Im an Addict - Will I ever be free from the chains that drag me down?

  • Help me? I do the meetings, I pray, I cant shake my addiction? Wll I ever stop or will i die an addict?

  • Yes, You will be free again. You can introduce small healthy steps into your life day by day and if you screw up then you can start anew the next day. I look at my recovery as a journey, and it's been 7 years Dec. 19th clean and sober. I still smoke & drink coffee but hey, now I'm a vegetarian! I would have never thought I could give up meat 🙂 e-mail me sometime. Bye for now, Suzanne

  • You need support system, friends new ones, someoe who believes in u! ure on a tough path n u have mastered so well so far. have faith in urself n always remember rome was not built on one day! keep saying to urself u will win this, u will be free, u will succeed. Its all about POSITIVE THINKING. Good luck n should ya need a boost, let me know.

    cheers from a supportsystem

  • I don't have any ideas to help but wish you all the best on this journey. May every day bring you closer to your goal of being free from the addiction.



  • Heather: I am an addict who found the solution nearly 8 years ago. The question for me became "Do I want to stay clean and sober more than I want to drink and use?" I go to meetings, I have a sponsor, work the steps and ask God for help every morning and thank him at night. I also have a support group of friends in recovery with whom I share my experience, strength and hope on a daily basis. I do not forget where I came from and practice an attitude of gratitude. I have gone through a lot of difficult times in recovery and "no matter what" I don't pick up. My worst day clean and sober beats my best day using! You are a child of God and he wants you to be happy and live the beautiful life he intends for you. If you would like to email me at it would be my privilege to help you. You are worth it 🙂

  • You are all beautiful souls. Love to you all!!! I am so inspired to hear that you are making postive changes to your lives. I have a freind that has struggles with addiction for many years. I love him dearly and it hrt me so bad to see him destroy himself I wanted to take his pain for him. He is clean for now and I let him know that I am so proud of him and hes a different person when hes sober and I love him soo so much. I hate that any of you have to deal with this problem. You are strong brave people and I love you all.

  • yes. anything you do that is meant to improve yourself to be better and stronger, the universe will lend a hand. keep doing what you are doing right now, prayers, meetings etc. if you want to, add yoga and meditation to it. there are many free online yoga and meditation classes you can choose. I am suggesting this to help you nurture your psyche, your link to the universe. if you nurture your psyche as much as you nurture your physical health, you will achieve balance and it will help you face challenges in life including your addiction. it's not like you have to do yoga and zen, I just happen to find them work for me. but you can go with whatever you choose, for the universe provides many help and ways to reach out to them. there are people that choose religion, or wicca, or some other ritual/mystics. find the way that suits you, but please do consider nurturing both your psyche and physical. your inner strength is a powerful help when dealing with challenges and overcome them. plus in attempt to nurture your psyche you will be joining spiritual groups hence you meet more people and gain perspectives or support that will help you face your addiction. I'm not sure if your family or friends are helpful, but this is a good time to test your own strength. with the right nurturing activity, you will be surprised how much you can achieve. good luck.

  • Heather,

    I came across this and thought of you, hope it helps in some way. The angels are always there to help us but we must ask them to help us first, they need our permission.

    Go to a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. Then say, silently or aloud:

    "Archangel Raphael, I call upon you now."

    Think of what you'd like to release (it could include destructive patterns, compulsive behaviours, toxic relationships, and unhealthful cravings). Imagine these addictions (or a symbol of them) sitting in your lap or upper legs. You might see or feel the addictions ; and you may also sense how they're attached to your stomach area with tangled cords, webs and roots.

    Breathe deeply while saying:

    "Archangel Raphael, I'm now ready to release these former addictions to you and Heaven. Please cut all of the roots, cords and webs attached to these addictions; and lift them to the light for transmutation and healing."

    After Raphael cards away the addictions, he'll fill you with his emerald green healing light to nurture, soothe and fulfill you. You'll notice a drastic reduction in addictive cravings. Repeat this process if needed until the addiction is completely cured.

