Help with tarot /pyschic reading plz plz plz.

  • My life feels very foggy n uncertain 1 march 77, 5 57

    now that i have cleared all my formalities to come as a post grad medicine student to states, but im getting jittery , should i proceed and will it be beneficial for me?? will i be financially able to pull off?

    Secondly, I feel as if i have found my soulmate in my friend. We r great frnds frm 3 yrs, but he fails to give me commitement everytime i bring up this topic. My dilemma at this point is, what is the future for us? Will we just be good friends or will it mature into marriage? sometimes waiting breaks me n i want to run to anyone i know but my heart takes me to him all d time...i feel stuck in my own doing...sometimes it feels like i want to brush him off n have my own fun, sometimes i feel its my duty to wait n see how it unfolds.....i feel one way at some time n totally opposite at the other, do i really love him.....i can't understand, wenever i explore myself, i feel i alwaz want to b with him.

    i cry out for help, ..

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