do. You said yourself its a bad relationship. You know this is unhealthy for you. You are not lost without him, this is an opportunity for you to find happiness in your life again. Life is hard enough without the stress of a bad relationship. Find your own happiness again. What are the things that you like to do? If you do not know then now is the chance to start finding them again and finding yourself. It will be okay. You will find that your life is more whole without the burden of a negative relationship. Best of luck to you.

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