    Taken from Doreen Virtue - Angel Therapy.

  • Hi....

    On a practical level as there has been so much universal and faith imput already, which is of course the grounding for any change, try this.

    When you can't think straight for craving look at a list of mundane jobs...if you have too.listen to loud music, sing .hoover and chew gum all at once.....get thru the times when you feel like your going ,dance and when you have tired yourself a bit ,then meditate and breathe and chant,or affirm or pray...whatever is for you, with you body in good posture...

    when you feel amazingly healthy food, drink water....go for a walk where there are trees, ...when you get back, lie in a hot bath....scrub your skin...moisturise and drink and eat something for a treat...then read good advice books or fall asleep.....

    Replace bad habits with good ones, ones that if you do regulaly you'll miss if you stop.Re invent who you are...become who you really are and give birth to your new self...This is what God meant, we are gods, we have everything we need inside have it to...believe in yourself...its a fact whether you believe or not...xx

  • Namaste Heather. When we 'battle' anything we are sending out an energetic message that there is something opposing us, and which requires the use of force to dispel it. We are also utilizing an energy that says this "something" is "bad." In truth, what you are working on is getting back into contact with your own perfected, whole self. You are whole right now. However, for reasons known only to you (and your Higher Power) you allowed yourself to take a detour that gave you the results of addiction. This is it in its simplest form.

    Recovered addicts are among the strongest people on earth, and I have immense respect for them, and for your personal journey. Addiction isn't "bad." But its results are devastating.

    To remove the labels from it is to acknowledge that there has been too much focus on avoidance and negativity, and to acknowledge there is a great need to give yourself loving kindness.

    I have no recovery tips to offer you. Only the understanding that when you begin to love this energy mass known as addiction (undiscovered, disowned personal power), when you send it loving kindness, and treat your self with respect and honor in increasing ways, it begins to dissolve.

    You may like to say a little prayer for yourself every morning, and greet your friend 'addiction' with a kind word. "I'm sending you loving kindness today, because I can see that you could really use it. Thank you for all that you have taught me."

    Everything you do around this, such as counseling, changing your diet, etc...constitutes one part of the support system that is at your fingertips, every moment of the day.

    It's all to the good.

    Take good care, be kind to yourself.

    In love and light


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  • Heather,

    I don't normally post but wanted to assure you it IS possible, with Hope and Faith and effort. One day at a time, hon. I've been one-daying it now for over 20 yrs. Best advice? Change your "friends." Funny thing was, when I quit, all those "friends" I had just walked out on me... except my Higher Power, which comforts and strengthens me every second of every day. Find something, anything, that works for you to cling to. Take one MINUTE at a time & repeat the Serenity Prayer a gazillion times, if you must. My thoughts & prayers for you, because you're worth it! Nin

  • Wow, Heather. I respect the strength it takes to even admit addiction. (Round of applause). You sound like you are full of worry about your future. Ultimately, the answer lies within yourself. I have not had to deal w/ addiction myself, but have close friends and family all of whom are dealing with different levels of healing and dealing with their addictions.

    I believe addiction is a label that tends to be looked at w/ negativity. Embrace your label, b/c it is part of who you are. I suggest meditation.

    Give yourself permission to choose every single day to be sober and affirm that you have all the strength that you could ever need to stay clean. Tap into that source of peace that we all have inside of us and allow it to flow through you. This peace may be what you call God or chi or spirit. What ever you call it, be aware of it and allow it to work WITH you to better your life and make the changes you need to be the best "you" possible. Every day you have to make many many choices. Sometimes it may be difficult to choose sobriety, and those are the times you must tap into your inner peace and ask for some of that strength to make the right choice.

    The addiction will never go away, it's part of who you are. But there is hope... you have a choice and you have the strength to endure. Have faith in yourself and love yourself enough to treat your body right. Take things one day at a time, and you will gradually notice your chains have gotten lighter to carry and will one day be barely noticeable.

    I hope all the best for you.

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